Bartholomew the Portuguese

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Here is another example, which began no less boldly and ended no less unluckily. A man known as Bartolomeo el Portugues sailed from Jamaica in a barque mounting four guns and thirty men. Rounding Cabo de Corrientes on the island of Cuba, he saw a ship approaching, come from Maracaibo and Cartagena and bound for Havana and thence for Hispaniola. This ship carried twenty guns and other armament, and had seventy people on board, passengers as well as seamen. The buccaneers resolved to board her and carried out the attempt with great courage, but were bravely beaten back by the Spaniards. On the second attempt they took the ship, with a loss of ten dead and four wounded, although the Spaniards still had forty men alive, counting those fit for service and the wounded.


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