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  • Film, Video

    TR reviewing and speaking to 13th Regiment at Sagamore Hill, 1917

    TR speaks to several unidentified people, including a man who looks like TR, on the porch at Sagamore Hill. There are two views of TR addressing soldiers assembled on the lawn of Sagamore Hill: the first segment shows TR's back as he speaks; the second is a long shot of TR, shot from the rear of the group of soldiers.

    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore - Warner Bros - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (library of Congress) - Roosevelt Memorial Association - Warner Bros. Pictures
    • Date: 1917
  • Film, Video

    TR's sons' regiments during war, 1917-1918 [1]

    Soldiers walk in formation on a road accompanied by several mounted men. Because of the soldiers' heavy clothing, it must be winter. This group may be the 26th Infantry, Theodore and Archibald Roosevelt's regiment. Following sequence is of biplanes flying in formation; third sequence is shot at a hangar where men appear to be preparing a plane for flight. The second and third sequences ...

    • Contributor: Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1918