Thomas Jefferson

Staff for the Exhibition


Gerard Gawalt, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Interpretive Programs Office:

Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director

Giulia Adelfio, Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Margaret Brown, Seth de Matties, Deborah Durbeck, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson, Antonio La Greca, Betsy N. Miller, Robin Mitchell, Susan Mordan, Christopher O'Connor, Cheryl Regan, Pamela Steele, Kenneth Stoken, and Gwynn Wilhelm

Film Research: Sam Serafy
Photo Research: Athena Angelos
Film Production: Montage Productions, Inc.

Jefferson's Library Project:

Joseph Agyemang, Tracy Arcaro, Rachel Buurma, George Chiassion, Nancy Davenport, Daniel De Simone, Mark Dimunation, Cynthia Earman, Tamika Epperson, Clark Evans, Joel Kaufman, Keisha Johnson, Majid Majd, Callie Mosley, Josephus Nelson, Rosemary Plakas, Joseph Puccio, Gerald Wager, and Walter Walden

Jefferson Library Database: Maurice Sanders, Robert Palian, Belinda Urquiza

Conservation Office:

Mark Roosa, Chief, Maria Nugent, John Bertonaschi, Terry Boone, Lage Carlson, Kaare Chaffee, Michael Leroy Chrisman, Janice Ellice, Alan Haley, Yasmeen Khan, Nancy Lev-Alexander, Bill Minter, Ercell Terry, and Mary Wootton

Other Library of Congress Staff:

Rikki Condon, Conservation Office; Norma Baker and Susan Siegel, Development Office; Kim Moden and Nancy Mitchell, Special Events Office; Jill Brett and Helen Dalrymple, Public Affairs Office; Domenic Sergi and Michael Smallwood, Information Technology Services; Winston Tabb, Julie Mangin, and Elizabeth Miller, Library Services; Stanley Bandong and John Richardson, Printing Management Section; Marvin Kranz, and Staley Hitchcock, Manuscript Division; Mark Sweeney, Serial and Government Publications; Carol Johnson, Prints and Photographs Division; Lawrence Appelbaum, Sam Brylawski, Mike Mashon and Allan McConnell, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division; Debra Murphy, Christopher Hansen, and Napoleon Jasper, Office of Contracts and Logistics

Noreen O'Connor, Lloyd Alan Denton & Associates

Special thanks are due to the exhibition advisory committee and the following individuals for their scholarly advice and expertise:

Noble Cunningham, Joseph Ellis, Donald A. Grinde, Jr., James Horn, Linda Kerber, Jan Lewis, Pauline Maier, Peter Onuf, Merrill Peterson, Annette Gordon-Reed, Susan Stein, Gordon Wood, Robert Vaughan, Douglas Wilson, and Cinder Stanton

The Library of Congress is grateful to all of the lenders to this Bicentennial exhibition, especially Monticello, The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc., and the Smithsonian Institution.

Exhibition design and brochure:
Chermayeff & Geismar, Inc., New York

The rebuilding of Thomas Jefferson's Library has been made possible by a generous gift from Jerry and Gene Jones. Reuters America Inc. and the Reuters Foundation have provided the funds for digitization of the Thomas Jefferson manuscript collection.

This exhibition was realized through the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Hindery, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James A. Elkins, Jr., and the James Madison Council. Additional support was provided by the Reuters Group PLC and Mr. John Jameson. The University of Virginia Library, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Small, Mr. and Mrs. William Cafritz, Mary O'Neal, and Mr. William Reese donated primary source materials to the Library that are included in the exhibition.

The Library of Congress extends special appreciation to John W. Kluge for his support of the Library's Bicentennial.

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