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    [Lancaster, Pa., high school] Shows boys and girls going out the door and down the steps of a high school building in Lancaster, Pa. The boys come out first, led by a man, probably a teacher, holding a young boy's hand. The boys wear suits, and a few carry books or instrument cases. The girls, wearing long dresses and broad-brimmed hats, follow the boys. The last person to ...
    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Kleine (George) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 190?
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    Kwame Alexander on Literacy Kwame Alexander addresses the importance of literacy at the 2016 Library of Congress National Book Festival.
    • Contributor: Alexander , Kwame
    • Date: 2016-09-24
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    The Unlikely Rebel
    • Contributor: Ruth, Janice
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    Gerdan, Kaleidoscope of World Music Gerdan, which means "necklace" in Ukrainian, combines the inspired musicianship of Andrei Pidkivka (flutes of the world), Solomia Gorokhivska (violin) and Kalin Kirilov to present musical traditions of Ukraine.
    • Date: 2014-05-22
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    The good sport A domestic comedy about a wealthy young woman whose poor inventor husband becomes rich when he perfects the first elevator that ever stopped even without a floor.
    • Contributor: Eaton, Jack - Flagg, James Montgomery - Fair, Florence - Brown, Arthur William - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - George Kleine (Firm) - Kleine (George) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1918
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    Magna Carta's Legacy: Senator Orrin Hatch U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch discusses the legacy of Magna Carta in the United States.
    • Contributor: Hatch, Orrin
    • Date: 2014-12-05
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    The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Violence & the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan Kluge Fellow Sarah Cameron analyzes a little-known episode of Stalinist social engineering, the Kazakh famine of 1930-33, which led to the death of more than 1.5 million people, a quarter of Soviet Kazakhstan's population. Using memoirs, oral history accounts, and archival documents, she explores the stories of those who lived through the famine, asking how this crisis reshaped Soviet Kazakhstan and what it meant ...
    • Contributor: Cameron, Sarah
    • Date: 2016-10-20
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    The chimney sweep and the miller
    Good scrap the sweep & miller | Sweep & miller
    Filming of a popular vaudeville gag. Opens on a stage with a painted backdrop of a lake and forest. From opposite sides of the stage enter a chimney sweep, covered from head to toe with black soot and carrying a folding broom and black sack, and a miller, dressed completely in white and carrying a white sack. The two men bump into each other ...
    • Contributor: Marvin, Arthur W. - American Mutoscope and Biograph Company - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) - Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1902
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    Mexicans and Americans: Cracking the Cultural Code International business executive and cultural analyst Ned Crouch discusses how Mexicans and Americans live and work together, and how this will be the big cultural story in North America in the 21st century.
    • Contributor: Crouch, Ned
    • Date: 2005-02-14
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    Jewish Life in Mr. Lincoln's City Laura Cohen Apelbaum and Wendy Turman spoke about and showed a power point presentation on the new exhibit at the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington on "Jewish Life in Mr. Lincoln's City."
    • Date: 2009-05-19
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    Literatura de Cordel: Continuity and Change in Brazilian Popular Literature (Day 2, morning) Literatura de cordel, literally "string literature," refers to small popular books or chapbooks, predominantly from northeastern Brazil. They were often suspended from cords or strings, hung across marketplace stalls belonging to local poets during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today, cordel chapbooks are still sold and performed on street corners and in markets throughout Brazil, but are more readily circulated through the Internet. ...
    • Contributor: Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace ... Various - Chesnut, R. Andrew - Curran, Mark J. - Gambliel, Maria Carmen - Maia, Manuela - Marks, Morton - McCann, Bryan - Morris, Valda - Silva, Gonçalo Ferreira Da - Slater, Candace - Soares, Marli Gomes - Williams, Gayle Ann - American Folklife Center - Library of Congress. Hispanic Division - Brazil. Embaixada (U.S.) - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2011-09-27
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    Magical Momentos
    • Contributor: Dimunation, Mark
  • Film, Video
    Tim Tingle: 2014 National Book Festival Tim Tingle appears at the 2014 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.
    • Contributor: Tingle, Tim
    • Date: 2014-08-30
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    The Persian Traditional Music Golha Project This illustrated lecture revealed the background and importance of Golha radio programs which were broadcast in Iran from 1956 through 1978. Jane Lewisohn discussed the artistic, literary and social significance of preserving and promoting Persian literature and music in general.
    • Contributor: Lewisohn, Jane
    • Date: 2012-05-16
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    Train taking up mail bag, U.S.P.O. The subject of this Postal Department documentary is "snatching" the mail bag from the suspended post by the railroad mail clerk. As the film begins, a man climbs the steps leading to the device that suspends the mail bag in the air. A train can be seen in the distance approcaching the mail bag. At the end of the film, the mail bag is ...
    • Contributor: Weed, A. E. - American Mutoscope and Biograph Company - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1903
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    [Gertie on tour--excerpts]
    Fragments from Gertie on tour
    Gertie is a dinosaur who lives in present times. She encounters a train and dreams of being the life of the party in her time.
    • Contributor: McCay, Winsor - McCay, John - Fitzsimmons, John A. - Rialto Productions - Afi/Cinémathèque Canadienne Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 1921
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    Geography & Domestic Recreation in Early Modern Europe This lecture explores how world geography shifted from professional knowledge to general interest in 17th- and 18th-century Europe, looking in particular at domestic activities designed to encourage the collection and memorization of geography by non-professionals, including coloring maps and botanical texts and recipes for colors; interactive prints and games; and geographic memorization cards. Beyond an educational pastime, these activities neatly divided the globe into ...
    • Contributor: Stillo, Stephanie
    • Date: 2013-10-28
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    Unite Our Voices by Speaking Together Roswell Encina gave the keynote address for the Library's celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
    • Contributor: Encina, Roswell
    • Date: 2017-05-11
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    2014 Michael Denker Fellows Presentations The 2014 Michael Denker Fellows from the American Printing History Association's Chesapeake Chapter gave presentations on their printing history and book arts projects. Speakers included Mark Dimunation, Casey Smith, George Barnum, Jihae Kwon, Travis Boatwright, Amy Nichols, Kevin Wisniewski and Sarah Matthews.
    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2014-11-05
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    Civil Rights Act Exhibition Opening Program The opening ceremony of the Library exhibition, "The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom," which explores the events that shaped the civil rights movement, as well as the far-reaching impact the act had on a changing society. The act is considered the most significant piece of civil rights legislation since Reconstruction. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ...
    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2014-09-09
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    DPLAfest 2016: Free for All - The Story of NYPL's Public Domain Drop On January 6, 2016, the New York Public Library made out-of-copyright materials in NYPL Digital Collections available as high-resolution downloads, with no permission required and no restrictions on use. Presenters shared the story of the release, including strategic, tactical, and impact design decisions and how it's been received so far.
    • Date: 2016-04-14
  • Film, Video
    Daniel Mark Epstein on Walt Whitman's "The Death of Lincoln" The Library of Congress presented an evening concert and a dramatic reading of Walt Whitman's historic lecture on the "Death of Lincoln." Daniel Mark Epstein, author of "Lincoln and Whitman: Parallel Lives in Civil War Washington" (Ballantine Books, 2004), offered a complete reading of Whitman's tribute to the assassinated president. Whitman first delivered the "Death of Lincoln" lecture at Steck Hall in New York ...
    • Contributor: Epstein, Daniel Mark
    • Date: 2005-04-14
  • Collection
    Cultural Heritage Archives Symposium Session 4 The Cultural Heritage Archives symposium aimed to energize the discussion of ethnographic archival thought and practice by presenting fresh and dynamic strategies for contemporary archival realities. This segment includes a keynote address by Sita Reddy (Smithsonian Institution) and a panel session on forging archival collaborations and alliances. Speakers included Catherine H. Kerst, Timothy Lloyd, Peter B. Kaufman, Timothy B. Powell, Anna Fariello, Karen Jefferson, ...
    • Contributor: Various - Bell, Danna C. - Boyd, Douglas A. - Giarlo, Michael J. - Lloyd, Timothy Charles - Meyers, Melanie J. - O'neal, Jennifer R. - Reddy, Sita - Weiss, Steve - American Folklife Center - United States. Embassy (Kyrgyzstan) - American Folklore Society. Archives and Libraries Section - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
    • Date: 2013-09-27
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    Defining Enslavement: Literary Depictions of Slaveries in Early 18th Century Britain This talk examines the mulitple depictions and the many forms of enslavement presented to the British reading public in the early part of the 18th century. Though "slavery" came to refer most commonly to transatlantic African slavery by the end of the century, in the beginning of the century the term had a far broader meaning. Slavery could be spiritual as well as physical ...
    • Contributor: Swaminathan, Srividhya
    • Date: 2009-05-07
  • Collection
    Spyros Koliavasilis & Karpouzi Trio: Music from Greece & Asia Minor The Karpouzi Trio plays music on traditional instruments from the Greek mainland and islands. The band loves to play for dance parties and community celebrations, and always, even in concerts, invites the audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Karpouzi members are Spyros Koliavasilis (vocals, oud, and the Cappadocian lyra or kemane), Margaret Loomis (santouri), and Len Newman (laouto).
    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2014-05-07