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Online Internet Class Registration

(NOTE: Most FLICC/FEDLINK classes & events are only open to staff of US federal libraries and other federal employees.)

FEDLINK members are welcome to register for training classes & events using these forms. (Please refer to the Education Calendar for the titles, dates and fees for available courses. Refer to the Education Catalog for course descriptions.)

Instructions: Complete ALL the fields below, then click on the SUBMIT button. When you submit the form, your request will be sent by email to FEDLINK Network Operations. You will receive a reply by return email, confirming your registration if space is available in the class. Some events fill quickly. Be sure to include your email address so that we can send you a confirmation!

If you have questions about the FEDLINK training program, contact FEDLINK at 202-707-4848 (voice), 202-707-4873 (fax), [email protected] (email).

State:        Zip: 
Please reserve a space for me in the following class/event:

Payment Options:
Bill to my agency's existing FEDLINK Training (FT) account.
Establish an FT account for my agency. I will submit an "IAG Amendment" request form to fund the account.
I will submit a billable government training form (SF182, DD1566).

Accessibility: (Must be requested 5 business days in advance of class.)
I request interpreting services and/or other ADA Accommodations.

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