This exhibition was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition and its national tour were made possible through the generous support of Union Pacific Corporation.

Union Pacific

Exhibition Team

  • William Jacobs, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Kimberli Curry and Cheryl Regan, Exhibition Directors, Interpretive Programs Office
  • John Sellers, Exhibition Curator and Historian, Manuscript Division
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Exhibition Design, Riggs Ward Design
  • Interactive Media, Cortina Productions
  • Media Production, Hillmann & Carr
  • Research, Margaret Johnson and John Adkins
  • Media Research, Sam Serafy and Tracey Avant

Interpretive Programs Office

Denise Agee, Seth de Matties, Vicki Fortuno, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson-Welsh, Tambra Johnson, Antonio La Greca, Teresa Martinez, Susan Mordan-White, Betsy Nahum-Miller, Chris O'Connor, Patrick Shepler, Rachel Waldron, Cynthia Wayne

Special Thanks

Special thanks are due to the following members of the staff of the Library of Congress for their assistance with this exhibition:

  • Deanna Marcum; Library Services
  • Jo Ann Jenkins, Charles Stanhope, Geraldine Otremba; Librarian’s Office
  • Stephen Kelly, Kathy Ott; Congressional Relations Office
  • Sue Siegel, Sara Karrer, Mark Conner; Development Office
  • Kaare Chafee, Mary Haude, Dana Hemmenway, Sylvia Albro, John Bertonaschi, Cyntia Karnes, Lynn Kidder, Holly Krueger, Annlinn Kruger, Adrienne Lundgren, Lisa Moberg, Esther Ng Zet ming, Maria Nugent, Tamara Ohanyan, Dan Paterson, Heather Wanser; Conservation Division
  • Jane Mandelbaum, Domenic Sergi, Andrew Cook, Jade Curtis, Joel Kaufman, Glen Krankowski; Information Technology Services
  • Matt Raymond, John Sayers, Jennifer Gavin; Public Affairs Office
  • Clark Evans, Rare Book and Special Collections Division
  • Barbara Bair, Manuscript Division
  • Pam Craig; Law Library
  • Sara Duke, Carol Johnson, Martha Kennedy; Prints and Photographs Division
  • John Hébert, Ed Redmond, Colleen Cahill, Nicholas Jackson, Diane Schug-O’Neill; Geography and Map Division
  • Georgia Higley, Serial and Government Publications
  • Jim Karamanis, Thip Padavong, Rohit Gupta, Laura Moiseev, Phillip Buggs, Umesh Kant, Qun Lai, Dan Trachtman, Val Orekhov, Qusai Bonie, Laurent Teyssere; Web Services
  • Stanley Bandong; Graphic Services Unit
  • Dorothy Gholston; Printing Management
  • Ralph Eubanks, Aimee Hess, Peggy Wagner; Publishing Office
  • Belinda Urquiza; Automation Planning and Liaison Office
  • Elizabeth Ridgway, Johnathan Abreu, Danna Bell-Russel, Sherrie Galloway, Cheryl Lederle-Ensign, David Miller, Gail Petri, Anne Savage, Stephen Wesson; Education Outreach, Office of Strategic Initiatives
  • Keator Services, King Lee; Office of Security

Special thanks are due to all of the following individuals for their support of this exhibition and their scholarly advice and expertise:

  • Michael Burlingame, Jennifer Fleischner, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Harold Holzer, William Lee Miller, Lucas E. Morel, Joshua Wolf Shenk, John Y. Simon, and Douglas L. Wilson. In addition, we extend our thanks to the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and Eileen Mackevich and Jennifer Rosenfeld.

The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the contribution of its media partner, HISTORY History Channel for providing the recorded commentaries appearing throughout the exhibition.

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