Staff for the Exhibition

Interpretive Programs Office

  • Irene U. Burnham, Interpretive Programs Officer;
  • Production: Deborah A. Durbeck, Production Officer, Kendall C. Christian, Christopher J. O'Connor;
  • Registrar: Tambra L. Johnson, Sally Livingston;
  • Adminsitrative support: Denise H. Agee, Gwynn E. Wilhelm
  • Exhibition Director: Andrew J. Cosentino, Interpretive Programs
  • Curator: Dr. Vyacheslav V. Ivanov, Professor, Moscow University and the University of California at Los Angeles
  • Curatorial Assistant: Vera W. De Buchananne, Copyright Division
  • Steering Committee: Irene U. Burnham, Andrew J. Cosentino, Vera W. De Buchananne, David H. Kraus, Harry M. Leich, Irene M. Steckler
  • Exhibition Design: Steve Feldman, Design, Haddon Heights, NJ
  • Brochure Design: Gene E. Roberts, Interpretive Programs

Information Technology Services

Herbert S. Becker, Director, ITS; Electronic Media Production: Lynn E. Brooks, ITS, Gene E. Roberts, Interpretive Programs; Automation Support: James Stevens, Lou Pizzoli, Charles Wright, Tom Littlejohn; Technical Support: Ricky Swecker, Robert Morgan, Manny Bahrami.


Special thanks to: Mary M. Wolfskill, Head of the Manuscript Division Reading Room, and her staff: Frederick W. Bauman, Jr., Ernest J. Emrich, Jeffrey M. Flannery, and Kathleen C. McDonough, for accomodating Dr. Ivanov and the exhibition staff in their use of the Russian Archive and other materials; Marvin W. Kranz and John J. McDonough, Jr., of the Manuscript Division for assistance in gaining access to the Archive expeditiously and for scholarly information; Thomas C. Albro and Rikki Condon of the Conservation Office; Helen Dalrymple and Jeffrey Pines of the Public Affairs Office; Norma K. Baker, Development Director, and Jan Lauridsen of the Development Office; and Eva Shade and Dennis McNew of the Photoduplication Service.