Francois Lolonois

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…their loot back to Jamaica, where they promptly squandered it all, so once more they had to go in quest of prey. John Davis was chosen by a group of rovers as chief of their seven or eight ships, as he was a good leader. They resolved to cruise along the north coast of Cuba to lie in wait for the fleet from New Spain and plunder some of its ships. This plan did not succeed, yet, rather than return home without booty, they decided to sail for the coast of Florida. Here they landed and took a small town called San Augustin. This town had a fort, garrisoned by two companies of soldiers, yet despite this the rovers plundered the place and got away without the Spaniards being able to do them any injury.

This is the end of the first part, which recounts the characteristics of the land and its fruits and inhabitants. Now we come to the buccaneers in general, with which I will start the second part.

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