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    Sāyuva munna nōḍalē bēkāda 101 Kannaḍa citragaḷu : 1934 rinda 2009
    Sāyuva munna nōḍalē bēkāda nūrondu Kannaḍa citragaḷu Catalog Record Only
    Reviews on popular Kannada motion pictures released during 1934 to 2009.
    • Contributor: Kr̥ṣṇa, Āskar - Vismaya Viṣuyals (Firm : Bangalore, India)
    • Date: 2013
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    Democracia em preto e branco : futebol, política e rock n' roll
    Black and white democracy Catalog Record Only
    During the 80's, Brazilians were living under a dictatorship (since 1964). As Brazilians wearied of repression, some players of the soccer club Corinthians, from São Paulo, begin a new form of managing the team, always using polling to decide everything.
    • Contributor: Asbeg, Pedro - Muhlenberg, Arthur - Gama Rodrigues, Gustavo - Letier, Rodrigo - Krieger, Fabiano - Marcier, Lucas - Martins, Renato - Lee, Rita - Espn (Television Network) - Miração Filmes (Firm) - Tv Zero (Firm) - Bretz Filmes (Firm)
    • Date: 2014
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    The Magic lantern show and how it grew--a history of the movies / Catalog Record Only A documentary that focuses on the birth and growth of the art of motion pictures.
    • Date: 1975
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    Conterrâneos velhos de guerra Catalog Record Only Documentary about the people who came from all over Brazil to work in the construction of the city of Brasília, their stories, and the abuse and humiliation they suffered in the process
    • Contributor: Carvalho, Vladimir - Bastos, Othon - Instituto Moreira Salles - Bretz Filmes (Firm)
    • Date: 2013
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    Till we have built Jerusalem Yesh melekh bi-Yerushalayim /
    Yesh melekh bi-Yerushalayim | There is a King in Jerusalem Catalog Record Only
    "A story of the birth of the new Jerusalem, an ancient oriental city which has rare footage of the City of Peace from the early twentieth century on. The scenes are touching, tender, terrible, but also unexpectedly intimate, the way home movies are. This is due to the primitive camera technology which renders major historical figures in a slightly jerky, amateur manner. This film ...
    • Date: 2007
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    Em teu nome--
    In your name-- Catalog Record Only
    In the early 1970s, João Carlos "Boni" Bona Garcia, a Brazilian engineering student, fought against the military dictatorship. Eventually arrested and expelled from the country, he and his girlfriend Cecilia will live in Chile, Argentina and France before they are able to return when the government fails. Based on a true story. "No inicio dos anos 70, Boni, um estudante de engenharia, entra na ...
    • Contributor: Nascimento, Paulo - Costa, Marilaine Castro Da. - Machado, Leonardo - Moro, Fernanda - Diniz, Nélson - Troncoso, César - Buarque, Sílvia - Feldens, Julia - Verza, Marcos - Antunes, Sirmar - Accorde Filmes
    • Date: 2011
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    Rocha que voa / Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV, Tarcísio Vidigal, ICAIC--Instituto Cubano del Arte y La Industria Cinematografica, Labo Cine, Trepeso Filmes apresentam ; dirigido por Eryk Rocha ; pesquisa ... Catalog Record Only A documentary of Brazilian filmmaker and political activist Glauber Rocha's year of exile in Cuba from between 1971 and 1972. Discusses the link between two major Latin American film movements in the 60's and 70's--the Cinema Novo in Brazil and the Cine Revolucionário in Cuba, impacts of the filmmaker and his films, through testimonies from filmmakers, interviews of Cuban people in Havana, and previously ...
    • Date: 2008
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    The RKO story--tales from Hollywood. A woman's lot] = Hollywood--the golden years. Episode three, A woman's lot /
    Tales from Hollywood. | Woman's lot | Hollywood--the golden years. | Golden years. | RKO story. Catalog Record Only
    The films featuring star actresses made by RKO in the 1930s are profiled. Actresses Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn, and Lucille Ball discuss the film productions they were in and their roles in them.
    • Date: 1991
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    Peões = Metalworkers
    Metalworkers Catalog Record Only
    Filmed during Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's presidential campaign, the film examines the personal histories of anonymous workers who were involved alongside Lula in labor strikes in the late 1970s. They talk about their participation, their work in the factories, their hardships and their personal views of Lula.
    • Contributor: Coutinho, Eduardo - Brasil Telecom - Agência Nacional Do Cinema (Brazil) - Videofilmes (Firm)
    • Date: 2006
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    O quatrilho /
    Qu4trilho Catalog Record Only
    The story of Italian immigrants living in Brazil from 1910 to 1930. Follows the tangled lives of two young couples.
    • Date: 2005
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    Biography. Bio '79.
    A&E biography. | Biography. Catalog Record Only
    It was the year that brought us the Iranian hostage crisis and Three Mile Island, The Village People and Bo Derek starred in the movie '10'. Blends light-hearted nostalgia with in-depth commentary from the figures at the heart of 1979's biggest stories. See how the latest scion of one of America's great political dynasties watched his dream of the Presidency evaporate on national television, ...
    • Date: 2002
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    Montage = Pratibimba
    Pratibimba Catalog Record Only
    A film vividly drawing the history of Indian cinema right from May 18, 1912 when the first Indian story film Raja Harishchandra directed by Dadasaheb Phalke was released in Bombay. Since then the Indian cinema has been evolving in the country's various part in a fascinating way. Here are observations and account of personal experiences by PK Nair, director, National Film Archives of India, ...
    • Contributor: Chaudhary, Yash - India. Films Division
    • Date: 1989
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    Budd Boetticher, one on one
    One on one Catalog Record Only
    This program focuses on a talk with Budd Boetticher and his wife at their home in California. He discusses his career, his attitudes about the film industry, and experiences with such friends as Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy. The interview is complemented with film clips and photographs from Boetticher's career.
    • Contributor: Kunert, Arnold - Thomas, Tony - Cinema Guild - Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1980
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    Layan 200 : Kannaḍigara hr̥daya siṃha Catalog Record Only Documentary on films acted by Vishnuvardhan, 1950-2009, Kannada motion picture actor.
    • Contributor: Svāmi, Es. El. En. - Manōhar Nāyḍu, Ji. - Lahari Recording Co. (Bangalore, India)
    • Date: 2010
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    The face of Russia. Facing the future /
    Facing the future | Face of Russia. Catalog Record Only
    This three-part series is a personal interpretation of the cultural history of Russia and reveals how the Russian people find inspiration in the evocative art of their past and hope in the emerging images of their future. This journey through history encompasses Russia's architecture, paintings, music, literature, and cinema. This episode explores how Old Russia considered instrumental music to be the work of the ...
    • Date: 1998
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    Raúl Sendic, tupamaro : 1925-1989 /
    1925-1989 Catalog Record Only
    The Movimiento de Liberación Nacional - Tupamaros was founded in the early 1960s by journalist Raúl Sendic. This documentary employs archival materials and interviews to tell the story of Sendic and his Uruguayan urban guerrilla organization. The group began by robbing banks, gun clubs and other businesses, then distributing stolen food and money among the poor in Montevideo. By the late 1960s, it was ...
    • Contributor: Figueroa, Alejandro - Sendic, Carolina - Sendic Rodríguez, Raúl - Galeano, Eduardo - Mujica Cordano, José Alberto - Trasante, Jorge - Buencine Producciones - LC Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2005
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    Unknown Chaplin. Hidden treasures / Catalog Record Only Third part of a three-part documentary television series which observes film director Charlie Chaplin's creative processes, using footage from his films and home movies.
    • Date: 1983
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    Unseen cinema : early American avant-garde film, 1894-1941 /
    Early American avant-garde film, 1894-1941 Catalog Record Only
    This seven-disc collection contains 155 avant-garde films, revealing hitherto unknown accomplishments of American filmmakers working in the United States and abroad from the invention of cinema until World War II. Offers an innovative and often controversial view of experimental film as a product of avant-garde artists, of professional directors and of amateur moviemakers working collectively and as individuals at all levels of film production.
    • Date: 2005
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    Camera three. The illustrated Alfred Hitchcock.
    Illustrated Alfred Hitchcock. | Camera 3. Catalog Record Only
    This is the second part of two-part series on Hitchcock. Everson interviews Hitchcock and excerpts from some of his early films are shown and discussed. They include "Number seventeen", "The lodger", "The man who knew too much" and "Notorious". Discussions are held on his film, "The birds".
    • Date: 1972
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    Sembene the making of African cinema /
    Making of African cinema Catalog Record Only
    Follows the Senegalese filmmaker Sembene Ousmane from the Pan African Film Festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso back to Senegal, and finally the locations of his films.
    • Date: 1994
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    Kosŭp'ilmop'ondŭ palgul yŏngsang moŭm palgul toen kwagŏ, ne pŏntche = Moving images from Gosfilmofond : the past unearthed, the fourth encounter /
    고스필모폰드발굴영상모음 발굴된과거, 네번째 = Moving images from Gosfilmofond : the past unearthed, the fourth encounter / | Palgul toen kwagŏ, ne pŏntche | Moving images from Gosfilmofond | Past unearthed, the fourth encounter Catalog Record Only
    "This DVD collection contains various propaganda films of the era, films which the militarist Japanese empire designed to mobilize the colonized Chosun people to the front or into a support role in the rear, from 1937 when the Sino-Japanese War broke out to the early 1940s when the Pacific War was close to its end."--Accompanying booklet.
    • Contributor: Han'guk Yŏngsang Charyowŏn (Seoul, Korea) - Pŭlluk'ino (Firm) - Gosfilʹmofond Rossii
    • Date: 2009
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    American cinema. The star /
    Star Catalog Record Only
    Part 2 of 10. "Stardom means public adulation and a complete change in an actor's personal life. Julia Roberts and Joan Crawford are focal points of the program, which incudes Jack Lemmon and Eva Marie Saint"--WETA magazine, Jan. 1995, p. 15.
    • Date: 1995
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    More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 : 50 films /
    More treasures from American film archives : Catalog Record Only
    An anthology of films from American film archives. In addition to rare silent-era features, includes cartoons and animation, documentaries and newsreels, earliest American movies, pioneering sound and color experiments, serial episodes, trailers for lost films, advertisements, avant-garde shorts, ethnographic footage, films of ethnic communities, and other film types invented during the first four decades of the motion picture. Contains 50 films followed by six ...
    • Date: 2004
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    Unknown Chaplin. The great director / Catalog Record Only Part two of a three-part documentary television series which observes film director Charlie Chaplin's creative processes, using footage of films and rehearsals, and interviews with actors including Jackie Coogan, Georgia Hale, and Virginia Cherrill, covering the years 1921-1931.
    • Date: 1983
  • Film, Video
    Treasures III : social issues in American film, 1900-1934 /
    Social issues in American film, 1900-1934 | Treasures 3 : | Treasures from American film archives III: Catalog Record Only
    Anthology of 48 films from American film archives presents an array of features, short documentaries, newsreel segments, serial chapters, public service announcements, and cartoons exploring social issues during the years 1900 through 1934.
    • Date: 2007