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    Dhrubatārā : kathāśilpī Rābeẏā Khātuna eara upanyāsa abalamvane /
    Dhrubotara Catalog Record Only
    Depicts the story of family and ups and downs in their relations during 1971 liberation movement of Bangladesh. Liberation movement of Bangladesh along with emotions of a family, their love and relations, all have been portrayed in the same canvas.
    • Date: 2006
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    Meghera pare megha : kathā śilpī Rābeẏā Khātuna-era upanyāsa abalamvane /
    Clouds after clouds Catalog Record Only
    Svadhin Mahamud, a young boy, born at a small village which bear the brunt of attackers during 1971 liberation movement of Bangladesh, wanted to the truth about his father. Question arises whether he is the son of freedom fighter Sejan Mahamud or traitor Majid or Pakistani captain Sadek. Svadhin, wanted to know everything about his birth from his mother Suraiya. The story depicts struggle ...
    • Date: 2005
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    Khelāghara /
    Dollhouse Catalog Record Only
    Yakub and Mukul are two friends working as teacher. Rehana, who had been studying in Dhaka University comes to Yakub's village as a refugee and she is the sister of his friend. On his friends request, Yakub gave her shelter. Yakub decides to take refuge in an abandoned house at a corner of the village with Rehana. Locked by monsoon water and trees and ...
    • Date: 2006
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    Dārucini Dvīpa /
    Daru Cheeni Dip Catalog Record Only
    The story revolves around a group of urban young boys and girls from Dhaka city planning to take a trip together to the St. Martin Islands, off the Bay of Bengal Coast in Bangladesh. The story also deals with the problems and reactions they face in their respective families, with special reference to their relationships with their fathers.
    • Date: 2007
  • Film, Video
    Ālora michila /
    Alor misil Catalog Record Only
    Rana, a young man who fought for the freedom of Bangladesh returns home after getting a treatment for his injured leg , which he got during the freedom struggle. Rana has young niece named Alo, who is studing in college and very close to him. Rana loves Dina, daughter of a rich businessman. Many questions arises in Rana's mind about his brother Alim's business, ...
    • Date: 2010