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  • Omnibus. Catalog Record Only

    An episode of the television cultural anthology series consisting of 3 segments of varying lengths. Segment one includes film footage.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1956
  • Torn Catalog Record Only

    Received: 12/27/2011 from Asian & Middle Eastern Division, Israel/Judaica Section; purchase; LC Collection.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011
  • Jakob the liar / Catalog Record Only

    During World War II in Nazi occupied Poland, poor Jewish café owner Jakob accidentally overhears a forbidden radio news bulletin reporting Soviet military successes against German forces. Jakob spreads the word through the ghetto of the Russian army's progress. When he realizes the effect of the news, he begins inventing stories and passing them along, creating fictional war reports that suggest that the occupation ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1999
  • Łódź ghetto / Catalog Record Only

    Chronicles the Nazi persecution of the Jews of Łódź from German occupation beginning on September 8, 1939 to liberation by the Russians on January 17, 1945. Focuses on the forcible move of Jews into the ghetto, the harsh conditions within, deportation to Auschwitz, and the survival of the few Jews who remained behind and hid in the ghetto. Depicts the ghetto's Nazi-appointed Jewish leader, ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1989
  • Moonlighting / Catalog Record Only

    Four Poles are sent to London by their boss to fix up his house there. Only one of them speaks English, and when he hears of the declaration of martial law back home in Poland, he decides not to tell his fellow workers for fear that they will not finish the job.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1991
  • Return to the Warsaw Ghetto / Catalog Record Only

    Three families from Canada return to Warsaw on the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. The survivors and their families tell their incredible stories of courage and fear from that horrible page of human history.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1993
  • The smoldering cities / Catalog Record Only

    This documentary presents a journey to southern Poland during a typical Polish winter, visiting the smoky, thickly populated mining and heavy industrial area of Zaglembie. Who were the Jews who once lived here? Encounters with the few remaining Jews and the Poles who still remember, a story unfolds which starts hundreds of years ago and ends with the Holocaust.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1988
  • The last fighters Catalog Record Only

    Features the last six survivors of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, as they recount the events and their own roles in the mass rebellion of the local Jewish population against the occupying Germans. The film accompanies the six last surviving Warsaw Ghetto uprising fighters, all over eighty years old, between 2003-2006. Kazik Rotem, Masha Futermilch-Gleitman, Pnina Greenspan and Aharon Carmi live in Israel. Brunk ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2006
  • Les deux vies d' Eva The two lives of Eva / Catalog Record Only

    Through interviews and archival documents, documentary filmmaker Esther Hoffenberg explores her mother Eva's life as a young woman in Poland and Germany during World War II. Eva's family accepted German citizenship and her father collaborated with the Nazis to maintain his business. After the war, Eva emigrated to France and was disinherited by her father for marrying a Jewish man. She suffered a series ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005
  • The courageous heart of Irena Sendler / Catalog Record Only

    As a social worker, Irena had access to the Warsaw Ghetto, making it possible for her to rescue the daughter of a Jewish friend and safely hide the young girl with a Catholic family. Realizing that thousands of children were still in danger, Irena recruited sympathetic friends and co-workers to smuggle children out and place them in safe homes, farms and convents. At great ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009
  • Conquest / Catalog Record Only

    A historical portrayal of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte (Charles Boyer) from 1807 through 1815 and his romantic involvement with Polish Countess Marie Walewska (Greta Garbo), who bore him a son, Alexandre (Scotty Beckett), and the eventual parting of their relationship. The story begins in Poland in 1807 and continues through the departure of Napoleon from France in 1815.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1937
  • The Eagle and the bear. Dateline--1980 Poland / Catalog Record Only

    Documentary about the rise of Solidarity, the Polish labor union, in the early 1980s and the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1988
  • Frontline. Poland--the morning after / Catalog Record Only

    "A look at the hope and promise of the new Solidarity government reminds us that deep economic troubles threaten Poland's young democracy"--WETA magazine, March 1990, p. 23.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1990