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    Music of Morton Subotnick motion picture | 1 videorecording ; 74 min. | Friday, November 9, 2012, 8:00 PM (Date). Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Washington, DC (Venue). The Other Piano ( III. Many, IV. Rocking) -- Trembling -- Lucy: Song and Dance / Subotnick. (Content). 16:9 All material used by permission of the composer. (Copyright Notice). Motion Picture (Form).
    • Contributor: Subotnick, Morton - La Barbara, Joan - Lillevan - Supove ́, Kathleen - Reynolds, Todd
  • Film, Video
    The Digital Data Universe of the Future Dr. Chris Greer of the National Science Foundation discusses efforts of NSF to develop a strategic vision that provides a national digital framework in which NSF can work with partners in public and private sectors to address data acquisition, access, usage, stewardship and management challenges in a comprehensive way. NSFs five-year goal is twofold: 1) To catalyze the development of a system of science ...
    • Contributor: Greer , Chris
    • Date: 2006-10-11
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    The Harobed
    • Contributor: Fleischhauer, Carl - Purser, Margaret Sermons - Stewart, Fred
    • Date: 1982-07-08
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    Indians and cow-boys
    Indians and cowboys | Indiens et cow-boys
    A captured Indian marauder is beaten by a gang of cowboys. Seeking vengeance, the Indians attack a stagecoach and abduct its passengers. The cowboys ride in pursuit and successfully rescue the captives.
    • Contributor: Pathé Frères (France) - Pathé Frères (U.S.) - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - George Kleine (Firm) - S. Lubin (Firm : Philadelphia, Pa.) - Afi/Tayler (Dorothy M.) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1904
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    Un paese di carta Author Laura Benedetti and Washington Post reporter Emily Langer discuss the novel, "Un paese di carta" about three generations of Italian American women exploring their identities as they follow their ambitions and lives between the U.S. and Italy.
    • Date: 2016-09-01
  • Film, Video
    Rodgers & Hammerstein: It Might as Well Be Spring In the third episode of a series of videos that explore the Rodgers and Hammerstein collections at the Library of Congress, Michael Feinstein examines the creative process of songwriting via "It Might as Well Be Spring" from the film "State Fair," which won an Academy Award for Best Song. Produced by special arrangement with Imagem/Williamson Music Inc.
    • Contributor: Feinstein, Michael
    • Date: 2014-02-03
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    Carter Family Tribute In honor of Janette Carter's achievement as a performer and an organizer, the American Folklife Center present a Carter Family Tribute Concert, featuring prominent country and old-time musicians, hosted by Joe Wilson, former director of the National Council for Traditional Arts, as part of the Homegrown 2005 Concert Series.
    • Contributor: Carter Family
    • Date: 2005-09-20
  • Collection
    Literatura de Cordel: Continuity and Change in Brazilian Popular Literature (Day 2, afternoon) Literatura de cordel, literally "string literature," refers to small popular books or chapbooks, predominantly from northeastern Brazil. They were often suspended from cords or strings, hung across marketplace stalls belonging to local poets during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today, cordel chapbooks are still sold and performed on street corners and in markets throughout Brazil, but are more readily circulated through the Internet. ...
    • Contributor: Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace ... Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace - Soares, Marli Gomes - Williams, Gayle Ann - American Folklife Center - Library of Congress. Hispanic Division - Brazil. Embaixada (U.S.) - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011-09-27
  • Film, Video
    Rita Dove Reads Her Poetry Rita Dove reads her poems and discusses their sources with a small group of students. The poems are selected from Thomas and Beulah (Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1986) which won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and from her earlier books: The Yellow House on the Corner (1980), Museum (Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 1983), and a book of short stories: Fifth Sunday (University Press of Virginia, 1985).
    • Contributor: Dove, Rita
    • Date: 1989-01-26
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    Respecting Conscience, Protecting Patients: Unresolved Tensions in American Health Care A lecture on "Respecting Conscience, Protecting Patients: Unresolved Tensions in American Health Care" is presented at the Library of Congress by James F. Childress, holder of the Cary and Ann Maguire Chair in Ethics and American History and a distinguished professor from the University of Virginia. In his lecture, Childress will examine the current controversies surrounding how to respect the conscientious refusals of health ...
    • Contributor: Childress, James F.
    • Date: 2010-05-06
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    Chris Agee and Sinead Morrissey Poetry Reading To celebrate the publication of the book "The New North: Contemporary Poetry from Northern Ireland," poets Sinead Morrissey and Chris Agee read from their work.
    • Date: 2008-10-02
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    [Boys wearing uniforms and keffiyeh headdresses] 1 photograph : hand-colored transparency on glass ; plate 8 x 10 cm (lantern slide format)
    • Date: 1925
  • Film, Video
    After Pearl Harbor: Music, War and the Library of Congress The Music Division of the Library of Congress and the American Musicological Society, in joint partnership, presented the second in a series of lectures highlighting musicological research conducted in the division's collections. Annegret Fauser discussed "After Pearl Harbor: Music, War and the Library of Congress."
    • Contributor: Fauser, Annegret
    • Date: 2008-09-18
  • Photo, Print, Drawing
    [Animals in a diorama?] 1 photograph : hand-colored transparency on glass ; plate 8 x 10 cm (lantern slide format)
    • Date: 1925
  • Film, Video
    Junot Díaz: 2012 National Book Festival Acclaimed author Junot Díaz speaks at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: D&iacute - Az, Junot
    • Date: 2012-09-23
  • Film, Video
    Skirmish of Rough Riders From Edison films catalog: Shielded by a thick bit of timber at a turn of the road stands a company of mounted men, awaiting the order to advance. In the foreground, left as the flotsam of battle, is a dead horse from the shelter of which two marksmen are picking off the enemy. Suddenly comes the command, "Forward," and the riders dash up the ...
    • Contributor: White, James H. (James Henry) - New Jersey. National Guard - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) - Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1899
  • Film, Video
    Daisy Turner's Kin: An African-American Family Saga Daisy Turner (1883-1988), born in Grafton, Vermont and the daughter of freed African American slaves, grew up listening to her father, Alec, tell stories of his family's heritage. Over the course of numerous interviews Daisy shared her own life story, one of discrimination, resilience and strength. This talk considers Daisy Turner's narrative in terms of memory and within a larger canvas of social, cultural ...
    • Contributor: Beck, Jane
    • Date: 2016-02-17
  • Film, Video
    Open Video Project OV
    The purpose of the Open Video Project is to collect and make available a repository of digitized video content for the digital video, multimedia retrieval, digital library, and other research communities. Researchers can use the video to study a wide range of problems, such as tests of algorithms for automatic segmentation, summarization, and creation of surrogates that describe video content; the development of face ...
  • Collection
    Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac performs Aztec dance from Pennsylvania, another in the 2009 Homegrown Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.
    • Contributor: Calmecac, Ollin Yoliztli - Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac (Dance Group) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.). Millennium Stage
    • Date: 2009-06-18
  • Film, Video
    Daniel Schorr: 2008 National Book Festival News analyst Daniel Schorr appears at the National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Schorr, Daniel
    • Date: 2008-09-27
  • Film, Video
    Childs Play: The Judaization of Adolescence in 20th-Century America Jenna Weissman Joselit delivers a lecture titled "Child's Play: The Judaization of Adolescence in 20th-Century America."
    • Contributor: Joselit, Jenna Weissman
    • Date: 2010-05-13
  • Film, Video
    Homo-Musicus: How Music Began Ellen Dissayanake discusses "Homo Musicus: How Music Began." The universally observed interaction between mothers and infants, commonly and even dismissively called "baby talk," is composed of proto-aesthetic, temporally-organized elements that Dissayanake suggests are the origin of human music. Because infants are born ready to engage in these encounters and to prefer their visual, vocal and gestural components to any other sight or sound, one ...
    • Contributor: Dissayanake, Ellen
    • Date: 2008-10-17
  • Film, Video
    Jews and Theater in an Intercultural Context Dr. Edna Nahshon will speak about her new book, "Jews and Theater in an Intercultural Context."
    • Contributor: Nahshon, Edna
    • Date: 2012-05-02
  • Film, Video
    Steven Millhauser: 2012 National Book Festival Steven Millhauser appears at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Millhauser, Steven
    • Date: 2012-09-22
  • Film, Video
    Lark in the Morning: The Verses of the Troubadours Robert Kehew discussed his recently published anthology of poetry of the French troubadours, "Lark in the Morning: The Verses of the Troubadours, a Bilingual Edition." The anthology honors the meter, word play, punning and sound effects in the troubadours' works, while celebrating the often playful, bawdy and biting nature of the material. In the book, Kehew augments his own verse translations with those of ...
    • Contributor: Kehew, Robert
    • Date: 2005-10-20