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    ʻAlá Bāb al-Wazīr /
    Bab Al Wazeer | Chez le ministre Catalog Record Only
    "A romantic comedy featuring the famous comedian ʻĀdil Imām in one of his masterpieces. Kamal and Noura are two young university students who fell in love but are faced with the financial prejudice of the community around them and the objection of their families to this relation. Kamal is the son of a poor court clerk, while Noura is the only daughter of a ...
    • Date: 200?
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    Wakr al-maladhdhāt
    ‏وكر الملذات‏ | Den of pleasures | Pleasure's den Catalog Record Only
    The story of a runaway girl and the man who takes her in to live with him and his mother.
    • Date: 200?
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    Ḥāfiyah ʻalá jisr al-dhahab
    ‏حافية على جسر الذهب‏ | Barefoot on a golden bridge Catalog Record Only
    A young girl falls in love with a famous star, but a rival stands between them and happiness.
    • Date: 2007
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    al-Rāqiṣah wa-al-siyāsī
    ‏الراقصة والسياسي‏ | Belly dancer and the politician | Belly dancer & the politician Catalog Record Only
    A love affair between a politician and a belly dancer reveals the corruption of the Egyptian political system.
    • Date: 200?
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    Jaʻalatnī mujriman She turned me into a criminal /
    ‏جعلتني مجرما‏ ‏She turned me into a criminal /‏ | She turned me into a criminal | She made me a criminal Catalog Record Only
    An aspiring businessman becomes involved with a woman and her frugal father.
    • Date: 2006
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    ʻAllimūnī al-ḥubb
    علموني الحب | Teach me about love | Lessons in love | Apprenez-moi l'amour Catalog Record Only
    A romantic film about the delicate relationship between a music teacher and his sensitive student. Both of them are too shy to express their true feelings for each other.
    • Date: 2003
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    Hādhā huwa al-ḥubb C'est ça l'amour /
    هاذا هو الحب C'est ça l'amour / | C'est ça l'amour | This is love Catalog Record Only
    A man begins to doubt his wife after they are married when she becomes friends with another man. He divorces her but soon regrets his decision.
    • Date: 200?
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    Ighfir lī khaṭīʼatī Forgive my sin /
    ‏اغفر لي خطيئتي‏ ‏Forgive my sin /‏ | Ughfur lī khaṭīʼatī | Forgive my sin Catalog Record Only
    Womanizing Hussein meets Layla and falls in love with her. After the truth about her comes out can love bring them together as husband and wife?
    • Date: 2010
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    Tāyih fī Amrīkā Lost in the America /
    ‏تايه في أمريكا‏ ‏Lost in America /‏ | Tāyih fī Amirīkā | Tāʼih fī Amrīkā | Lost in America | Lost in the USA Catalog Record Only
    "A movie about two young Egyptian men who arrive in the US and have their identity inadvertently switched"--Internet Movie Database.
    • Date: 2002
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    Āh min Ḥawāʼ
    ‏آه من حواء‏ | Beware of Eve | Ah mn Hawa Catalog Record Only
    A handsome vet finds himself obliged to tame a beautiful but wild woman.
    • Date: 200?