When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood

Theodor Horydczak, Copy Photograph of a Young Girl, ca. 1920-1950

Staff for the Exhibition

  • Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
  • Kimberli Curry, Exhibit Director
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Margaret Brown, Registrar

Interpretive Programs Office Staff

  • Denise Agee, Seth deMatties, David Hayward, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson, Tambra Johnson, Susan Mordan, Betsy Nahun-Miller, Christopher O'Connor, Cheryl Regan

Publishing Office

  • W. Ralph Eubanks, Director of Publishing
  • Amy Pastan, Photo Selection
  • Alex Hovan, Editorial Assistant
  • Blaine Marshall, Writer-Editor, Photo Coordination

Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff for assistance with this exhibition:

Jeremy Adamson, Chief, and Mary Ison, Prints and Photographs Division; Jill Brett and Craig D'Ooge, Public Affairs Office; Rikki Condon and Andrew Robb, Conservation Office; Christopher Hansen and Charlotte Mathis, Contracts and Logistics; Stanley Bandong, Graphics Service Unit; Onnetta Benoit and John Richardson, Printing Management Section; Julianne Mangin and Betsy Miller, Network Development and MARC Standards Office; Nancy Velez, Photoduplication Service

The Library of Congress recognizes and appreciates the special contributions made to the exhibition by Robert Coles.

  • Exhibition and Brochure Design: Riggs Ward Design, L.C.
  • Exhibition Catalog: Kenneth Kales, Publisher, Kales Press; Robert Coles, Essayist
  • Security: Keator Services and Contracting, Inc.