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  • Film, Video

    El cuarto de Leo Catalog Record Only

    In the heart of Montevideo, the affable but secretly troubled Leo wraps himself in the comfort of his small rented room, unmotivated to finish his college thesis or find a job, and content with infrequent visits from his girlfriend. After their six-month relationship ends, Leo begins to break out of his shell by cruising the Internet for a new companion, enlisting the aid of ...

    • Date: 2011
  • Film, Video

    Kika / Catalog Record Only

    A dizzy dame hairdresser, Kika, gets involved with a homicidal expatriate Yank writer, Nicholas, and his bewildered stepson, Ramon, an uncommunicative underwear photographer; a vampish, oddball femme tv reporter, Andrea, who's constantly on the lookout for "reality" scoops and who wears a rubber suit with a revolving video camera mounted on her head; a lesbian maid, Juana, and her mentally-deficient convicted rapist brother, Pablo, ...

    • Date: 1993