• Film, Video
    Siyur mudrakh ba-Ḥevron
    ‏סיור מודרך בחברון | A guided tour in Hebron / Breaking the Silence | Shovrim shetiḳah Catalog Record Only
    Israeli soldiers discuss the treatment they were ordered to carry out against Palestinians in the West Bank town of Hebron.
    • Date: 2008
  • Film, Video
    NVLP interview with Alvin Poussaint. Catalog Record Only "Renee Poussaint interviews Alvin Poussaint about his life and achievements"--Copyright description.
    • Contributor: Poussaint, Alvin F.
    • Date: 2005
  • Film, Video
    Nothing to lose / Catalog Record Only Looks at the beginning of the end of Communism in Eastern Europe. An American on tour in Poland interviews Poles, particularly the youth of the nation, concerning the economic and social conditions of current day Poland. Included is an interview with Lech Walesa, leader of the Solidarity Labor Party, who expounds upon current labor conditions in Poland. Includes music of the Polish opposition, from ...
    • Date: 1989
  • Film, Video
    In defence of our dreams.
    In defense of our dreams. Catalog Record Only
    Series: includes lectures by various scholars and activists, and two documentaries. Examines multiple issues from Indian history, civics, gender issues and politics that are being dictated by caste and religion-based agendas. Demonstrates how such issues led to Gujarat riots in 2002 and discusses what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again. On this disc are many short interviews (about 1 min. ...
    • Date: 2004
  • Film, Video
    After the hunger and drought Catalog Record Only A series of interviews with Zimbabwe's literary figures about the role of the writer in society, freedom of expression, and the place of tradition in modern literature. The issues these intellectuals confront are crucial to any developing society grappling with the challenge of nation-building.
    • Date: 1987
  • Film, Video
    B. B. King oral history, National Visionary Leadership Project /
    B. B. King interview conducted by Camille O. Cosby | NVLP Interview with B.B. King Catalog Record Only
    The interview includes B.B. King's memories of growing up in Indianola, Mississippi, living on his own as a teenager and serving in the segregated army. He discusses discrimination in Mississippi, learning to play guitar and moving to Memphis, Tennessee. He discusses making his first record, playing concerts around the country and crossing over to a white audience.
    • Contributor: King
    • Date: 2010
  • Film, Video
    Faqr va faḥshāʼ / Catalog Record Only A documentary film about prostitution in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The director interviews many young girls and married women who have become prostitutes to support their families. He shows the rampant prostitution that is so strictly forbidden and suppressed by the Islamic Regime in control of the country. Prostitution in Iran is a taboo and therefore not directly discussed or addressed, allowing for ...
    • Date: 2005
  • Film, Video
    Falcão : meninos do tráfico /
    Meninos do tráfico. Catalog Record Only
    Follows the circumstances of several teenage boys in the slums of Brazil, committing crimes to survive.
    • Date: 2006