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    Z'eṭem ai lav yu ṭerminal
    ‏ז׳אטם איי לאב יו טרמינל /‏ | Je t'aime, I love you Terminal Catalog Record Only
    The film follows Ben (Mookie), who is flying to New York to marry his girlfriend but misses his connection in Prague where he meets Emma (Naruna De Macedo-Kaplan), an attractive free-spirited girl. During the next 24 hours a friendship is developing between the two who reconsider their original plans of travel, life and relationships.
    • Date: 2011
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    Salsah Tel Aviv Salsa Tel Aviv
    סלסה תל אביב Salsa Tel Aviv / | Salsa Tel Aviv Catalog Record Only
    Salsa Tel Aviv is a musical romantic comedy abundant with vibrant humor and sensuality. It centers on Vicky (Angelica Vale), a talented Mexican Salsa dancer and a single mother who journeys to Israel in pursuit of her ex-husband in order to reunite her family. On the plane she meets Yoni (Angel Bonanni), a young Israeli scientist, who is on his way back to Israel ...
    • Contributor: Ṿeler, Yoḥanan - LC Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011
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    Resise ahavah
    רסיסי אהבה | Resisey ahavah | Obsession Catalog Record Only
    "1968. A woman's journey into self-destruction, humiliation, and violence, as a result of her husband's infidelity. The story takes place in an old Sephardic neighborhood in Jerusalem and is told through the eyes of six-year-old Micha who does not speak one word yet sees everything. Malka uses every available method to win back her husband, from consultations with rabbis to witchcraft. As her mental ...
    • Contributor: Nissimoff, Riki Shelach - Notrika, Nisim - Lazarov, Yehezkel - Amsalem, Raimond - Vinograd, Itay - Lubliner, Dory - Gedaliah, Amir - Ederi, Moshe - Edery, Leon - United King Films (Firm) - Nmc United Entertainment (Firm) - Israel and Judaica Section Video Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2012
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    7 daḳot be-Gan ʻEden
    ‏7 דקות בגן עדן. | Seven minutes in heaven Catalog Record Only
    Galia, a young woman from Jerusalem, and her boyfriend Oren board a local bus. The bus explodes, leaving Oren in a coma and Galia with severe burns and memory loss; she lacks memory of the day of the terrorist attack and the days leading up to it. The film begins one year after the attack, upon Oren's death. As Galia undergoes physical and mental ...
    • Date: 2009