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Books and other publications acquired through FEDLINK book vendors are priced in terms of a discount off of the publisher's list price for the title. The list price is established by the publisher and announced in the publisher's catalog or other trade listing. The discount categories are established by publication type, and reflect specialities in the publishing industry and concentrations in federal library collections, including: For out-of-print materials and other hard-to-locate items, the vendor's price may be a surcharge instead of a discount off list price. Vendors also offer additional discounts for multiple copy orders. If you are uncertain which discount/fee category would apply to a particular title, contact the vendors for a quotation.

Shelf-ready processing (adding dust covers, spine labels, circulation cards/pockets, cataloging data, and so forth) is priced on a per item basis. Special ordering plans such as approval plans or leasing plans and optional services such as online order processing may have administrative charges in addition to the price per title ordered.

For large orders, conducting a formal request for quotation (RFQ) among the FEDLINK books vendors will often result in deeper discounts and a level of service that is tailored to your particular requirements. If you would like to discuss an individual RFQ, or if you have questions about how prices and discounts work in the book trade, contact the FEDLINK Books COTR or one of the other program specialists in the FEDLINK Network Office. If you have questions about specific prices in a vendor's FEDLINK BOA, contact the vendor or one of the FEDLINK contract specialists at LC C&L.

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