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    Waltz with Bashir
    Ṿals im Bashir Catalog Record Only
    "Based on the true story of director Ari Folman, an Israeli army veteran who realises he can remember nothing of the 1982 Lebanon War in which he fought, the film charts his journey to uncover the secrets of the past." -- Container.
    • Date: 2009
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    Akthar min raʼy. al-Insiḥāb al-Isrāʼīlī min al-Janūb al-Lubnānī /
    Insiḥāb al-Isrāʼīlī min al-Janūb al-Lubnānī | More than one opinion. Catalog Record Only
    A weekly program in which guests debate the most newsworthy issue of the week. Discussed in this episode: Arab-Israeli conflict; Lebanon; Israeli withdrawal.
    • Date: 2000