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    Hill Street blues. Fowl Play. Catalog Record Only PA236-318 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: PUB 04Dec84; REG 20Dec84; PA236-318. Copyright notice on film: MTM Enterprises, Inc. ; 1984. No. 4405. Reference source used: copyright data sheet. Received: 05/15/87; viewing copy; copyright deposit--MPA; copyright Collection.
    • Date: 1198
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    The nanny. The passed over story /
    Passed over story Catalog Record Only
    PA838-511 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: TriStar Television, Inc. DCR 1997; PUB 9Apr97; REG 8Aug97; PA838-511. Number 421. Source used: copyright data base. viewing copy; Received: 9/4/97; copyright deposit--RNR; Copyright Collection.
    • Date: 1197
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    NBC news. Evening / Catalog Record Only Reference source used: label on container. Received: 10/90; master; purchase; Vanderbilt Television News Archive Collection.
    • Date: 1190