Language of the Land: Journeys Into Literary America

This exhibition was made possible by a generous grant from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund.

Staff for the Physical Exhibition

Interpretive Programs Office:

Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer Martha E. Hopkins, Exhibit Director Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer Ileen Sheppard Gallagher, Traveling Exhibitions Coordinator Jim Symons, Designer Sheila Harrington, Illustrator Tambra Johnson and Sally Livingston, Registrars Kendall Christian, Christopher O'Connor, Craig Pittman, and Stephen Bostwick, Production Denise Agee and Gwynn Wilhelm Juliette Acker and Bradley Cooke, Research Assistants.

Geography and Map Division

Michael Buscher, Head, Collections Maintenance

Special Thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff:

John Cole and Maurvene Williams, Center for the Book; Margaret Coughlan, Children's Literature Center; Margaret Brown, Conservation Office; Ralph Erhenberg, Geography and Map Division; Alice Birney, Mary Wolfskill, and the reference staff, Manuscripts Division; Mary Ison, George Hobart, Barbara Natanson, and the Reading Room staff, Prints and Photographs Division; Allan Bisbort and Peggy Wagner, Publishing Office; Anthony Edwards, Clark Evans, and Rob Shields, Rare Books and Special Collections Division; Marita Clance and Nancy Eichacker, Photoduplication Service.

The following individuals and organizations also helped in the preparation of this exhibition: Louis Daniel Brodsky; Patricia Rogers, Office of Administrative Services, Department of the Interior; Richard Foley; Robert Hamblin; Barney Murgen; Abdul-Hakim Rushdan; Aaron Silverman and Molly MaGuire Silverman; Barbara Tedford; David Jones and Sharman Ballantine, Map Procurement Division, United States Department of State; James West.

Staff for the Online Exhibition

Interpretive Programs Office:

  • Martha Hopkins, Exhibit Director

Network Development and MARC Standards Office:

  • Elizabeth Miller, Senior Network Specialist Julie Mangin, Senior Network Systems Research Analyst

Geography and Map Division:

  • Gene Roberts, System Administrator

Information Technology Services:

  • Lynn Brooks, Senior Systems Analyst
  • Domenic Sergi, Computer Specialist (Digital Scanning)
  • Michael Smallwood, Computer Specialist (Digital Scanning)