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    Mary Louise Defender Wilson and Keith Bear

    Mary Louise Defender Wilson and Keith Bear perform Sioux and Mandan Hidatsa storytelling and music from North Dakota, another in the Homegrown Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.

    • Date: 2006-08-16
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    Tim Tingle & D.J. Battiest-Tomasi

    Both D.J. Battiest-Tomasi and Tim Tingle are enrolled as members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and regularly participate in tribal events. Both also share relatives who came on the Trail of Tears from the original Choctaw homelands in Mississippi. They speak Choctaw as a part of their performances. They normally perform individually, but have been asked to perform together on this occasion.

    • Date: 2011-06-29
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    Folk Music from the Slovak Mountains

    The fujara is the largest member of the overtone flute family. It developed in the seclusion of the Slovakian mountains, and, until recently, was barely known outside Slovakia. Even today, only a small number of traditional musicians play the instrument, and only a handful of craftsmen know how to make it. However, since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the fujara has been "discovered" ...

    • Contributor: Rychlik, Bohuslav - Rychlik, Bob
    • Date: 2010-05-27
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    R. Carlos Nakai: American Indian Flute Music from Arizona

    R. Carlos Nakai performs American Indian flute music in a noontime concert in the Library's "Homegrown" series.

    • Contributor: Nakai, R. Carlos
    • Date: 2010-11-17