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  • Film, Video

    How a French nobleman got a wife through the New York Herald personal columns

    "The picture opens with a "Personal" advertisement which actually appeared in the New York Herald of August 25th, 1904: "Young French Nobleman, recently arrived, desires to meet wealthy American girl; object matrimony; will be at Grant's Tomb at 10 this morning, wearing boutonniere of violets." The first scene shows the young "Nobleman" in his dressing room. He picks up the "Herald," and finally locates ...

    • Contributor: Porter, Edwin S. - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress) - Niver (kemp) Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1904
  • Film, Video

    A romance of the rail /

    From Edison films catalog: A series of railroad scenes of novel and amusing interest. It opens with a view of an imposing station showing a pretty girl, dressed in white, seated on a trunk awaiting the arrival of her train. A young man approaches, also dressed in white, and the two immediately fall in love. The Lackawanna Limited then rolls into the station and ...

    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1903
  • Film, Video

    Naṣf sāʻah zawāj Half hour of marriage / Catalog Record Only

    "Hosni 'Rushdy Abaza', a dentist famous for his amorous adventure lies his way out of serious commitment. His devoted nurse Fatma "Shadia" is secretly in love with him and is almost wife-like in handling the smallest details of his life...."

    • Date: 200?
  • Film, Video

    Kathāsaṅgama / Catalog Record Only

    An Indian portmanteau Kannada film with collection of 3 small stories - Hangu: Based on a short story by the Kannada writer Giraddi Govindaraj. It is about a poor university professor presented with a bribe just when his son is ill and requires expensive medical treatment. Atithi: It tells the story of an old spinster who once refused to marry the man who loved ...

    • Contributor: Puttanna Kanagal, S. R. - Raja, Si. Es. - Vijayabhāskar - Shruthi Tracks Music & Video Company
    • Date: 2008
  • Film, Video

    Sunrise--a song of two humans / Catalog Record Only

    A simple farmer is seduced by an alluring city woman; to be with her he plans to drown his wife. The wife suspects nothing when her husband suggests an outing, but when they set off across the lake, she grows suspicious. He prepares to throw her overboard, but she pleads for mercy, and he comes to his senses. He rows frantically for shore, but ...

    • Contributor: Murnau, F. W. (friedrich Wilhelm) - Fox, William - Mayer, Carl - Shepard, David - Brock, Timothy - Rosher, Charles - Struss, Karl - Hilliker, Katharine - Caldwell, H. H. - Gliese, Rochus ... Murnau, F. W. (friedrich Wilhelm) - Fox, William - Mayer, Carl - Shepard, David - Brock, Timothy - Rosher, Charles - Struss, Karl - Hilliker, Katharine - Caldwell, H. H. - Gliese, Rochus - Riesenfeld, Hugo - O'brien, George - Gaynor, Janet - Livingston, Margaret - Rosing, Bodil - Macdonald, J. Farrell - Sipperly, Ralph - Winton, Jane - Housman, Arthur - Boland, Eddie - Sudermann, Hermann - Fox Film Corporation - Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc - Graham (cooper) Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1998
  • Film, Video

    Aparupā / Catalog Record Only

    Aparoopa's parents arranged her marriage when she was about to go to university. She finds that her status is of a showpiece in her tea planter husband's big bungalow. At such a moment, Aparoopa's college friend Rana, an army officer, returns home for six weeks. For Aparoopa the return of Rana becomes a break in prison wall.

    • Contributor: Barua, Jahnu - Hazarika, Bhupen - Times Music, India
    • Date: 1995
  • Film, Video

    Jhoom barabar jhoom / Catalog Record Only

    Two people engaged to different people, arrive in Europe to get married but fall in love with each other instead.

    • Date: 2007
  • Film, Video

    Queens logic / Catalog Record Only

    PA564-327 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: [Claimant, DCR and REG unknown] PUB 1Feb91; PA564-327. Copyright notice on film: New Visions Pictures ; 1991. Executive producers, Taylor Hackford and Stuart Benjamin ; associate producers, Patricia Churchill, Tony Spiridakis ; story by Tony Spiridakis and Joseph W. Savino ; music by Joe Jackson ; edited by Patrick Kennedy ; director of photography, Amir Mokri. Kevin Bacon, John ...

    • Date: 1991
  • Film, Video

    Carry on jatta / Catalog Record Only

    Jass fall's in love with Mahie at a friends wedding, but she only wants to marry someone who doesn't have a family and is an orphan like herself because she doesn't want to deal with the nagging and interference of in laws post marriage. So to woo her Jass pretends he's an orphan and she falls in love with him, but when she tells ...

    • Date: 2012
  • Film, Video

    Open frame. Much ado about knotting / Catalog Record Only

    Born into a society obsessed with marriages, a young girl, a not-so-young man and an NRI couple are compelled by tradition to look for matches via classifieds, matchmaking bureaus and websites. Congronted with innumerable criteria that determine who is acceptable and who isn't, they question themselves and their choices. As they introspect, the melee of the matchmaking industry continues. At every turn, there are ...

    • Date: 2012
  • Film, Video

    Tom & Viv / Catalog Record Only

    The story of the poet T.S. Eliot's troubled first marriage to Vivienne Haigh-Wood, a young woman who appears to be mentally unstable. Her behavior worsens over the years, until finally Eliot and her family decided to commit her to an insane asylum. Many years later, she is correctly diagnosed as suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Her condition was worsened by the potent medicines with ...

    • Date: 1994
  • Film, Video

    Court of human relations. Girl wants to marry / Catalog Record Only

    The mediators consider a case in which a father objects to the marriage of his 29-year old daughter on the grounds that her fiancé is irresponsible and of a different religion.

    • Date: 1960
  • Film, Video

    Faces / Catalog Record Only

    PA567-946 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: Faces Distribution Corporation. [DCR and REG unknown] PUB 17Nov68; PA567-946. Carney, R. American Dreaming, p. 85 lists original script title as The dinosaurs; The American Film Institute catalog of films produced in the United States: features 1961-1970, p. 320 lists prerelease title as The dynosaurs. Associate producer and director of photography, Al Ruban ; editors, Al Ruban, Maurice McEndree. ...

    • Date: 1968
  • Film, Video

    Too wise wives / Catalog Record Only

    "Marie, wife of David Graham, is so devoted to her husband that he wearies of her constant attempts to please him and criticizes her. Sara, a former sweetheart of David's who has selfishly married for wealth, secretly determines to lure him from Marie. When forced to keep an overnight business engagement, Daly invites the Grahams to keep his wife company, and Sara writes David ...

    • Date: 1921
  • Film, Video

    Whats good for the goose / Catalog Record Only

    PA578-875 U.S. Copyright Office Minor change version: [Icelandic language subtitled version]. -- Iceland : [s.n.,1969?]. Copyright for minor change version: [Claimant, DCR and REG unknown] PUB 20Mar69; PA578-875. Copyright notice for minor change version on film: Tigon British Film Productions Ltd. ; 1969. Gifford, D. The British film catalogue, 1895-1970, entry 13943 lists title as What's good for the goose. Unable to determine Icelandic ...

    • Date: 1969
  • Film, Video

    Shakoor Majid's tele films Catalog Record Only

    Nāiorī depicts the love story of a Bengali girl Piyari. She falls in love with a person who as a help for her family. She secretly marries him. But her family didn't accept her marriage and send her to a far off place. They forcefully gave her second marriage. Piyari never accepted her second marriage and decides to come back to her home village. ...

    • Contributor: Majida, Śākura - Caudhurī, Raphikula Bārīm - Laser Vision (firm : Bangladesh)
    • Date: 2009
  • Film, Video

    Giant / Catalog Record Only

    LP9719 U.S. Copyright Office Copyright: Giant Productions; 24Nov56; LP9719. LP1907. Photography, William C. Mellor (Warner Color) ; music, Dimitri Tiomkin ; editors, William Hornbeck, Fred Bohanan, Phil Anderson. Elizabeth Taylor (Leslie Benedict), Rock Hudson (Bick Benedict), James Dean (Jett Rink), Carroll Baker (Luz Benedict II), Jane Withers (Vashti Snythe), Chill Wills (Uncle Bawley), Mercedes McCambridge (Luz Benedict), Sal Mineo (Angel Obregon III), Dennis Hopper ...

    • Date: 1956
  • Film, Video

    Baibhawa a Scam in verse Catalog Record Only

    The story revolves around Samiran Choudhury, a 37 year old man, with a flair of writing poetry. His father Parikhit Choudhury is a wealthy retired Govt. officer. Samiran is haunted by an incident of his childhood. His younger brother died being run over by Samiran's bicycle. Soon after this incident his mother also died out of grief. Both the tragic incidents left a deep ...

    • Contributor: Barā, Mañju - Rici, Ara. Di.
    • Date: 1999
  • Film, Video

    Never a dull moment / Catalog Record Only

    Kay Kingsley, a successful song writer, is attending a rodeo when one of the cowboys, Chris, falls in love with her at sight. The romance is rapid and having married they set forth for his ranch in the West, where Kay is introduced to Chris' daughters and ranch life. The ranch is not a dream-house, and with the best intentions Kay does everything wrong. ...

    • Date: 1950
  • Film, Video

    Giant / Catalog Record Only

    Three generations of land-rich Texans love, swagger, connive and clash in a monumental drama of family strife, racial bigotry and conflict between cattle barons and newly-rich oil tycoons.

    • Date: 1985
  • Film, Video

    Merry Andrew / Catalog Record Only

    Musical comedy about a British schoolmaster with novel teaching methods who finds love and a new career with a traveling circus. In order to marry his longtime fiancee, Letitia, Andrew Larabee needs a promotion to headmaster at his father Matthew's stuffy English boys' school. Andrew sets out on an archaeological expedition to find an ancient statue of the Greek god Pan and to prove ...

    • Contributor: Kidd, Michael - Siegel, Sol C. - Lennart, Isobel - Gallico, Paul - Chaplin, Saul - Mercer, Johnny - Surtees, Robert - Kaye, Danny - Angeli, Pier - Baccaloni, Salvatore ... Kidd, Michael - Siegel, Sol C. - Lennart, Isobel - Gallico, Paul - Chaplin, Saul - Mercer, Johnny - Surtees, Robert - Kaye, Danny - Angeli, Pier - Baccaloni, Salvatore - Coote, Robert - Rall, Tommy - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Sol C. Siegel Productions - Kaye (danny)/Fine (sylvia) Collection (library of Congress) - Copyright Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1958
  • Film, Video

    Alfredo, Alfredo / Catalog Record Only

    PA490-132 (English language subtitled version) U.S. Copyright Office Minor change version: [English language subtitled version] / subtitles by Sonya Friedman. -- U.S. : Paramount Pictures, 1973. Copyright for minor change version: Rizzoli Film, S.P.A. DCR 1972; PUB 16Aug72; REG 30Jan90 ; PA490-132. LC holds the U.S. release copy of the English language subtitled version. Story by Leo Benvenuti, Piero de Bernardi, Tullio Pinelli, Pietro ...

    • Date: 1973
  • Film, Video

    Robert Montgomery presents the Johnson's Wax program. The liar / Catalog Record Only

    Production supervisor, Joseph W. Bailey. Host: Robert Montgomery. Norma Moore, Jan Miner, House Jameson, Fred Beir, Barbara Joyce. NBC inventory box no. 847. Operation no. QK-14180. Not viewed. Sources used: NBC program analysis files, sponsor file [MI]; Television drama series programming: a comprehensive chronicle 1947-1959, 1980, p. 244. Updated by qu26.

    • Date: 1957
  • Film, Video

    Sājaghara / Catalog Record Only

    A crazy boy named Asif has gotten prize doing drama in school at teenager. He gave up his acting because his father forbade him. At the time being of watching drama he met with Lina who is the daughter of a judge, Wadud Ahmed's . Seeing Asif's acting she greeted to join at diner with them. Gradually their relationship changed into LOVE. Being disagreement ...

    • Contributor: Kiraṇa, Śāh Ālama - Āhameda, Humāẏūna - G-Series (firm)
    • Date: 2007
  • Film, Video

    A middle class rebellion Catalog Record Only

    Documentary film examines the dilemma of institution of marraige with regards to middle class in India.

    • Contributor: Singh, K. Bikram
    • Date: 2002