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    Corsican Language & Expressive Culture Since the mid-20th century, a variety of social, economic and political factors have affected the cultural practices and conceptions of identity on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Linguistic anthropologist Alexandra Jaffe discusses the Corsican language and Corsican expressive culture. She addresses both the island's shift towards the French language and the Corsican language revitalization movement that began in the early 1970s. Drawing on ethnographic ...
    • Contributor: Jaffe, Alexandra - Jaffe, Alexandra M. (Alexandra Mystra) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2014-12-02
  • Film, Video
    Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. attends Women in War Work Congress in Paris [1918] During World War I, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. worked for the YMCA in France running canteens, clubs, and leave centers for soldiers and teaching French. She also designed the uniforms worn by the women workers in the YMCA. Views of Mrs. Roosevelt entertaining women YMCA workers in the garden of the home of her aunt, Mrs. Alice Green Hoffman, in Paris. There are medium ...
    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Eleanor Butler - Mutual Film Corporation - International Newsreel Corporation - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1918
  • Film, Video
    [Procession at Séville and bullfighting scenes]
    En Espagne | Collection of Lumière films from the Cinémathèque française | Procession à Séville et scènes de corrida
    Shorts document bullfights in Spain (Séville) and France (Béziers, Nîmes) during the late 19th century.
    • Contributor: Société Anonyme Des Plaques Et Papiers Photographiques - Cinémathèque Française Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1898
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    Biography. The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    A&E biography. Catalog Record Only
    Exploring the appeal of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the grotesque bell ringer of Victor Hugo's 1831 classic. Included: clips from film versions of the novel; an assessment of Hugo's literary contributions. Jack Perkins hosts.
    • Contributor: Graves, Peter - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1996
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    Indochine /
    Indochina Catalog Record Only
    Set in French Indochina in the 1930s as the Vietnamese begin to rebel against French colonialism. Dramatizes the last years of French rule through the relationship between plantation owner Éliane, French by birth but born and raised in Indochina, and her adopted daughter Camille, an orphaned Annamese princess who becomes a Vietnamese revolutionary and representative at the Geneva Conference after having a child by ...
    • Date: 1992
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    The longest day / Catalog Record Only On June 6, 1944, the Allied Invasion of France marked the beginning of the end of Nazi domination over Europe. The attack involved 3,000,000 men, 11,000 planes and 4,000 ships, comprising the largest armada the world has ever seen. A vivid hour-by-hour re-creation of this historic event. Told from the perspectives of both sides, it is a fascinating look at the massive preparation, mistakes ...
    • Date: 1962
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    Du Barry was a lady / Catalog Record Only A musical comedy based loosely on the Broadway musical. Louis, a coat room attendant in a nightclub, is in love with the star, May Daly. So is Alec Howe, a struggling songwriter. Ginny, the cigarette girl, loves Louis. May loves Alec, but loves money more. When Louis wins the Derby pot, May responds to his attentions. To get Alec out of the way, Louis ...
    • Date: 1943
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    Camera three. Beaubourg.
    Camera three presents. | Beaubourg. | Camera 3. Catalog Record Only
    First of two part series on the planning, construction, scope and controversial reception of one of the most modern arts centers in the world, the Pompidou Center in Paris. Rosamond Bernier in Paris discusses with all concerned the pros and cons of the Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture, built in January, 1977. The camera explores the building and the public that ...
    • Date: 1977
  • Film, Video
    Qismathā-yī az vaqāyiʻ-i muhim-i tārīkh-i Īrān.
    Parts of important events in Iranian history | Wedding of Shah & Farah | Iranian revolution betrayed | Iran : Catalog Record Only
    A compilation of news and other historical footage depicting the Shah's third wedding, the country's celebration at the birth of his son, the crown prince, Reza Pahlavi, and the Shah's 1970 visit to France. Also includes all or part of two separate films: Wedding ceremony of the Shah and Farah Pahlavi, and Iran: a revolution betrayed (BBC, 1983, directed by Ahsan Adib, written & ...
    • Date: 200?
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    A walk with love and death / Catalog Record Only "Heron of Foix (Assaf Dayan) hears the call of the ocean and leaves his school in Paris to walk to the sea. He meets the fair Claudia (Anjelica Huston) and the two fall in love and journey together to escape the ongoing Hundred Years War. They witness the brutal and bloody murder of a peasant who is drawn and quartered by the sadistic Sir ...
    • Date: 1970
  • Film, Video
    Live from the Met. Dialogues of the Carmelites / Catalog Record Only PAu-1-033-806 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: Metropolitan opera association, Inc. DCR 1987; REG 3Jun87; PAu-1-033-806. Date is date of creation. Reference source used: COPICS data base. Received: ca. 12/91; viewing copy; copyright deposit--unpublished; Copyright Collection. qxp
    • Date: 1987
  • Film, Video
    Napoleon / Catalog Record Only "The chef d'ouevre of legendary French filmmaker Abel Gance, Napoleon was supposed to have been the first installment in a multipart film study of the French military hero. Each of the film's set pieces is treated like a movie in itself: the opening pillow fights and snowball battles, staged while Napoleon is still a schoolboy (played by Russian youth Vladimir Roudenko), are choreographed on ...
    • Date: 1928
  • Film, Video
    La Noire de--= Black girl / Catalog Record Only Drama of a young Senegalese woman engaged to be a domestic servant to a former colonial couple now at the French Riviera, her relationship with her insensitive employer and the effects of servitude on her.
    • Date: 1965
  • Film, Video
    Bondage of fear = It happened in Paris / Catalog Record Only Two sisters, one of them blind, become lost in the underworld of Paris in 1789, but are eventually reunited after many travails, each having fallen in love with a man who saved them.
    • Date: 1932
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    Weapons of the spirit / Catalog Record Only As a Jew born in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon during World War II, filmmaker Pierre Sauvage relates the story of how the village successfully shielded 5,000 Jews from the Nazis.
    • Date: 1989
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    Omnibus. Catalog Record Only An episode of the television cultural anthology series consisting of six segments of varying lengths.
    • Date: 1953
  • Film, Video
    The persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, as performed by the inmates of the asylum at Charenton, under direction of the Marquis de Sade / Catalog Record Only The story centers on a single action--the murder of the revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday while he issued dictums to the people of Paris from his bathtub. The action, however, is hysterically performed by the inmates until their excitation reaches an intolerable pitch, and each segment of the action, is periodically aborted just short of pandemonium by lengthy arguments between the paranoiac ...
    • Date: 1967
  • Film, Video
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Catalog Record Only PA523-539 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: Kino International Corporation. Silent motion picture prev. reg. 1923, LP 19381. NM: "edited version; text of captions." DCR 1990 REG 15Nov91; PUB 15Nov90; PA523-539. Photography, Robert S. Newhard ; art direction, E.E. Sheeley, S. Uliman ; editors, Sydney Singerman, Maurice Pivar, Edward Curtis. Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Ernest Torrance, Tully Marshall. Film originally silent; designation of ...
    • Date: 1990
  • Film, Video
    Greatest raids. Target St. Nazaire /
    Target St. Nazaire Catalog Record Only
    Early in 1942, Britain had essentially been fighting the Nazis alone for months and the American war machine was still gathering momentum. But on March 27 of that year, British Commandos embarked on a daring mission to destroy the massive dry-dock at St. Nazaire, in occupied France.
    • Date: 2004
  • Film, Video
    Navy heroes of Normandy / Catalog Record Only An emotional look at the aging men of World War II and the dedicated group of Navy vertans who set out to make sure their sacrifices on June 6, 1944 would not ever be forgotten.
    • Date: 2008
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    Scaramouche / Catalog Record Only André Louis Moreau, a law student, vows to fight against the aristocracy when his friend, Philippe, is killed in a duel with the Marquis de la Tour. André joins the Revolution and becomes a leader. Subsequently, he discovers that his real father is the hated Marquis de la Tour and his mother is a countess, both of whom, with his sweetheart, Aline, are at ...
    • Date: 1952
  • Film, Video
    The Count of Monte Cristo / Catalog Record Only "Robert Donat plays Edmond Dantes, who is wrongly accused of a plot against the post-Napoleonic French government. Condemned to a prison cell in the impenetrable Chateau D'If, Dantes vows vengeance against the four conspirators who framed him. He is particularly anxious to give his ex-friend Mondego (Sidney Blackmer) his comeuppance, since it was Mondego who married Dantes' fiancee Mercedes (Elissa Landi). Twelve years pass; ...
    • Date: 1934
  • Film, Video
    Battle stations. Sherman assault.
    Sherman assault Catalog Record Only
    Using archival footage and reenactments, tells the story of the M4 Sherman tank that was developed to compete with the German Panzer during WWII. Shows the use of the Sherman tank in the Allied breakout of Normandy following the D-Day invasion of Europe. Includes interviews with tank crew members.
    • Date: 2001
  • Film, Video
    Komunaris čʻibuxi Film
    • Contributor: Ėrenburg, Ilʹi︠a - Marjanišvili, Konstantine Aleksandres Że - Zabozlaevi, Sergei - Sidamon-Eristʻavi, Valerian - Čʻxeiże, Ušangi - Kʻartʻuli Pʻilmi
    • Date: 2012
  • Film, Video
    Omnibus. The empty chair /
    Empty chair Catalog Record Only
    An episode of the television cultural anthology series consisting solely of a production of a 3-act play. A play about power and its application during the French Revolution and in particular the abuse of power by three major figures of the French Revolution--Maxmilien Robespierre, Georges Jacques Danton and Jacques Rene Hebert.
    • Date: 1958