• Film, Video
    Parvarish Catalog Record Only Everything in life depends on upbringing and a mother is usually the foundation that a home is built upon. "Parvarish" depicts the story under the same line where the mother has the hold over the family and her children become the victims of her erroneous upbringing which reflects in their personalities notably.
    • Contributor: Mirza, Mohsin - Pasha, Seemi - Khursheed, Maimuna - Ironline Productions (Firm) - Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2016
  • Film, Video
    11th Hour. Ḍākṭar Tāhirulqādrī kā Vasīm Badāmī ko inṭarviyū.
    Eleventh hour | Ḍākṭar Tāhirulqādrī kā Vasīm Badāmī ko inṭarviyū Catalog Record Only
    A hard hitting current affairs show on ARY News in which Waseem Badami will provide In-depth analyses is & perspectives on the most significant happenings of the day. On February 18, 2013 he interviewed Tahirulqadri after his long march in Islamabad against corrupt political system in Pakistan.
    • Contributor: Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2013
  • Film, Video
    Naraaz Catalog Record Only
    Story of a couple Azlan and Fariha, when their high-end lifestyle is drastically changed due to sudden downfall in Azlan's business. This downfall makes him dependent on his wife's parents. His pride and ego become his biggest enemy to accept any support from Fariha.
    • Contributor: Bilgarami, Najaf - ʻalī, Muḥsin - Qurashi, Faisal - Abbasi, Javeria - Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2016
  • Film, Video
    Darāṛ Catalog Record Only The plot rotates around a woman who seeks to gain total and unchallenged control of the household. As the new bride and the newest member to the family, she acts as an innocent and helpless victim, while she blames other members of this once happy family of theft, deceit and miss-treatment. All this while, hiding the truth from her husband, and entangling him with ...
    • Contributor: Aḥmad, ʻumairah - Aslam, Ejaz - Tahira, Zahin - Hassan, Ahmed - Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2016
  • Film, Video
    Pachtawa Catalog Record Only
    Story of a young woman lady suffering from the tortures of her family and friends. Her family forces her to marry a boy with whom she is not satisfied. She doesn't want to marry him but under pressure, she commits to marry him. Her rude behavior for arrogance and ignorance leads the relation toward divorce. That divorce makes her life humiliated. She tries a ...
    • Contributor: Khan, Shaqielle - Ghazal, Seema - Qurashi, Faisal - Aslam, Ejaz - Baloch, Mahnoor - Wajid, Qazi - Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2015
  • Film, Video
    Beqasoor Catalog Record Only
    Story of Waseem's household. Waseem married Sadaf after her husband Shehryar divorced her unexpectedly because she gave birth to a girl. Sadaf does her best to run Waseem's house the way he wants and raises his daughter Sehr in the best way possible. Waseem gives Sadaf the status of a wife and looks after her and her daughter but he never gives them the ...
    • Contributor: Hussain, Syed Atif - Ijaz, Samina - Pirzada, Samina - Abbas, Waseem - Abbasi, Javeria - Ary Digital Network - Big Bang Productions
    • Date: 2016
  • Film, Video
    Rang lāgā
    Rang laaga Catalog Record Only
    The story revolves around polygamy in Pakistani society. Mr. Ashiq belongs to lower middle class. He has three wives and two daughters from his first wife. His two wives left him but his first wife and his daughter take care in difficult time.
    • Contributor: Shahzād, Anjum - Fahad, Sana - Mustafa, Fahad - Qurashi, Faisal - Saima - Ary Digital Network
    • Date: 2014