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    The Rose of San Juan / Catalog Record Only Ben Cameron (Sidney Ayres), a young Virginian, arrives in California to homestead on government land. He meets a starving youth along the way and returns him to his mother (Louise Lester). He then meets Inez, the most beautiful girl in San Juan, and they fall in love. Later, at a dance, they meet again and Cameron beats a drunken Spaniard (Jack Richardson) who forces ...
    • Date: 1913
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    M'liss / Catalog Record Only A comedy-melodrama set in the mining town, Red Gulch, Calif., about the untamed daughter (Mary Pickford) of the town drunk (Theodore Roberts) who falls in love with the new schoolteacher (Thomas Meighan) who is accused of murdering her father and the situations that occur during his murder trial.
    • Date: 1918