• Film, Video
    Ilm-o-irfan : Muḥarram and Battle of Karbala.
    ʻIlm o ʻirfān : Catalog Record Only
    Collected sermons about the days of Muḥarram and Battle of Karbala, on the controversy over the Caliphate system in early Islamic history and Battle of Karbalāʼ, Iraq, in 680 AD.
    • Date: 2008
  • Film, Video
    Aakhri chataan /
    Āḳ̲ḥ̲irī caṭān Catalog Record Only
    Story based on early Islamic wars.
    • Date: 2006
  • Film, Video
    Labbaik / Catalog Record Only A television historical Urdu drama about the life of Muhammad Bin Qasim, a seventeen-year-old Muslim Arab General who conquered Sind in 8th century. Before Muhammad Bin Qasim came to Sub-Continent (Indo-Pak), there were no Muslims here and Raja Dahir ruled in Sindh. He was living a luxurious life at the expense of his poor people. Sindh was a land where might was right and ...
    • Date: 2004