End of the History of the Buccaneers

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Before long they had all been sent to Spain, where they managed to get together and make their way to France, and then looked out for the first chance of returning to Tortuga. They helped one another all they could, those who had money sharing with those who had none. Some who could not forget their sufferings had special knives and pincers made, vowing if they got hold of a Spaniard to flay him alive and tear out his flesh.

Back they came to Tortuga on the first ship they could find. Many went out marauding again, with a fleet then being equipped in Tortuga under the command of M. de Maintenon. They took the island of Trinidad, which lies between Tobago and the coast of Paria, and put it to ransom. Afterwards, their intention was to raid and plunder the city of Caracas, situated nearly opposite Curaçao.

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