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    Odetta oral history interview
    Odetta! an interview for the American Folklife Center, November 3 [sic], 2003 | Legendary Folk Singer Odetta Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available
    Online video interview with folk singer Odetta, conducted by the Director of the American Folklife Center, Peggy Bulger, on November 14, 2003, the day following Odetta's concert at the Library of Congress on the occasion of Odetta receiving the Library of Congress Living Legend award. Odetta talks about her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, the influence of the church there, her move to Los Angeles,...
    • Contributor: Odetta - Bulger, Peggy A. - American Folklife Center
    • Date: 2003
  • Film, Video
    Jamila Jones oral history interview conducted by Joseph Mosnier in Atlanta, Georgia, 2011-04-27. Jamila Jones recalls participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott as a child and forming a singing group at age 11, the Montgomery Gospel Trio, to raise money for the Civil Rights Movement. She recalls helping the Freedom Riders, visiting the Highlander Folk Center, writing a new verse of the song "We Shall Overcome," and founding the Harambee Singers.
    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Mosnier, Joseph - Jones, Jamila - Bishop, John Melville
    • Date: 2011-04-27

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