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    Walt Whitman, Rural New Yorker

    Kluge fellow Karen Karbiener delivers a lecture entitled "Walt Whitman, Rural New Yorker." A boy from rural Long Island moves to Brooklyn and, without money or mentorship, conceives, writes, and self-publishes America's declaration of cultural independence. This story remains one of the great mysteries of American literary scholarship. How did Walter Whitman - grammar school dropout and second son of a farmer-turned-carpenter - become ...

    • Contributor: Karbiener, Karen
    • Date: 2010-06-24
  • Film, Video

    Concert: Daniel Müller-Schott, Cello & Simon Trpčeski, Piano

    Cellist Daniel Müller-Schott and pianist Simon Trpčeski perform Beethoven's Sonata in C major, op. 102, no. 1, Brahms' Sonata in F major, op. 99, and Chopin's Sonata in G minor, op .65.

    • Date: 2014-04-24
  • Film, Video

    Vivian Ann Davidson Hewitt: The One and Only

    Vivian Ann Davidson Hewitt, who, among other achievements, was the first African-American president of the Special Libraries Association (1978-1979), has written an autobiographical history of her remarkable life, called "The One and Only."

    • Contributor: Hewitt, Vivian Ann Davidson
    • Date: 2011-05-23
  • Film, Video

    Ruze Dalmatinke Traditional Croatian Singing from Washington ...

    Ruze Dalmatinke of Seattle, Washington presents traditional Croatian songs. Founded by sisters Binki Franulovic Spahi and Alma Franulovic Plancich who immigrated to the U.S. with their family after World War II, the group origianally sprang from their desire to preserve the songs of their native Dalmatia, but their repertoire has since expanded to include songs from throughout Croatia. Special guests Croatian Ambassador Josko Paro ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2012-07-18
  • Film, Video

    X.J. Kennedy

    • Contributor: Kennedy, X.J.
    • Date: 2003-10-04
  • Film, Video

    Haynes Johnson: 2009 National Book Festival

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Haynes Johnson appears at the National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Johnson, Haynes
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Film, Video

    Octavio Paz Symposium

    Octavio Paz (1914-1998) was a world-famous poet, writer and essayist. His writing, which garnered him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990, has been characterized as impassioned and marked with sensuous intelligence and humanistic integrity. A two-hour symposium, "A Tribute to Octavio Paz," was sponsored by the Library's Hispanic Division and the Poetry Office, in cooperation with the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, D.C. ...

    • Date: 2008-05-23
  • Film, Video

    A Tribute to the Life & Legacy of Hon. Reynaldo Garza, Juris...

    Rep. Filemon B. Vela Jr. pays tribute to the life and legacy of Reynaldo Garza, the first Mexican-American appointed to a federal court. Other speakers included Mariel Buffington and Librarian of Congress James H. Billington.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2014-09-15
  • Film, Video

    The Rise of a New Magna Carta for Early Modern England & Colo...

    Scholars, historians and contemporary thinkers discuss how Magna Carta's political and legal traditions have carried into our current times at this symposium, Conversations on the Enduring Legacy of the Great Charter, held in conjunction with the Library's exhibition, "Magna Carta: Muse and Mentor." Speakers included law professors John Witte Jr. and Alonzo L. McDonald.

    • Contributor: Various Speakers
    • Date: 2014-12-09
  • Film, Video

    Stevie Wonder Discusses Library Commission "Sketches of a Life"

    Stevie Wonder talks to Norman Middleton of the Library's Music Division about his new Library of Congress commission, "Sketches of a Life," and his thoughts about composition and music.

    • Contributor: Wonder, Stevie
    • Date: 2009-02-24
  • Film, Video

    China's Role in Global Clean Energy Technology Development

    Joanna Lewis discussed China's role in developing clean energy technology.

    • Contributor: Lewis, Joanna
    • Date: 2015-10-27
  • Film, Video

    Ann Yao Trio Traditional Chinese Zheng Music from Florida

    videorecording | 1 videorecording; 70 min. | Homegrown Concert Series. (Source). July 27, 2011. (Date). Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Yao, Ann - Chen, Yihan - Wang, Guowei
    • Date: 2011
  • Film, Video

    Strickland v. Washington Conference: Panel III

    The Law Library and the Constitution Project cosponsored a day-long conference on the right to the effective assistance of counsel and, in particular, the case of Strickland v. Washington. This panel explored "Promises for Justice: Federal and State Reforms to Protect the Right to the Effective Assistance of Counsel." The panelists included prominent district and state attorneys, appellate judges, law professors and experts from ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2007-11-07
  • Film, Video

    Health Risks of Atomic Bomb Exposure

    Human geneticist William Jack Schull outlines the health effects of exposure to atomic bomb radiation.

    • Contributor: Schull, William Jack
    • Date: 2011-04-05
  • Film, Video

    King Albert of Belgium visits TR's grave, October, 1919 /

    King Albert visits Theodore Roosevelt's grave in Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, and is accompanied by his son Prince Leopold, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and several dignitaries. Identified in film are Brand Whitlock, Ambassador to Belgium, walking in the rear of the group, and a man who may be Joseph M. Nye walking beside King Albert. Interior title states that King Albert requested that no ...

    • Contributor: Albert I - Léopold III - Roosevelt, Theodore - Whitlock, Brand - Nye, Joseph M. - Fox Film Corporation - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1919
  • Film, Video

    Close view of the "Brooklyn," naval parade

    Commodore Winfield Scott Schley's flagship, "Brooklyn" is seen at close range, showing shot hole in the middle of funnel, near deck. She flies a frayed and tattered battle flag. The entire length of the ship is seen.

    • Contributor: White, James H. (james Henry) - Blackton, James Stuart - Smith, Albert E. (albert Edward) - American Vitagraph Company - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress) - Niver (kemp) Collection (library of Congress) - Smith, Albert E.
    • Date: 1898
  • Film, Video

    Capture of trenches at Candaba /

    From Edison films catalog: The Filipinos execute a flank movement and re-occupy the trenches, cutting off the advance guard of Americans. The rebel flag waves over the ditch and they defend their position bravely. A fierce charge by our soldiers makes them give way and they scatter in all directions. The officer in command pays dearly for his desperate sortie. Just as his horse ...

    • Contributor: White, James H. (james Henry) - New Jersey. National Guard - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1899
  • Film, Video

    D.C. Councilman David Catania Keynotes Library LGBT Month

    The Library of Congress celebrated the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans with a keynote address by Washington D.C. Councilman (At-Large) David Catania and the launch of a new LGBT webpage.

    • Contributor: Catania, David
    • Date: 2010-06-09
  • Film, Video

    We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust

    Ellen Cassedy discusses her new book, "We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust."

    • Contributor: Cassedy, Ellen
    • Date: 2012-11-28
  • Collection

    Negrura Peruana

    Negrura Peruana perform Afro-Peruvian music and dance from Connecticut, another in the Homegrown 2005 Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.

    • Contributor: Peruana, Negrura
    • Date: 2005-10-12
  • Film, Video

    Millicent Fenwick: Her Way

    The first biography about former congresswoman and U.N. ambassador Millicent Fenwick was featured in a presentation.

    • Contributor: Shapiro, Amy
    • Date: 2003-04-01
  • Film, Video

    Herding horses across a river /

    Approximately forty horses can be seen in the distance across a river. They are being driven into the water by men on horseback. The horses approach the camera position as they ford the river. The film ends as the horses are seen passing the camera and being herded by five men on horseback.

    • Contributor: Abadie, Alfred C. (alfred Camille) - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1904
  • Film, Video

    Poet Laureate Billy Collins

    Billy Collins, the Library's newly named Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry for 2001-2002, opened this year's evening literary series with a reading from his work.

    • Contributor: Collins, Billy
    • Date: 2001-12-06
  • Film, Video

    Robert G. Clark, Jr., oral history interview conducted by Joh...

    Robert G. Clark, Jr., describes the early life experiences that led up to his successful campaign for political office in the Mississippi Legislature, where he became the first African American elected since Reconstruction. He discusses his childhood in Pickens, Mississippi, and he describes the family farm that he now owns, his relationship to his family, and the expectations that they had of him to ...

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (u.s.) - Dittmer, John - Clark, Robert George
    • Date: 2013-03-13

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  • Film, Video

    Pearl Harbor Oral Histories

    Ann Hoog discusses After the Day of Infamy: 'Man-on-the-Street' Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

    • Contributor: Hoog, Ann
    • Date: 2004-06-08
  • Film, Video

    Bernstein Meets Broadway

    The composer Leonard Bernstein once wrote that his now-famous "West Side Story" of 1957 included a plea for racial tolerance as materials reveal in the Bernstein Collection in the Music Division of the Library of Congress. This lecture traces Bernstein's composer-activism back to "On the Town" of 1944, which was his first Broadway show and grew out of a fruitful collaboration with Betty Comden, ...

    • Contributor: Oja , Carol J.
    • Date: 2011-02-07
  • Film, Video

    Blind Boys of Alabama I

    Fresh from their Grammy win, the Blind Boys of Alabama present a free, lunchtime gospel concert on the steps of the Library of Congress.

    • Contributor: Blind Boys of Alabama
    • Date: 2002-06-05
  • Film, Video

    David Rice

    David Rice speaks at the 2004 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Rice, David
    • Date: 2004-10-09
  • Film, Video

    Blackness in the White Nation: A History of Afro-Uruguay

    George Reid Andrews discusses his new book "Blackness in the White Nation: A History of Afro-Uruguay."

    • Contributor: Andrews, George Reid
    • Date: 2010-11-01
  • Film, Video

    After launching /

    "Taken near the Union Works, San Francisco, Cal., immediately after the launching of the Japanese Man-of-war "Chitose." The scene opens with the pleasure yacht "Unadilla" passing in the immediate foreground, her decks loaded with passengers. The boat slowly passes, until the stern is directly to the audience. The water in the wake of the yacht is churned by her screw propeller into a milky ...

    • Contributor: White, James H. (james Henry) - Blechynden, Frederick - Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress) - Niver (kemp) Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1898
  • Film, Video

    A Celebration of Carl Sagan

    Librarian of Congress James H. Billington was joined by Emmy Award-winner Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan, the longtime collaborator and widow of astrobiologist Carl Sagan, to celebrate the official opening of the Seth MacFarlane Collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Archive to the public at the Library of Congress.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2013-11-12
  • Film, Video

    Entreviste a un veterano para la Biblioteca del Congreso, Pro...

    Haga su parte: entrevistar a un veterano de Estados Unidos en su comunidad y presentar su audio o vídeo de la entrevista a la Biblioteca del Congreso, Proyecto de Historia de Veteranos.

    • Contributor: Narrator
    • Date: 2015-09-01
  • Film, Video

    Interview with Yasman Williams, Naples, Italy, November 16, 2001

    • Contributor: George, Scott Edward - Williams, Yasman
    • Date: 2001-11-16
  • Film, Video

    Jane Smiley: 2015 National Book Festival

    Jane Smiley and NPR's Lynn Neary discuss "Some Luck" at the 2015 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Smiley , Jane
    • Date: 2015-09-05
  • Film, Video

    Jim Cramer: 2006 National Book Festival

    Jim Cramer speaks at the 2006 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Cramer, Jim
    • Date: 2006-09-30
  • Film, Video

    Cancer, Magnets & Heat

    Nanotechnology is a frontier in science, engineering, and manufacturing that offers new potential for medical diagnosis and therapy. Our understanding of materials at the atomic level has advanced tremendously in recent years, prompting research to produce virus-sized platforms that promise to revolutionize medical imaging, drug delivery, and therapy. The anti-cancer benefits of heat therapy have been recognized for over 2,000 years. Heat is a ...

    • Contributor: Ivkov, Robert
    • Date: 2014-03-06
  • Film, Video

    Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: 2013 National Book Festival

    Phyllis Reynolds Naylor appears at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
    • Date: 2013-09-21
  • Film, Video

    The Jewish Reception of Copernican Thought

    In his book, "New Heavens and a New Earth: The Jewish Reception of Copernican Thought," Jeremy Brown describes the long history of the very Jewish responses to Copernicus's sun-centered system where the moving earth was viewed by many as conflicting with the tenants of the Jewish faith.

    • Contributor: Brown, Jeremy
    • Date: 2013-09-17
  • Film, Video

    David Wiesner: Book Fest 07

    David Wiesner in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Wiesner, David
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Film, Video

    Panorama exterior Westinghouse works /

    The view from a moving train shows some of the Westinghouse interests and the surrounding areas. It appears that the film is in two parts and has been incorrectly spliced together with the last part put first. The film is supposed to show one rail route, but maps indicate that the first part of the film logically should be placed last. The first part ...

    • Contributor: Bitzer, G. W. - American Mutoscope and Biograph Company - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1904
  • Film, Video

    Dignity of the Human Person

    What is "human dignity"? How important is it? What is its origin? Six distinguished scholars, in an informal conversation, probe the meaning of human dignity from a variety of historical, philosophical, religious, medical and social perspectives.

    • Date: 2011-04-26
  • Film, Video

    Sara Paretsky: 2011 National Book Festival

    Mystery writer Sara Paretsky appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Paretsky, Sara
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • Film, Video

    Marie Arana delivers the 2008 Hispanic Heritage Month keynote...

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, editor and author Marie Arana delivered the keynote address for the Library's celebration. This year's celebration, which runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, had a theme of "Getting Involved: Our Families, Our Community, Our Nation."

    • Contributor: Arana, Marie
    • Date: 2008-09-18
  • Film, Video

    Robert McClary oral history interview conducted by Hasan Kwam...

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (u.s.) - Jeffries, Hasan Kwame - McClary, Robert
    • Date: 2013-03-09

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  • Film, Video

    Reverence for Life 5: Jacqueline Gautier & Henry Perry

    Jacqueline Gautier discussed "Tropical Medicine and Infrastructure Development: A Success Story" and Henry Perry discussed "Contemporary Accomplishments of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital" at this symposium on the history of the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in the Artibonite Valley of Haiti.

    • Date: 2002-05-22
  • Film, Video

    Aeronautics at the Library of Congress: Forty Years of One Us...

    A nationally known aviation historian and biographer of the Wright brothers, Tom Crouch has been mining the treasures of the Library of Congress for more than four decades. Crouch discussed the Library of Congress collections, and his many hours searching through materials, in a lecture titled "Aeronautics at the Library of Congress: Forty Years of One User's Experience" in a program sponsored by the ...

    • Contributor: Crouch, Tom
    • Date: 2007-10-24
  • Collection

    Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

    Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver perform bluegrass and gospel music from Tennessee, another in the Homegrown Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center.

    • Contributor: Lawson, Doyle - Daley, Katy - Quicksilver (musical Group) - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (library of Congress) - John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (u.s.). Millennium Stage - Wamu-Fm (radio Station : Washington, D.C.)
    • Date: 2006-09-13
  • Film, Video

    Teacher Resource: More Reference Services at the Library of C...

    Discover reference services from the Library of Congress.

    • Date: 2016-05-01
  • Film, Video

    Tchaikovsky & Taneyev: Mentor and Protege

    Set within the artistic milieu of the last decades of Imperial Russia, this presentation traces the lives and careers of two of that country's most influential composers: Petr Il'ich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), and his student Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev (1856-1915) -- the former having enjoyed a worldwide celebrity during his lifetime, and the latter's reputation having been eclipsed to some degree by his more famous mentor, ...

    • Contributor: Lavine, Kevin
    • Date: 2011-05-13
  • Film, Video

    Independent Comix Art & Mini-Comix: Dean Haspiel & the Small ...

    A discussion by comics creator Dean Haspiel on the new Small Press Expo (SPX) collection of the Serial & Government Publications Division. The collection of mini-comics -- "small in size but impressive in cultural impact" -- will contain, among other worthy selections, past and future Ignatz Award nominated works.

    • Date: 2012-09-14
  • Film, Video

    "Oh No, It's Monday, and I've Run Out of Ideas": A Cartoonist...

    Nicole Hollander, creator of the lively comic strip "Sylvia," humorously addressed the challenges of staying creative, based on her own artistic career and life.

    • Contributor: Hollander, Nicole
    • Date: 2004-03-15
  • Film, Video

    Ben Payton and the Thundering Harps

    Ben Payton and the Thundering Harps perform Delta blues at the Library of Congress, May 25, 2011. videorecording | videorecording ; 66 | Homegrown Concert Series. (Source). May 25, 2011. (Date). Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Payton, Ben Wiley - Thundering Harps (musical Group)
    • Date: 2011
  • Film, Video

    Asian-American Poetry Today

    Filipino-American poet Eileen Tabios reads from her work, followed by a moderated discussion.

    • Contributor: Tabios, Eileen
    • Date: 2011-10-24
  • Collection

    The Two Worlds of the Pennsylvania Dutch

    The Pennsylvania Dutch culture, which is now over three centuries old and still evolving, is an American hybrid creation put together from Continental Europe, British Isles, and American building blocks in Southeastern Pennsylvania. While this culture is a unit linguistically, and in most other ways, it is divided down the middle by religion. The "two worlds" are those of the "Plain Dutch"--Amish, Mennonites, and ...

    • Contributor: Yoder, Don
    • Date: 2011-05-05
  • Film, Video

    Joyce Carol Oates: Book Fest 07

    Joyce Carol Oates in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Oates, Joyce Carol
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Film, Video

    James Baker: Foreign Policy and International Relations

    Former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III, who recently served as co-chair of the Iraq Study Group, delivered the fifth Kissinger Lecture on Foreign Policy and International Relations in a program sponsored by the John W. Kluge Center. An endowment was established in 1999 by friends and colleagues of former Secretary of State Kissinger to support an annual appointment to the Henry ...

    • Contributor: Baker, James
    • Date: 2007-02-27
  • Film, Video

    Vietnam Veterans Collections Initiative Kick-off

    Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET/PBS), Senator Chuck Hagel and his brother, Professor Tom Hagel, donate hours of original interview and related materials to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. This event kicked-off the Veterans History Project's Vietnam Veterans Collections Initiative.

    • Date: 2011-12-07
  • Film, Video

    Terrorism in Cyberspace: The Next Generation

    Analyst and renowned terrorism expert Gabriel Weimann discussed his new book "Terrorism in Cyberspace: The Next Generation." Weimann has been in the forefront of tracking terrorist movements online since the late 1990s. His recent research has brought attention to the fastest emerging form of terrorism, the "lone wolf," a person who commits acts in support of some group, movement or ideology, but does so ...

    • Contributor: Weimann, Gabriel
    • Date: 2014-04-01
  • Film, Video

    The History of Education in Ethiopia with Special Emphasis on...

    Dr. Aklilu Habte discusses the history of higher education in Ethiopia.

    • Contributor: Habte, Aklilu
    • Date: 2010-10-26
  • Film, Video

    Maria Celeste Arrarás: Book Fest 07

    Maria Celeste Arrarás in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Arrar&aacute - S, Maria Celeste
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Film, Video

    In Celebration of El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros

    Meg Medina presents her book "Tia Isa Wants a Car" (in Spanish and English) to elementary children from Washington, D.C. bi-lingual and Spanish immersion schools at the Young Readers Center for El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros (Children's Day/Book Day).

    • Contributor: Medina, Meg
    • Date: 2014-04-30
  • Film, Video

    CIP & ONIX: The Future of Bibliographic Control?

    Karl Debus-López presents background information on the Cataloging in Publication Program as it enters its fortieth year. He reviews new developments that position the program to meet an objective of the "On the Record" report to provide enhanced access to information through greater use of publisher supplied data and subject terminology. He also discusses new developments in the Electronic Cataloging in Publication Cataloging Partnership ...

    • Date: 2010-09-14
  • Film, Video

    Corey Olsen: 2012 National Book Festival

    Corey Olsen discusses J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Olsen, Corey
    • Date: 2012-09-23
  • Film, Video

    American field guide

    Video clips with accompanying text and narrations related to U.S. animals, plants, ecosystems, and other nature and environment topics.

    • Date: 2003
  • Film, Video

    Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Birth of Black Holes

    Dr. Neil Gehrels discusses "Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Birth of Black Holes" as part of the Library's series in conjunction with NASA.

    • Contributor: Gehrels, Neil
    • Date: 2011-02-16
  • Film, Video

    How Do Flowers Kill? - The Japanese Emperor and Modern Dictators

    Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, an expert on symbols of Japanese identity, compares the representations of the Meiji emperor of Japan with those of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler in a lecture titled "How Do Flowers Kill? -- The Japanese Emperor and Modern Dictators." Using examples from modern Japan, Germany and the Soviet Union, Ohnuki-Tierney explores how different traditions use symbols in creating and expressing political, religious, and ...

    • Contributor: Ohnuki-Tierney, Emiko
    • Date: 2009-06-18
  • Film, Video

    Students Interview Author Tonya Bolden: History Benefits Us A...

    Washington D.C. high school students meet award winning author Tonya Bolden to discuss the research and writing process around her book "Capital Days: Michael Shiner's Journal and the Growth of Our Nation's Capital" (Part 3 of 3).

    • Date: 2015-06-16
  • Film, Video

    Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption

    William Cope Moyers spiraled into a crack-cocaine binge that threatened to destroy his life. After multiple attempts at rehabilitation, Moyers was finally able to recover from his addiction and make sobriety the center of his life. Moyers discussed his story.

    • Contributor: Moyers, William Cope
    • Date: 2010-09-28
  • Film, Video

    Jennifer L. Holm: Book Fest 07

    Jennifer L. Holm in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Holm, Jennifer L.
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Film, Video

    2011 Junior Fellows Display

    The Junior Fellows program is profiled and the findings of the 2011 class of fellows are featured.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2011-07-28
  • Film, Video

    Breakfast: 2011 National Book Festival

    Several authors speak at the kick-off breakfast for the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • Film, Video

    Library of Congress Landscape Renovation

    The planting beds in the front of the Madison Building were completely redesigned in the Spring of 2006. The updated design was a collaborative effort of three institutions. Matthew Evans, senior landscape architect of the United States Capitol created the design, Holly H. Shimizu, executive director of the United States Botanic Garden selected the plants and Carl Morgan, gardener supervisor at the Library of ...

    • Date: 2006-05-23
  • Film, Video

    Irving Fine Fantasia for String Trio III. Lento assai tranqui...

    Pulitzer-winning composer Richard Wernick conducts a Master Class on the music of American composer Irving Fine to students from the Peabody Preparatory Performance Academy for Strings. This episode focuses on the third movement of the Fantasia for string trio. Produced in conjunction with the Library of Congress Irving Fine Centennial Festival.

    • Contributor: Wernick, Richard
    • Date: 2012-11-10
  • Film, Video

    Sharon Draper: 2006 National Book Festival

    Sharon Draper speaks at the 2006 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Draper, Sharon
    • Date: 2006-09-30
  • Film, Video

    Mo Willems: 2009 National Book Festival

    Children's author and illustrator Mo Willems appears at the National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Willems, Mo
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Film, Video

    W. Ralph Eubanks: 2009 National Book Festival

    Nonfiction author W. Ralph Eubanks appears at the National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Eubanks, W. Ralph
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Film, Video

    Palestinian Comtemporary Arts, Trends, and Thematics

    Adila Laidi-Hanieh of George Mason University presents "Palestinian Contemporary Arts, Trends and Thematics: Cultural, Social and Historical Influences."

    • Contributor: Laidi-Hanieh, Adila
    • Date: 2010-06-17
  • Film, Video

    Visualizing the Nation's Capital (Day 1-Afternoon)

    This conference showcases the unparalleled cartographic collections at the Library of Congress and engage a wide array of experts in exploring how Washington has evolved over 200 years. Speakers include James H. Billington, George Tobolowsky, Ralph Ehrenberg, Richard Stephenson, Ronald Grim, Edward Redmond, Patrick O'Neill, William Stanley, Chas Langelan, Don Alexander Hawkins, Charlene Drew Jarvis, Timothy Davis, Iris Miller, Gail Lowe, Douglas Richardson and ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2012-05-18
  • Film, Video

    Justin Torres: 2012 National Book Festival

    Justin Torres appears at the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Torres, Justin
    • Date: 2012-09-23
  • Film, Video

    Uncle Josh in a spooky hotel /

    From Edison films catalog: The landlord enters with his rural guest. After examining the bed and other things in the room, Josh takes a seat beside the landlord, who tells him that there is a rumor that a ghost appears in that room every night at 12 o'clock. The ghost then appears mysteriously and hits Josh a slap on the cheek. Thinking it was ...

    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1900
  • Film, Video

    Mary Karr: 2006 National Book Festival

    Mary Karr speaks at the 2006 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Karr, Mary
    • Date: 2006-09-30
  • Film, Video

    Conservation Education: Commemorating Library Conservation Ed...

    In 1992, when Columbia's School of Library Service closed, the conservation and preservation program moved to the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). In the past 30 years, alumni of the programs at Columbia and UT Austin have led preservation departments and conserved library and archive collections across the nation, bringing their unique combination of library science and preservation/conservation knowledge to bear upon ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Date: 2011-11-15
  • Film, Video

    The Making of Soviet Central Asia, 1917-1932

    Adeeb Khalid discusses the transformation of culture and identity in Central Asia during the early years of Soviet rule and how the transformations in culture came not from Moscow, but from the Central Asian people themselves and how their new identity fostered a growing modernity that shaped the region as it is today.

    • Contributor: Khalid, Adeeb
    • Date: 2011-05-05
  • Film, Video

    Archiving Email: Policy & Guidelines Development Perspective ...

    As part of a symposium on archiving email, presenters discuss the policy and guidelines development perspective and explore a cross-pollination of perspectives of how private, public and state government institutions are managing email to not only maximize long-term research value but also to comply with technical, legal, access and intellectual policy issues in processing email archives.

    • Date: 2015-06-02
  • Film, Video

    Ensemble Caprice

    Ensemble Caprice conjures the fascinating musical dialogue between the Old and New Worlds, an exchange that produced a vibrant fusion of European harmonies and melodies blended with Latin, African, and Amerindian nuances. Performed on flutes and recorders, baroque guitar, cello and a wealth of percussion, these colorful works feature texts in Spanish, Italian, French, and Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.

    • Contributor: Various Performers
    • Date: 2014-11-21
  • Film, Video

    Exquisite Corpse Adventure: 2010 National Book Festival

    Authors of this serialized story talk about their own books as well as writing the "Exquisite Corpse Adventure."

    • Date: 2010-09-25
  • Film, Video

    Phillip M. Hoose: 2015 National Book Festival

    Phillip M. Hoose discusses "The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and The Churchill Club" at the 2015 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Hoose, Phillip M.
    • Date: 2015-09-05
  • Film, Video

    Alice McDermott: 2014 National Book Festival

    Alice McDermott appears at the 2014 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: McDermott, Alice
    • Date: 2014-08-30
  • Film, Video

    Maria Schneider Orchestra

    In this concert, award-winning composer and bandleader Maria Schneider conducts her 17-member orchestra made up of many of the finest jazz musicians performing today. She unveils her new Library of Congress commission, "Data Lords," created through the support of the Reva and David Logan Foundation, in memory of David Logan.

    • Date: 2016-04-16
  • Film, Video

    Meg Cabot: Book Fest 05

    Author Meg Cabot at the 2005 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Cabot, Meg
    • Date: 2005-09-24
  • Film, Video

    Pre-Concert Conversation with Jefferson Friedman

    Jefferson Friedman and members of the Chiara String Quartet discuss Friedman's Library of Congress commission. The Chiara String Quartet is renowned for innovative approaches to chamber music masterworks and a commitment to new compositions for string quartet.

    • Contributor: Friedman, Jefferson
    • Date: 2014-12-05
  • Film, Video

    Aztecs & Allegory: The Baroque in Colonial Mexico

    As part of part of a symposium on colonial intersections organized by the University of Maryland cosponsored by the Library, Rolena Adorno discusses the baroque in colonial Mexico.

    • Contributor: Adorno, Rolena
    • Date: 2012-10-12
  • Film, Video

    Retreat from Armageddon? Khrushchev, Kennedy, Johnson and the...

    Melvyn P. Leffler, Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations in the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, presented a lecture titled "Retreat from Armageddon? Khrushchev, Kennedy, Johnson and the Elusive ...

    • Contributor: Leffler, Melvyn
    • Date: 2005-11-10
  • Film, Video

    Michael Beschloss: Book Fest 07

    Historian Michael Beschloss in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Beschloss, Michael
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Film, Video

    Recent Research on Daguerreotypes at George Eastman House

    The 2005 George Eastman House exhibition, "Young America, the Daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes," launched a research collaboration among Eastman House conservators, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, focused on these fragile early photographs. The research has encouraged the Mellon Foundation to support efforts to standardize and share common examination methods, develop image-based condition databases, and establish a ...

    • Date: 2008-10-23
  • Film, Video

    Rodgers & Hammerstein: My Favorite Things

    In the second episode of a series of videos that explore the Rodgers and Hammerstein collections at the Library of Congress, Michael Feinstein traces the origin of the lyrics for "My Favorite Things" from the hit Broadway musical The Sound of Music. Produced by special arrangement with Imagem/Williamson Music Inc.

    • Contributor: Feinstein, Michael
    • Date: 2014-02-03
  • Film, Video

    Elizabeth Alexander: 2010 National Book Festival

    Poet Elizabeth Alexander presents at the 2010 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Alexander, Elizabeth
    • Date: 2010-09-25
  • Film, Video

    Drugs for the Mind and How to Use Them

    In May 2005, the Library of Congress, the Dana Foundation, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Mental Health gathered leaders in neuroscience and ethics to discuss the rights and wrongs of using or not using new therapies and enhancements. By defining the most advanced and promising research findings, the conference sought to dispel public confusion about what brain science today can and cannot ...

    • Date: 2005-05-11
  • Film, Video

    Shall we prepare? /

    Two sequences of TR: Sequence 1: views of TR walking onto the porch of Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y., facing the camera, and then speaking on military preparedness during WWI; Sequence 2: views of TR sitting at his desk in the Metropolitan Magazine office in New York City and speaking with a man who may be Carl Hovey, editor of the magazine.

    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore - Hovey, Carl - Paramount Pictures Corporation - Bray Studios - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (library of Congress)
    • Date: 1916