• Film, Video
    Nick Bruel: 2012 National Book Festival Nick Bruel appears on the Family Storytelling Stage at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Bruel, Nick
    • Date: 2012-09-23
  • Film, Video
    Constitution Day 2011: The Supreme Court and Free Speech In honor of Constitution Day, journalist Dahlia Lithwick speaks on the Supreme Court and free speech.
    • Contributor: Lithwick, Dahlia
    • Date: 2011-09-16
  • Film, Video
    Bibliographic Framework Initiative Update Forum The Library of Congress sponsored an update forum on the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative in Seattle, Wash., during the midwinter meeting of the American Library Association on January 27, 2013.
    • Date: 2013-01-27
  • Film, Video
    The Beast: How Poetry Makes Us Human Dorothea Lasky, the inaugural Bagley Wright Lecturer on Poetry, discussing humanizing aspects of verse.
    • Contributor: Lasky, Dorothea
    • Date: 2013-12-05
  • Film, Video
    The Tale of Joseph and Zulaykha and Tatar National Identity on the Volga Frontier The ancient tale of Joseph, son of Jacob, was a "best seller" on the Silk Road from Russia to China. Before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, Tatars, a Turkic-speaking people living in the Middle Volga, used it to propagate Islam and address the internal communal fractures caused by Russian colonization. Today, proponents of national Islamic identity call for the re-appropriation of such tales to ...
    • Contributor: Kefeli, Agnes
    • Date: 2009-10-22
  • Film, Video
    American Folklife Center/Folk Alliance Lomax Challenge: Mary Battiata Mary Battiata sings "Doney Gal" as part of the Lomax Challenge.To mark the 100th birthday of influential folklorist and musician Alan Lomax (1915-2002), who collected songs from musicians like Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, Aunt Molly Jackson and Woody Guthrie, Folk Alliance International joined the American Folklife Center to create the Lomax Challenge. Folk Alliance members chose collected by Lomax from the collections of the ...
    • Contributor: Battiata, Mary
    • Date: 2015-02-21
  • Film, Video
    Uncle Josh in a spooky hotel
    Uncle Josh in a spook hotel
    "The landlord enters with his rural guest. After examining the bed and other things in the room, Josh takes a seat beside the landlord, who tells him that there is a rumor that a ghost appears in that room every night at 12 o'clock. The ghost then appears mysteriously and hits Josh a slap on the cheek. Thinking it was the landlord who hit ...
    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) - Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1900
  • Film, Video
    Rosalind Wiseman: 2006 National Book Festival Rosalind Wiseman speaks at the 2006 National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Wiseman, Rosalind
    • Date: 2006-09-30
  • Film, Video
    Barbara Edna Vickers oral history interview conducted by Joseph Mosnier in Saint Augustine, Florida, 2011-09-13.
    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Mosnier, Joseph - Vickers, Barbara Edna
    • Date: 2011-09-13

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  • Film, Video
    Bass fishing A man in fashionable sporting attire is standing on some large rocks at the edge of a stream. He is holding a short fishing rod in his hands and casting into the running stream. The film ends as the fisherman kneels at the edge of the water, holding the reel in his left hand while he hauls in the fish with a net held ...
    • Contributor: Talbot, Henry - Marvin, Arthur W. - American Mutoscope and Biograph Company - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1903
  • Film, Video
    Literary Birthday Celebration: Edna St. Vincent Millay Poets Alicia Ostriker and Claudia Emerson celebrate the birthday of American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay by reading selections from her work and discussing her influence on their own writing.
    • Date: 2013-02-22
  • Film, Video
    Laurie R. King
    • Contributor: King, Laurie R.
    • Date: 2003-10-04
  • Film, Video
    Julia Glass: 2009 National Book Festival Fiction writer and freelance journalist Julia Glass appears at the National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Glass, Julia
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Film, Video
    A Tale of Two Books
    • Contributor: Dimunation, Mark
  • Film, Video
    Rulemaking Process: Evidentiary & Procedural Issues The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), codified in part in 17 U.S.C. ยง1201, makes it illegal to circumvent technological measures used to prevent unauthorized access to copyrighted works, including copyrighted books, movies, videos, video games and computer programs. This session will explore the general operation of the triennial rulemaking process under section 1201, including the evidentiary showing required for an exemption, and the procedural ...
    • Date: 2016-05-19
  • Film, Video
    The Many Colors of the Sun W. Dean Pesnell of the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory presents an illustrated lecture on new observations and views of solar phenomena.
    • Contributor: Pesnell, W. Dean
    • Date: 2011-03-17
  • Film, Video
    Richard Peck, Part 1
    • Contributor: Peck, Richard
    • Date: 2001-09-08
  • Film, Video
    Kay Ryan: 2009 National Book Festival U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan appears at the National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Ryan, Kay
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Film, Video
    Resource Description and Access: Background / Overview RDA (Resource Description and Access), the next generation cataloging code designed for the digital environment, is under development. This presentation provides background on its development and a general overview of the conceptual models, international principles, and structure of this new code.
    • Contributor: Tillett, Barbara
    • Date: 2008-05-14
  • Film, Video
    Khaled Hosseini: 2013 National Book Festival Khaled Hosseini appears at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Hosseini, Khaled
    • Date: 2013-09-22
  • Film, Video
    Ruth Crawford Seeger, Modernist Composer in the Folk Revival: Biography as Music History In the first of a Music Division lecture series presenting members of the American Musicological Society who have completed research in the division's unique collections, Judith Tick discusses aspects of her work on composer Ruth Crawford Seeger. She introduces Seeger's training as a musician and composer, her work collecting folk songs and her role as wife and mother. In Tick's words, "As life and ...
    • Contributor: Tick, Judith
    • Date: 2008-03-26
  • Film, Video
    Orphan Works 4: Types of Works Subject to Any Orphan Works Legislation As described in the Office's previous Notice and many of the responding comments, orphan works remain a pervasive issue in copyright law. While the issue cuts across all creative sectors, the unique challenges posed by photographs have long been an obstacle to developing an effective orphan works solution. Photographs and other works of visual art may lack or may more easily become divorced from ...
    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2014-03-10
  • Film, Video
    Stockhausen's "Mantra" Musicologist Paul Miller discusses Karlheinz Stockhausen's landmark work "Mantra", in conjunction with a performance given at the Library of Congress by Katherine Chi and Aleksandar Madzar.
    • Contributor: Miller, Paul
    • Date: 2015-04-24
  • Film, Video
    Lincoln Symposium: William Lee Miller William Lee Miller speaks at the Abraham Lincoln Institute Fifth Annual Symposium (2002) on "'I Felt It My Duty to Refuse': A Presidential Pardon Case." He is introduced by Douglas Wilson.
    • Contributor: Miller, William Lee
    • Date: 2002-03-16
  • Film, Video
    Evan Thomas: 2010 National Book Festival Journalist and author Evan Thomas speaks at the 2010 National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Thomas , Evan
    • Date: 2010-09-25