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    Ta ta ta /
    他她他 / | 3 peas in a pod | Three peas in a pod Catalog Record Only
    3 Asian students who have become best friends after studying in Australia for 4 years go on a road trip that changes their lives forever. 3 friends, 2 lovers, 1 soul. Get ready for this mind-blowing journey that will change the way you think.
    • Contributor: Chong, Michelle - Huat Films - Scorpio East Entertainment (Firm)
    • Date: 2013
  • Film, Video
    Xiao niang re The little nyonya /
    小娘惹 The little nyonya / | Little nyonya Catalog Record Only
    A story that spans several decades, it tells the life of Yue Niang (Jeanette Aw), a pretty little Nyonya who is skilled in Peranakan, also known as Straits Chinese, cooking and sewing. Growing up in a traditional family, she is discriminated against as the granddaughter of a lowly second wife, a situation made worse by her mother's disapproved union with a Japanese photographer. Yue ...
    • Date: 2008
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    Kuai le gong chang
    快乐工厂 | Pleasure factory Catalog Record Only
    Inspired by true stories and real-life characters, PLEASURE FACTORY tells an intimate and seductive tale involving pleasure seekers and pleasure providers in Geylang, Singapore's red light district. In the course of one night, an army boy loses his virginity with the help of his experienced buddy; a teenage girl gets initiated into the pleasure manufacturing process; and a jaded prostitute pays a young busker ...
    • Date: 2007
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    Ai du ai du
    爱都爱都 | I do I do Catalog Record Only
    Truck driver Peng falls in love with career woman Hui, who rejects him. Hui never believes in love at first sight, but one day falls madly in love with Feng, who seems to be everything she wants in a partner. The two soon becomes an inseparable couple. Will Peng eventually win the heart of his dream girl from such strong competition?
    • Date: 2005
  • Film, Video
    Shi shen jue zhan zhi zhong ji yi zhan /
    狮神决战之终极一 战 / | Zhong ji yi zhan | The Lion men, ultimate showdown Catalog Record Only
    Mikey's and babyface's superb performance in the first round of the competition, Shi Shen becomes jealous of Mikey, especially after her discovers Mike's feelings for Xiao Yu. More determind to succeed, Shi Shen spends every waking hour in training and neglects Xiao Yu. Even ignoring her efforts to cook a meal for him ...
    • Contributor: Hong, Weicai - Neo, Jack - Sun, Yiqun - J Team Productions Pte Ltd - Mm2 Entertainment
    • Date: 2014