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FEDLINK (the Federal Library and Information Network) is a cooperative program of FLICC. The network offers any U.S. federal agency, through its library, information center, or other information office, the opportunity to enhance the resources available to meet the requirements of its personnel. FEDLINK was established in 1976 to allow federal libraries to participate in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).

FEDLINK Programs and Services

Using FEDLINK service contracts, federal libraries, information centers, and other offices obtain services directly from commercial sources. These contracts usually provide substantial discounts not available to individual customers. For both large- and small-volume users, this approach secures favorable terms assuring lower costs.

Through FEDLINK, agencies have cost-effective access to a number of information- or operations-support services, including:

FEDLINK is also the formal support network federal libaries participating in the OCLC cataloging, resource sharing, and reference systems. FEDLINK staff conduct training in the use of the OCLC system, as well as Internet and other library/information services. The FEDLINK network also functions as a center for evaluating new library technologies.

For further information about our services, contact:

Library of Congress
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