Revising Himself: Walt Whitman and Leaves of Grass

Staff for the Exhibition

Interpretive Programs Office:

  • Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Chief
  • Cheryl Regan, Exhibition Director
  • Debbie Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Christopher O' Connor, Lead Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller, Online Exhibition Coordinator
  • Patrick Shepler, Registrar
  • Susan Mordan-White, Education Specialist


Giulia Adelfio, Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Kimberli Curry, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson, Antonio La Greca

Library of Congress Curators:

  • Barbara Bair, Manuscript Division
  • Alice L. Birney, Manuscript Division

Library of Congress Staff Contributors:

Rikki Condon, Kaare Chaffe, Yasmeen Khan, Dana Hemmenway, Terry Boone, Conservation; Domenic Sergi, Chris Pohlhaus, Jade Curtis, Ronnie Hawkins, Information Technology Services; Julie Mangin, Elizabeth Miller, Network Development and MARC Standards Office; Marvin Kranz, Manuscript Division; Denise Gallo, Music Division; Sara Duke, Prints and Photographs Division; Helen Dalrymple, Public Affairs Office; Stanley Bandong, Onnetta Benoit, Printing Management Section; Clark Evans, Rare Book and Special Collections Division; Pat Gray, Business Enterprises; Anna Lee, Retail Sales

Exhibition and brochure design:

Louis Emmanuel Gauci, Architecture & Design

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