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    Variations for piano for six hands Ṿariʼatsyot li-fesanter be-shesh yadayim /
    Ṿariʼatsyot li-fesanter be-shesh yadayim Catalog Record Only
    Received: 12/27/2011 from Asian & Middle Eastern Division, Israel/Judaica Section; purchase; LC Collection.
    • Date: 2009
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    Bruchim Habayim ve... Mishtatfim Betzaarchem | Berukhim ha-baʼim ṿe... mishtatfim be-tsaʻarekhem Catalog Record Only
    "The year is 1991. The beginning of the massive Jewish immigration wave from the USSR to Israel. 12 years old Misha is documenting his family's journey on a home-video camera. The already traumatic immigration experience is enhanced up to absurd proportions, when the family's old aunt dies on the plane just before they reach the land of their ancestors. Now, the family will have...
    • Contributor: Prudovsky, Leon - Mecklberg, Haim - Yacov-Mecklberg, Estee - Schur-Selektar, Ola - Adika, Eigal - Sandler, Gera - Ḳaplan, ʻirit - Go2films (Firm) - Israel and Judaica Section Video Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2012
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    ʼOnat ha-ṭiyulim : leḳeṭ katavot ṿideʼo ʻal Yiśraʼel /
    Onat hatiyulim | Progulki po Izrailiu | Tiyul season | Travel season Catalog Record Only
    Russian immigrants are taken on tiyulim (journey) in Israel, primarily in the North. Kinneret region: Kibbutz Ginossar, Kfar Nachum, Kibbutz Ein Gev, kayaking in the Jordan Park; Huleh region; Carmel region: scenes of Netanya, Casesarea, orchards, Binyamina, water tunnel, park Gilboa: view looking down to Beit Shean valley, hang-gliding, Kibbutz Beit Alpha, horse riding Gan Hashlosha: tower and stockade model, Sachne, swimming, pistol shooting,...
    • Date: 2003