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    Pi ha-mered = Flames in the ashes /
    Flames in the ashes | Phei hamered Catalog Record Only
    Using testimony of eyewitnesses and recently discovered footage, this documentary explores the many ways in which Jews resisted the Nazis. The voices of those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust tell the stories of Jewish resistance in Europe before and during World War II, from participation in national partisan movements to individual acts of bravery and sacrifice, such as the uprising in the ...
    • Date: 1986
  • Film, Video
    The courageous heart of Irena Sendler / Catalog Record Only As a social worker, Irena had access to the Warsaw Ghetto, making it possible for her to rescue the daughter of a Jewish friend and safely hide the young girl with a Catholic family. Realizing that thousands of children were still in danger, Irena recruited sympathetic friends and co-workers to smuggle children out and place them in safe homes, farms and convents. At great ...
    • Date: 2009
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    The last fighters
    ha-Mordim ha-aḥaronim Catalog Record Only
    Features the last six survivors of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, as they recount the events and their own roles in the mass rebellion of the local Jewish population against the occupying Germans. The film accompanies the six last surviving Warsaw Ghetto uprising fighters, all over eighty years old, between 2003-2006. Kazik Rotem, Masha Futermilch-Gleitman, Pnina Greenspan and Aharon Carmi live in Israel. Brunk ...
    • Contributor: Zaretzky, Ronen - Zaretzky, Yael Kipper - Rotem, Śimḥah. - Gleitman, Masha - Greenspan, Pnina - Carmi, Aharon - Spigel, Brunk - Edelman, Marek - Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts - Second Authority for Television & Radio (Firm) - Ruth Diskin Films (Firm) - Lc Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2006
  • Film, Video
    Return to the Warsaw Ghetto / Catalog Record Only Three families from Canada return to Warsaw on the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. The survivors and their families tell their incredible stories of courage and fear from that horrible page of human history.
    • Date: 1993