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    Buying a cow
    Achat embarrassant | Embarrassing purchase
    An urban husband and wife, walking in the countryside outside Paris, are so impressed with the delicious taste of a cow's milk that they buy the cow and try to bring it back to their Parisian apartment. After many misadventures, the cow is stolen right after they reach their front door.
    • Contributor: Société Des Établissements Gaumont - George Kleine (Firm) - Afi/Marshall (George) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1908
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    Afraid of microbes
    Peur des microbes | Fear of microbes | Fear of the microbes | Unidentified John Jones.
    A man who fears the influenza microbe buys an antiseptic spray from a pharmacist. On his way home, he insists on spraying everyone he encounters, including the police. A growing group of outraged people chases and captures him. He is tied up and doused with water.
    • Contributor: Pathé Frères (France) - Pathé Frères (U.S.) - Afi/Jones (John) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1908
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    Wanderers of the desert Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available Aspect ratio: 16 x 9. Original film: 1986, France. Also known as Les baliseurs du désert. Cert. Not available [BBFC]. DVD Region 1. Colour. PAL. Arabic with English subtitles (optional).
    • Contributor: Khemir, Nacer
    • Date: 2008
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    Lost a pretty little dog
    Cent francs à qui rapportera | Lost, a pretty dog | Unidentified John Jones.
    A woman and her mother bring a little dog home from a dog shelter in Gennevilliers. The woman's husband comes home, is displeased, and pays a man to steal the dog. The woman is distraught and offers a reward for the return of the dog. The man who stole the dog returns it and receives the reward, just as the husband comes home. The ...
    • Contributor: Pathé Frères (France) - Pathé Frères (U.S.) - Afi/Jones (John) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1908
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    Poursuite sur les toits
    Rooftop chase | Poursuite de cambrioleurs sur les toits | Collection of Lumière films from the Cinémathèque française
    A comedy in which two burglars flee from policemen across the rooftops.
    • Contributor: Hatot, Georges - Société Anonyme Des Plaques Et Papiers Photographiques - Cinémathèque Française Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1898
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    Dogs used as smugglers
    Chiens contrebandiers | Canine smugglers | Dog smugglers
    With contraband strapped to the backs of their dogs, smugglers set off to cross the Spanish-French border. Having been spied upon and betrayed to customs officers, a fierce skirmish results and only the dogs and a single smuggler reach their destination.
    • Contributor: Hatot, Georges - Heuzé, André - Pathé Frères (France) - Pathé Frères (U.S.) - Afi/Nfsa-Australia Collection (Library of Congress) - Afi/Baker (Glenn L.) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1906
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    How a French nobleman got a wife through the New York Herald personal columns From Edison films catalog: The picture opens with a "Personal" advertisement which actually appeared in the New York Herald of August 25th, 1904: "Young French Nobleman, recently arrived, desires to meet wealthy American girl; object matrimony; will be at Grant's Tomb at 10 this morning, wearing boutonniere of violets." The first scene shows the young "Nobleman" in his dressing room. He picks up the ...
    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) - Porter, Edwin S. - Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1904
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    The diving bell and the butterfly / Catalog Record Only The French editor of Elle magazine, Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye. Using that eye to blink out his memoir, Bauby eloquently described the aspects of his interior world, from the psychological torment of being trapped inside his body to his imagined stories from lands he'd only visited ...
    • Date: 2007
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    Cyrano de Bergerac / Catalog Record Only Cyrano de Bergerac is a 17th century French soldier-poet and swordsman who loves his cousin Roxane, but believes she will never love him because of his enormous nose. He courts and wins her, not for himself, but for his inexperienced and prosaic friend, Christian, who dies in battle. Years later, as Cyrano himself is dying, he confesses his love to Roxane, who suddenly realizes ...
    • Date: 1950
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    Moulin Rouge! / Catalog Record Only Christian is an idealistic and impoverished young writer who, newly arrived in Montmartre, is haphazardly inducted into a circle of young bohemians led by Toulouse-Lautrec. A comedy of mistaken identities ensues, quickly enmeshing the young poet in a love triangle involving the unobtainable and consumptive Satine, queen courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, and the foppish Duke of Roxbury, his villainous rival for her affections.
    • Date: 2003
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    Ford startime. Dear Arthur /
    Dear Arthur | Startime. Catalog Record Only
    A comedy about sophisticated international rogue Fred Cortin, who has devoted a lifetime to the study and practice of imaginative confidence games. When he encounters his divorced, wealthy daughter, Edith Brooks, on the French Riviera, he devises a plan to protect her from a rash of unwanted suitors by creating a husband for her who doesn't exist. As the moneyed international set in Monaco ...
    • Date: 1960
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    Balao, ou, Des pas au plafond = Balaoo / Catalog Record Only In a small village in France, Doctor Coriolis, a scientist, recieves a packing crate containing an enormous ape, possessing some human characteristics. The doctor attempts to civilize and train the animal, with some success, but Balao continues to run around the village, damaging property and terrorizing the villagers. Balao becomes indebted to Hubert, a villager of bad character, who uses Balao to murder a ...
    • Date: 1913
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    The Smurfs 2
    Smurfs two | Smurfs II Catalog Record Only
    "Determined to harness the magical essence of the Smurfs, wicked wizard Gargamel creates a diminutive race of mischief makers known as the Naughties. But in order to get the results he's looking for, Gargamel will need to get his hands on a genuine Smurf. Enter Smurfette, the only one of her kind who knows the spell that can transform Naughties into actual Smurfs. Having ...
    • Contributor: Gosnell, Raja - Kerner, Jordan - Stem, J. David - Scherick, Jay - Ronn, David - Azaria, Hank - Harris, Neil Patrick - Mays, Jayma - Perry, Katy - Ricci, Christina ... Gosnell, Raja - Kerner, Jordan - Stem, J. David - Scherick, Jay - Ronn, David - Azaria, Hank - Harris, Neil Patrick - Mays, Jayma - Perry, Katy - Ricci, Christina - Winters, Jonathan - Peyo - Columbia Pictures Industries - Sony Pictures Animation (Firm) - Hemisphere Media Capital - Kerner Entertainment Company - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2013
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    A walk with love and death / Catalog Record Only "Heron of Foix (Assaf Dayan) hears the call of the ocean and leaves his school in Paris to walk to the sea. He meets the fair Claudia (Anjelica Huston) and the two fall in love and journey together to escape the ongoing Hundred Years War. They witness the brutal and bloody murder of a peasant who is drawn and quartered by the sadistic Sir ...
    • Date: 1970
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    Omnibus. The empty chair /
    Empty chair Catalog Record Only
    An episode of the television cultural anthology series consisting solely of a production of a 3-act play. A play about power and its application during the French Revolution and in particular the abuse of power by three major figures of the French Revolution--Maxmilien Robespierre, Georges Jacques Danton and Jacques Rene Hebert.
    • Date: 1958
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    À bout portant
    Point blank Catalog Record Only
    "Nursing student and expectant father Samuel enters into a frantic race against time to save his pregnant wife from kidnappers in this taut suspense thriller. His wife abducted as he watches helplessly, Samuel receives a phone call stating he has three hours to reach a local hospital and free a man under police protection. As the clock starts to tick, Samuel rushes to complete ...
    • Contributor: Cavayé, Fred - Colbeau-Justin, Cyril - Dupont, Jean-Baptiste - Lemans, Guillaume - Lellouche, Gilles - Zem, Roschdy - Lanvin, Gerard - Lgm (Firm) - Gaumont (Firm) - Tf1 Films Production ... Cavayé, Fred - Colbeau-Justin, Cyril - Dupont, Jean-Baptiste - Lemans, Guillaume - Lellouche, Gilles - Zem, Roschdy - Lanvin, Gerard - Lgm (Firm) - Gaumont (Firm) - Tf1 Films Production - Nexus Factory (Firm) - Studio Canal - Tps Star (Firm) - Gaumont International - Magnolia Pictures (Firm) - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2010
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    The big parade / Catalog Record Only A World War I drama about lazy James Apperson (John Gilbert), son of an industrious aristocrat (Hobart Bosworth) and his wife (Claire McDowell), and how he is coaxed into joining the Army by his father and girlfriend (Claire Adams) when the U.S. enters the War. Upon entering the Army, James is sent to France to serve his tour of duty. While in France, he ...
    • Date: 1925
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    An American in Paris / Catalog Record Only Jerry, a struggling, but happy-go-lucky American artist, falls in love with Lise, a French shop girl. Unbeknownst to Jerry, Lise is engaged to Henri, one of Jerry's pals. Jerry proposes to Lise, who refuses sadly, explaining about Henri. Henri eventually bows out and the lovers are reunited.
    • Date: 1979
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    Frantic / Catalog Record Only A mystery about the kidnapping of Dr. Richard Walker's wife, Sondra, by terrorists from their hotel suite, during a medical convention being held in Paris, France, and how they are finally reunited.
    • Contributor: Polanski, Roman - Mount, Thom - Hampton, Tim - Brach, Gérard - Ford, Harrison - Buckley, Betty - Seigner, Emmanuelle - Mount Company - Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- ) - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1988
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    Amour Catalog Record Only "An octogenarian couple find their love put to the ultimate test when one of them suffers a stroke, and the other must assume the role of the caretaker in this compassionate yet unsentimental drama from director Michael Haneke. Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) are retired classical-music teachers savoring their golden years in a comfortable apartment when Anne experiences a stroke that leaves ...
    • Contributor: Haneke, Michael - Menegoz, Margaret - Arndt, Stefan - Heiduschka, Veit - Trintignant, Jean-Louis - Riva, Emmanuèle - Huppert, Isabelle - Films Du Losange (Firm) - X Filme Creative Pool - Wega Film (Firm) ... Haneke, Michael - Menegoz, Margaret - Arndt, Stefan - Heiduschka, Veit - Trintignant, Jean-Louis - Riva, Emmanuèle - Huppert, Isabelle - Films Du Losange (Firm) - X Filme Creative Pool - Wega Film (Firm) - France 3 Cinéma (Firm) - Bayerischer Rundfunk - Westdeutscher Rundfunk - France Télévision - Studio Canal - Ciné+ (France) - Sony Pictures Classics (Firm) - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2012
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    Jour de fête /
    Big day | Holiday Catalog Record Only
    When the fair comes to town, François, the village postman, sees a documentary film on the efficiency of the American postal service, and decides he can single-handedly emulate the modern Postal service for his sleepy town.
    • Date: 1991
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    Du Barry was a lady / Catalog Record Only A musical comedy based loosely on the Broadway musical. Louis, a coat room attendant in a nightclub, is in love with the star, May Daly. So is Alec Howe, a struggling songwriter. Ginny, the cigarette girl, loves Louis. May loves Alec, but loves money more. When Louis wins the Derby pot, May responds to his attentions. To get Alec out of the way, Louis ...
    • Date: 1943
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    As above, so below Catalog Record Only "A group of subterranean explorers encounter terror beneath the streets of Paris after descending into the city's ancient catacombs. Just when it seems their journey can't get any more nightmarish, the demons of their pasts strike back with a vengeance"--Allmovie WWW site, viewed August 30, 2016.
    • Contributor: Dowdle, John Erick - Tull, Thomas - Jashni, Jon - Dowdle, Drew - Aiello, Patrick - Weeks, Perdita - Feldman, Ben - Hodge, Edwin - Legendary Pictures - Universal Pictures (Firm) - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2014
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    Qui perd gagne! / Catalog Record Only A compulsive gambler with a phenomenal memory assists the investigation into how the same man could win the national lottery twice.
    • Date: 2004
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    Les Valseuses = Going places / Catalog Record Only PA71-969(English language subtitled version) PA542-063 (Video reissue of English language subtitled version) U.S. Copyright Office Minor change version: [English language subtitled version] / subtitles, Nina Levin and Brooke Leveque. -- United States : Cinema 5, 1974 ; United States : Interama, 1990. Copyright for minor change version, i.e. ref print: Cinema 5, Ltd. Prev.: novel entitled Les valseuses prev. reg. 30Sep72, AFO-71009; French photoplay ...
    • Date: 1974