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Licensing: Electronic Publications for Use in a Federal Agency

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Each video segment is approximately 5 minutes in length for your viewing convenience.

Join Meg Williams, FEDLINK Network Program Specialist, as she presents a detailed overview of how federal libraries and information centers can help their patrons and managers address the use of electronic publications in their agencies.

Her presentation reviews a variety of the issues:

Segment One - Introduction               Segment Four - Contract Requirements      Segment Seven - Pricing Terms

Segment Two - License Contracts     Segment Five - Problem Clauses               Segment Eight - Quick Fixes

Segment Three - Review                   Segment Six - Library Terms                     Segment Nine - Conclusion

                                                                                                                            Segment Ten - Q & A

Presented at the FEDLINK "How to Use FEDLINK" program in August 1999. For more information, or to send comments or questions, please send email to [email protected]

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