World Treasures of the Library of Congress - Beginnings

Staff for the Exhibition

Interpretive Programs Office

  • Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
  • Martha Hopkins, Exhibition Director
  • Susan Mordan, Education Specialist
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar; Margaret Brown and Pamela Steele, Assistant Registrars
  • Giulia Adelfio
  • Denise Agee
  • Tracey Avant
  • Kimberli Curry
  • David Hayward
  • Ajia Henderson
  • Seth de Matties
  • Carroll Johnson
  • Anthony La Greca
  • Betsy Nahum-Miller
  • Christopher O'Connor
  • Cheryl Regan
  • Gwynn Wilhelm
  • Research: Sam Serafy, Film; Ross Gersten, Audio; Rosanne Scott, Quotations

Library of Congress Staff Contributors

Africa and Middle East Division

  • Levon Avdoyan
  • Angel Batiste
  • Mary-Jane Deeb
  • Beverly Gray
  • Michael Grunberger
  • Marieta Harper
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Laverne Page
  • Peggy K. Pearlstein
  • Fentahun Tiruneh
  • Joanne M. Zellers

Anglo-American Acquisitions Division

  • Afaf McGowan

Asian Division

  • Yoko Akiba
  • Sonya Lee
  • Judy Lu
  • Beth Katzoff
  • Susan Meinheit
  • Allen Thrasher

Children's Literature Center

  • Sybille Jagusch

Conservation Office

  • Terry Boone
  • Kaare Chaffee
  • Rikki Condon
  • Elmer Eusman
  • Yasmeen Khan
  • Maria Nugent
  • Sonja Reid

European Division

  • Grant Harris
  • David Morris
  • Taru Spiegel

Geography and Map Division

  • Gary Fitzpatrick
  • James Flatness
  • Ronald Grim

Graphics Service Unit

  • Stanley Bandong

Hispanic Division

  • Georgette Dorn
  • Barbara Tenenbaum

Information Technology Services

  • Jade Curtis
  • La Charles Earle
  • Karl Rogers
  • Domenic Sergi

Law Library

  • Malo Bernal
  • David Rabasca

Manuscript Division

  • Fred Bauman
  • Leonard Bruno
  • Jeff Flannery
  • Pat Francis
  • Gerard Gawalt
  • Marvin Kranz
  • Mary Wolfskill

Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division

  • Peter Alyea
  • Mary Russell Bucknum
  • Sam Brylawski
  • Mike Mashon
  • Norman Mears
  • Allan McConnell

Music Division

  • Raymond A. White

Network Development & MARC Standards Office

  • Julie Mangin
  • Elizabeth Miller

Prints and Photographs Division

  • Maricia Battle
  • Katherine Blood
  • Verna Curtis
  • Carol Johnson
  • Harry Katz
  • Martha Kennedy

Rare Book and Special Collections Division

  • Daniel De Simone
  • Mark Dimunation
  • Clark Evans
  • F. Thomas Noonan
  • Gerald Wager
  • Exhibition Design Concept and Brochure: Chermayeff and Geismar, New York
  • Additional Design Work: Gallagher and Associations, Washington
  • Audio Tour: Soundtrack, Santa Fe

Special thanks are due to the following individuals for their scholarly advice:

  • Mbaye Cham, Howard University
  • Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University
  • Anthony Grafton, Princeton University
  • Jerry Handler, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
  • Stephen Harvey, University of Memphis
  • David McAllester
  • Laura Nadar, University of California, Berkeley
  • David Pingree, Brown University
  • Michael Roth, California College of Arts and Crafts
  • Carl Schorske, Princeton University

This exhibition received administrative support in the Library of Congress from the Contracts and Logistics Office, the Development Office, Integrated Support Services, Office of Library Services, Office of Special Events and Public Programs, the Public Affairs Office, and Visitor Services Office.

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