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    [TR's inaugural ceremony, 1905]
    Theodore Roosevelt's inaugural ceremony, 1905 | TR's inaugural address, 1905 | Theodore Roosevelt's inaugural address, 1905
    On Mar. 4, 1905, TR is inaugurated in Washington, D.C. with much celebration and fanfare. TR rides in an open landau on Fifteenth St., NW, escorted by mounted Rough Riders; Secret Service men and detectives walk on either side of the carriage; TR tips his hat to the crowd. Sitting beside him is Sen. John C. Spooner of Wis., Chairman of the joint Congressional...
    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore - Spooner, John C. (John Coit) - Lodge, Henry Cabot - Dalzell, John - Fuller, Melville Weston - McKenney, James Hall - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1905