Floating World of Ukiyo-e - Shadows, Dreams, and Substance

Staff for the Exhibition


  • Katherine Blood, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Principal Guest Scholar

  • Lawrence Marceau, University of Delaware

Guest Scholars

  • Sandy Kita, University of Maryland
  • Shojo Honda, former Japanese Reference Librarian, Library of Congress

Interpretive Programs Office

  • Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
  • Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director
  • Susan Mordan, Education Specialist
  • Deborah Durbeck
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller
  • Giulia Adelfio
  • Denise Agee
  • Tracey Avant
  • Margaret Brown
  • Seth deMatties
  • Carroll Johnson
  • Tambra Johnson
  • David Hayward
  • Ajia Henderson
  • Martha Hopkins
  • Antonio La Greca
  • Christopher O'Connor
  • Cheryl Regan
  • Leda Starks
  • Pamela Steele
  • Gwynn Wilhelm

Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff for their assistance with the exhibition:

Prints and Photographs Division

  • Jeremy Adamson Chief
  • Harry Katz
  • Maricia Battle
  • DeAnna Evans
  • Brookes Gore
  • Cathy Hoban
  • Marilyn Ibach
  • Mary Ison
  • Thad Jeffers
  • Denise King
  • Phil Michel
  • Elena Millie
  • Sarah Rouse
  • Pam Roberts
  • Robert Woodis
  • Helena Zinkham
  • Georgia Zola

Asian Division

  • Mya Thanda Poe, Chief
  • Yoko Akiba
  • Mitsuko Anders
  • Beth Katzoff
  • Thaddeus Ohta

Conservation Office

  • Mark Roosa, Chief
  • Rikki Condon
  • Linda Stiber Morenus
  • Jesse Munn
  • Sylvia Albro
  • Jean Baldwin
  • Lisa Barro
  • John Bertonaschi
  • Terry Boone
  • Lage Carlson
  • Kaare Chaffee
  • Elmer Eusman
  • Betty Fiske
  • Ann Grossman
  • Doris Hamburg
  • Yasmeen Khan
  • Lynn Kidder
  • Holly Krueger
  • Jane Kogi
  • L. Maria Nugent
  • Sonja Reid
  • Ann Seibert
  • Carol Ann Small
  • Hans Wang
  • Heather Wanser
  • Mary Wootton

Development Office

  • Norma Baker
  • Mark Conner
  • Jan Lauridsen
  • Amir Pasic
  • Sue Siegel

Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

  • Mike Mashon

Special Events Office

  • Kim Moden

Public Affairs Office

  • Jill Brett
  • Helen Dalrymple
  • Audrey Fischer

Information Technology Services

  • Lynn Brooks
  • Domenic Sergi
  • Courtney Whisenton
  • Jade Curtis
  • Glen Krankowski
  • Karl Rogers

Library Services

  • Winston Tabb

Network Development and MARC Standards Office

  • Julianne Mangin
  • Elizabeth Miller

Graphics Service Unit

  • Stanley Bandong

Printing Management Section

  • John Richardson
  • Onnetta Benoit

Photoduplication Services

  • Jim Higgins

Office of Contracts and Logistics

  • Debra Murphy
  • Christopher Hansen

The Library of Congress recognizes and appreciates the special contributions made to this exhibition by James Douglas Farquhar, Patricia Graham, Kuo-Sheng Lai, Jenny Lee, David McFall, Harold Meinheit, Elizabeth Nash, Valerie P. Ortiz and Seojeong Shin.

Exhibition and Brochure Design

James Symons and Sheila Harrington, Studio Five, Washington, D.C.


Keator Services and Contracting, Inc.

This exhibition, catalog, and programming were made possible by the generous support of Merrill Lynch. Conservation of the works in this exhibition was made possible through a grant from the United States-Japan Foundation.

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