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The Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC) and its network component, FEDLINK, strive to fulfill the mission of enhancing the effectiveness of federal libraries and information centers in part through a unique professional development program which combines the FLICC Education Program, a series of seminars and workshops on issues of importance to federal librarians and information specialists, and the FEDLINK Training Program of classes providing technical, usually hands-on training on OCLC and the Internet.

The FLICC/FEDLINK Education and Training Program is composed of five different tracks:

Through the FEDLINK Network Operations (FNO) office, member library and information center personnel can receive hands-on instruction on the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) online systems for cataloging, interlibrary loan, and reference, and in basic and advanced Internet services. FEDLINK also provides training outside of the Washington DC area onsite at single libraries, at regional workshops in a certain area of the country, and in conjunction with national meetings such as the American Library Association annual conference. Members outside the Washington DC area may also attend OCLC training sessions offered by regional OCLC networks under FEDLINK training agreements with the networks. FEDLINK also brings in outside specialists to teach classes on special topics, which in the past have included Websit development, and a series of workshops on cataloging audiovisual, computer file, and multimedia materials.

Supported by the volunteer efforts of the FLICC Education Working Group, FLICC offers a wide range of educational opportunities for federal librarians, information specialists and technical staff. From casual brownbag lunches where librarians can ask questions of their colleagues on topics such as World Wide Web page development and contract administration, to the popular Orientations to Federal Libraries series of tours of major federal collections, FLICC educational programs provide unique opportunities for federal information personnel to learn from each other and share ideas about providing better information service.

FLICC/FEDLINK programs have covered copyright law for librarians and computer professionals preservation of non-book materials, library space planning, MARC format integration, government information on the Internet, and the application of technology to library resources and operations. The crowning event in FLICC's educational year is the annual FLICC Forum on Federal Information Policy, which addresses a broad topic of emerging importance to the federal information community, and which provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas among the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

To make FLICC's programs accessible to librarians outside the Washington DC area, most programs are videotaped. The FLICC videos are available through interlibrary loan from the National Library of Education (NLE). For information about the loan program, contact the FLICC Publications Office at (202) 707-4800.

Registration and Cancellation Policy      Top
This catalog provides course descriptions, prerequisites, dates and costs for all FEDLINK training courses. The calendar of courses is published in FEDLINK Technical Notes and is available on the ALIX electronic bulletin board system. Questions about specific course content can be addressed to the FNO Program Specialists at (202) 707-4848, TTY (202) 707-4995 or email [email protected].

FLICC programs are regularly announced in the FLICC Newsletter, FEDLINK Technical Notes and through special program/registration announcements. Newsletters and announcements are distributed by mail to staff at all member libraries and electronically on the FLICC listservs and Web site. To add your name to the mailing list, please contact FLICC's Public Events Specialist at (202) 707-4800, TTY (202) 707-4995 or email [email protected].

To register for FEDLINK training courses:

For OCLC courses offered by other networks, contact the OCLC network in your area directly for cost information and schedules of courses.

Registrations will be confirmed by fax or email when all appropriate documentation (e.g., completed registration form or approved government training form) is received. Submit one form per registrant per session. Space is limited, so it is advisable to call first to check the availability of any given session.

Many FLICC programs are free, but still require call-in registration. To register for these programs, call (202) 707-4800. To register for FLICC educational programs that require payment, submit the appropriate special program announcement by fax to: (202) 707-4818 or mail to FLICC Events, FLICC/FEDLINK, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20540-4930. Because each program requires a different program/registration announcement, the announcements have not been included in this catalog. Announcements are posted under "Program Announcements" on the Educational Programs page. To request a copy of a specific program announcement, call and ask for the FLICC Public Events Specialist at (202) 707-4800.

Enrollment limits have been established for each session. In the event that minimum enrollment is not met, cancellation will be determined one week prior to the event and registrants notified. When the enrollment maximum has been met, additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if space becomes available or if additional sessions have been scheduled.

Cancellations must be called into the FLICC Office (202-707-4800) 48 hours prior to the start of an educational program or the full fee will be charged.

In cases of inclement weather, the decision to cancel a session will be made by noon on the day prior to the session, and all registrants will be notified. If the federal government is closed, the session is cancelled. If there is a question about cancellations due to inclement weather, call the FNO office for information about training session, (202) 707-4848, or the FLICC office for information about events (202) 707-4800.

FLICC/FEDLINK can provide American Sign Language interpretation at any of its scheduled sessions. To request this service, please note your requirement on the registration form. The registration form with the request must be received at the FLICC office at least ten working days notice prior to the session.

Fees and Payment      Top
FLICC/FEDLINK education and training programs must be paid for either from a member library's FLICC/FEDLINK Training (FT) account or through the use of a government training form (SF182, DD1556, etc.). If payment is being made through a government training form, add the FEDLINK administrative service fee (7.75%) to the regular fee (i.e., $100 class plus 7.75% = $107.75). FLICC/FEDLINK cannot accept cash, checks, or purchase orders from individuals attending classes.

Fees for FEDLINK classes taught in FEDLINK facilities are as follows:

Fees for OCLC training conducted outside the Washington DC area by FNO staff are of $400 per day for the instructor, plus Government travel, lodging and per diem costs. Fees for regional training are calculated on a case-by-case basis to ensure cost recovery.

Payment options with other OCLC networks vary. See the Contracted Training Section for details. OCLC Networks without FEDLINK contracts accept direct payment only.

Fees for FLICC programs vary. Many programs are free or carry a modest fee. Please check the most recent issue of the FLICC Newsletter or FEDLINK Technical Notes for information on upcoming programs.

Location and Directions      Top
Unless otherwise noted, FEDLINK training classes are held at the FLICC/FEDLINK offices in Room 216 of the Adams Building of the Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C. Commercial parking is available in the area, but expensive; public transportation is strongly recommended. Metro: Take the blue or orange line to the Capitol South station. Walk up the hill to the intersection of 1st Street and Independence Avenue and turn right. Cross 2nd Street and make a left to cross Pennsylvania Avenue. The Adams Building is on your right. FLICC/FEDLINK is on the second floor of the building on the back side.

FLICC educational programs are usually held at the Library of Congress, James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, D.C. Metro: Take the blue or orange line to the Capitol South station. Walk up the hill to the intersection of 1st Street and Independence Avenue and turn right. You are at the front of the Madison Building.

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