• Film, Video
    20 ha-seraṭim ha-nivḥarim 1991-2011
    20 הסרטים הנבחרים 1991-2011 / | ʻEśrim ha-seraṭim ha-nivḥarim | 20 best shorts | Sam Spiegel Film School 20 best shorts Catalog Record Only
    "The 20 Best Shorts DVD is the flagship project marking the Sam Spiegel School's 20th anniversary [in 2009. An international jury convened to select the school's 20 best shorts.] Their final decision resulted in the selection of the leading 21 films (as the last two came in as a tie)."--Booklet.
    • Contributor: Shoval, Tom - Lavi, Ṭalyah - Rosenberg, Dani - Berodsḳi, Rodeḳon - Brezis, Mikhal - Ḥoḥah, Zeldah - Bin-Nun, ʻoded - Ḳedan, Elʻad - Ḳayam, Yaʻel - Liphshitz, Sigalit ... Shoval, Tom - Lavi, Ṭalyah - Rosenberg, Dani - Berodsḳi, Rodeḳon - Brezis, Mikhal - Ḥoḥah, Zeldah - Bin-Nun, ʻoded - Ḳedan, Elʻad - Ḳayam, Yaʻel - Liphshitz, Sigalit - Merav, ʻeran - ʻamrani, Sharon - Bergman, Nir - Leṿi, ʻomri - Daṿidoff, Oded - Ofek, David - Fridenberg, Binyamin - Gal, Nadav - Lapid, Nadav - Levari, Naʻomi - Rasin, Maʻayan - Tseler, Shai - Bet Ha-Sefer Le-Ḳolnoʻa Ule-Ṭeleṿizyah - Yerushalayim - Lc Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011
  • Film, Video
    Hisṭoryah shel ha-kolnoaʻ ha-Yisreʼeli a history of Israeli cinema /
    ‏הסטריה של הכלנע היסראלי‏ ‏A history of Israeli cinema /‏ | History of Israeli cinema Catalog Record Only
    Weaves together clips from more than 70 years of Israeli film with commentary from filmmakers, scholars, and critics.
    • Date: 2010
  • Film, Video
    ha-Fanṭazyah ha-gedolah shel Simiḳo ha-Ḳaṭan
    הפנטזיה הגדולה של סימיקו הקטן | Fanṭaziah ha-gedolah shel Simiḳo ha-Ḳaṭan Catalog Record Only
    The movie begins by introducing Simiko, a ratty-looking little fellow with an angelic fiancée. He is obsessed with the idea of making a movie. Unfortunately, although Tzion Baruch played the part well enough to earn an award nomination-- looking woebegone or manic as the vicissitudes come and go-- we never see any reason that Simiko would land an angelic fiancée or be so eager ...
    • Contributor: Barukh, Tsion - Gavriel, Uri - Kuriʼaṭ, Shlomi - Lubetzki, Arik - Sheipshteyin, Mikaʼel. - Ederi, Mosheh - Ederi, Leʼon. - United King Films (Firm) - Israel and Judaica Section Video Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2012
  • Film, Video
    James' journey to Jerusalam
    Masaʻot G'ems be-Erets ha-Ḳodesh | Massa'ot James Be'eretz Hakodesh Catalog Record Only
    In the imaginary village of Entshongweni, very far from western civilization, the young James is chosen to undertake a mission--a pilgrimage to Holy Jerusalem. But Israel is no longer the Holy Land that James and his people imagined. At the airport, James is suspected of trying to infiltrate the country in order to work illegally. He is jailed and destined for deportation. Inside the ...
    • Contributor: Alexandrowicz, Ra'anan - Harel, Amir - Duenias, Sami - Shibe, Siyabonga Melongisi - Elias, Arieh - Dau, Salim - Lama Films - Zeigeist Films - Israel. Shagrirut (U.S.) - Embassy of Israel Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2003
  • Film, Video
    Till we have built Jerusalem Yesh melekh bi-Yerushalayim /
    Yesh melekh bi-Yerushalayim | There is a King in Jerusalem Catalog Record Only
    "A story of the birth of the new Jerusalem, an ancient oriental city which has rare footage of the City of Peace from the early twentieth century on. The scenes are touching, tender, terrible, but also unexpectedly intimate, the way home movies are. This is due to the primitive camera technology which renders major historical figures in a slightly jerky, amateur manner. This film ...
    • Date: 2007
  • Film, Video
    Ḥolmim u-magshimim Dreamers and builders /
    Dreamers and builders Catalog Record Only
    Compilation of silent film footage previously thought lost documenting the history of Palestine in the 1920s. Concentrates on the contributions of the Jewish pioneers who helped build the Zionist dream. Includes footage from Return to Zion, Rebirth of a new Palestine, Romance of Palestine, Marot Haʻaretz, and Dream of my people.
    • Date: 2007
  • Film, Video
    The band's visit /
    Bikur ha-tizmoret Catalog Record Only
    A band comprised of members of the Egyptian police force head to Israel to play at the inaugural ceremony of an Arab arts center, only to find themselves lost in the wrong town.
    • Date: 2007