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  • Film, Video

    Publishing in the Digital Age: 2015 National Book Festival

    Lynn Freed, Geoffrey Kloske and Kevin Larimer discuss how book publishing has changed, and may change, in the age of digitization at the 2015 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Date: 2015-09-05
  • Film, Video

    TR at Forest Hills, New York, 1917 [2] /

    At Forest Hills, July 4, 1917, TR speaks in support of vigorous American war involvement and attacks conscientious objectors in an address at the Forest Hills Gardens railroad station; he later reviews the Forest Hills Rifle Club in a nearby field. Views of TR marching with Rifle Club members, speaking informally with individuals, standing at attention as Club marches past, and talking with an ...

    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore - Burgess, Frederick - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1917
  • Film, Video

    Amos C. Brown oral history interview conducted by David P. Cline in San Francisco, California, 2013-03-02.

    Reverend Dr. Amos Brown discusses his childhood in Jackson, Mississippi and meeting Medgar Evers, who quickly became his mentor. Brown was a leader in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as a teenager, leading the Jackson chapter and then the whole state Youth Council and traveling with Mr. Evers across the country to attend a national conference. He was asked ...

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (u.s.) - Cline, David P. - Brown, Amos C. (amos Cleophilus)
    • Date: 2013-03-02

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    Proportionality Under the 8th Amendment

    Scholars, historians and contemporary thinkers discuss how Magna Carta's political and legal traditions have carried into our current times at this symposium, Conversations on the Enduring Legacy of the Great Charter, held in conjunction with the Library's exhibition, "Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor." Speakers included Carrie Johnson (National Public Radio), Vicki Jackson (Harvard Law School) and Craig Lerner (George Mason University Law School).

    • Contributor: Various Speakers
    • Date: 2014-12-09
  • Film, Video

    Preserving At-Risk Digital Social Science Data: The Data-PASS Project

    Myron P. Gutmann, professor of history and director of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan and the principal investigator of the Data-PASS partnership with the Library's National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (, gives a briefing on how the project is acquiring and preserving at-risk digital opinion polls, voting records, large-scale surveys and other social ...

    • Contributor: Gutmann, Myron
    • Date: 2007-01-26
  • Film, Video

    Rafael Lopez: 2012 National Book Festival

    Book Festival poster artist Rafael Lopez appears at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Lopez, Rafael
    • Date: 2012-09-23
  • Film, Video

    American Folklife Center/Folk Alliance Lomax Challenge: Wayne Haught

    Wayne Haught sings "O Death" as part of the Lomax Challenge.To mark the 100th birthday of influential folklorist and musician Alan Lomax (1915-2002), who collected songs from musicians like Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, Aunt Molly Jackson and Woody Guthrie, Folk Alliance International joined the American Folklife Center to create the Lomax Challenge. Folk Alliance members chose collected by Lomax from the collections of the ...

    • Contributor: Haught, Wayne
    • Date: 2015-02-21
  • Film, Video

    Margaret Peterson Haddix: 2010 National Book Festival

    National best selling author Margaret Peterson Haddix appears at the 2010 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Haddix, Margaret Peterson
    • Date: 2010-09-25
  • Collection

    Cultural Heritage Archives Symposium Session 3

    Cultural Heritage Archives symposium aims to energize the discussion of ethnographic archival thought and practice by presenting fresh and dynamic strategies for contemporary archival realities. This session includes panels on programmatic presentations and on preservation and digital stewardship. Speakers included Michael J. Giaro, Ahmed Samir Habib, Alan R. Burdette, Janel Quirante, Gulnara Aitpaeva, Carl Fleischauer and Maurice Mengel Aspect.

    • Contributor: Various - Bell, Danna C. - Boyd, Douglas A. - Giarlo, Michael J. - Lloyd, Timothy Charles - Meyers, Melanie J. - O'neal, Jennifer R. - Reddy, Sita - Weiss, Steve - American Folklife Center - United States. Embassy (kyrgyzstan) - American Folklore Society. Archives and Libraries Section - Archive of Folk Culture (library of Congress)
    • Date: 2013-09-26
  • Film, Video

    Literacy Best Practices: The Dollywood Foundation

    The Dollywood Imagination Library is a book distribution program designed to provide preschool children with access to high-quality, culturally diverse children's books. Each child enrolled in the program is sent one book a month from birth to age 5. Every child in a program area is eligible, regardless of family income.

    • Contributor: Conyers , Jeff
    • Date: 2014-10-08
  • Film, Video

    2013 Kellogg Biennial Lecture on Jurisprudence by Amartya Sen

    The Kellogg Biennial Lecture on Jurisprudence presents the most distinguished contributors to international jurisprudence, judged through writings, reputation, and broad and continuing influence on contemporary legal scholarship. The series has been generously endowed by Frederic and Molly Kellogg. This year's speaker is Amartya Sen, who lectures on "Justice: Disagreement and Objectivity."

    • Contributor: Sen, Amartya
    • Date: 2013-11-07
  • Film, Video

    Admiral Dewey taking leave of Washington committee on the U.S. cruiser "Olympia" /

    "Showing the gallant Admiral standing directly in front of the camera, life size, his head bare, graciously bidding his guests adieu. This was exhibited at Eden Musee and Koster and Bial's, New York, to 18,000 people the next day after the picture was taken"--Edison films catalog. One of 20 films advertised in Edison films catalog no. 94, under the category "Dewey Doings." From the ...

    • Contributor: White, James H. (james Henry) - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1899
  • Film, Video

    Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom: My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March

    Lynda Blackmon Lowery described her role as the youngest member of the Selma, Alabama Civil Rights March in 1965. Along with her co-authors, Susan Buckley and Elspeth Leacock, Lowery recounted her childhood during this period, and discussed the background of events that led to his landmark action. The authors showed illustrations and photographs from their book as well as primary sources, including original film ...

    • Date: 2015-01-14
  • Film, Video

    Mario Livio: 2013 National Book Festival

    Mario Livio appears at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Livio, Mario
    • Date: 2013-09-22
  • Film, Video

    Kay Bailey Hutchison: 2013 National Book Festival

    Kay Bailey Hutchison appears at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Hutchison, Kay Bailey
    • Date: 2013-09-21
  • Film, Video

    Jonathan Yardley: 2011 National Book Festival

    Jonathan Yardley appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Yardley, Jonathan
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • Collection

    Legends and Legacies Concert: A Celebration of Public Folklore

    A Legends and Legacies concert celebrates Joseph T. Wilson and the NCTA Collection coordinated and produced by the National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA).

    • Contributor: Wilson, Joe - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (library of Congress) - National Council for the Traditional Arts
    • Date: 2009-09-10
  • Film, Video

    Juan Williams

    • Contributor: Williams, Juan
    • Date: 2004-10-09
  • Film, Video

    Confucianism as a World Cultural Heritage

    Rep. Al Green, Hsu Cho-Yun, Robert Scott, Jason Yuan, Kung Ling-He, Rep. Mike Honda, Paul Youshing Shao, Anna Chennault and Rep. Judy Chu speak at a symposium on Confucianism as a world cultural heritage.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2010-09-15
  • Film, Video

    Collecting and Performing Traditional Song in the Republic of Georgia

    Ethno-musicologist, scholar and performer Malkhaz Erkvanidze talked about collecting traditional sacred and secular music in the Republic of Georgia as part of the Benjamin Botkin Lecture Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center. Members of the Anchiskhati Choir assisted him with performance of material he and the members of his ensemble have collected.

    • Date: 2005-11-17
  • Film, Video

    Island in a Storm: A Rising Sea, A Vanishing Coast and a Nineteenth Century Disaster That Warns of a Warmer World

    In the mid-19th century, the Isle Derniere was emerging as an exclusive summer resort near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. About 100 miles from New Orleans, it attracted the most prominent members of antebellum Louisiana society. Without warning, on Aug. 10, 1856, a ferocious hurricane swept across the island, killing half of its 400 inhabitants. Sallenger traces the link between the environmental ...

    • Contributor: Sallenger, Abby
    • Date: 2010-03-16
  • Film, Video

    Contemporary Significance of Confucianism: Afternoon Session

    Is a philosophical system born in China 2,500 years ago still relevant in the 21st century? A panel of scholars attempted to answer this question in a symposium titled "The Contemporary Significance of Confucianism" Sponsored jointly by the Library of Congress and the University of Maryland, the conference included remarks by Hwa-Wei Lee, director of the Library's Asian Division; Chuan-sheng Liu, director of the ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2008-01-24
  • Film, Video

    Deft, Daring and Delightful: Mystery Writers Discuss Their Craft

    Five popular mystery writers discussed the art of writing mysteries during a panel discussion sponsored by the Humanities and Social Sciences Division for the eighth annual Judith P. Austin memorial lecture. The Humanities and Social Sciences Division established and sponsors this lecture series as a tribute to Judith Austin and her many years of service to the Library of Congress. She served as head ...

    • Date: 2006-04-24
  • Film, Video

    Manuscripts Behind the Scenes

    The stacks of the Library of Congress's Manuscript Division are the greatest repository of personal papers documenting the nation's political and cultural development--but because their holdings are unique and irreplaceable, the stacks are also closed to visitors and even to scholars. In this Webcast, Marvin Kranz, guides gives a personal tour of the manuscript stacks, highlighting some of their most remarkable holdings and offering ...

    • Contributor: Kranz, Marvin
    • Date: 2006-08-01
  • Film, Video

    Avoiding the Fate of the Mayans

    The Maya civilization, at its peak, was one of the most densely populated and culturally dynamic societies in the world. But after flourishing for a thousand years, it abruptly disappeared. Thanks to Landsat satellite data and climate models, NASA archaeologist Tom Sever has gained insights into the event known as the Maya Collapse. His findings can inform our lives today. The presentation, the second ...

    • Contributor: Sever, Tom
    • Date: 2008-05-06