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Legends and Legacies:
An American Folklife Center Celebration of Public Folklore

September 10-11, 2009
Thomas Jefferson Building
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

AFC Collections Related to the
National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA)

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our web pages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration are estimates.

AFC 1939/016: Resettlement Administration Recordings Collection
One hundred sixty-five 12-inch discs of instrumentals and songs recorded in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. by Sidney Robertson Cowell, Charles Seeger, Margaret Valiant, and others for the Special Skills Division, Resettlement Administration, 1936-37. The collection includes 3 1/2 inches of transcripts, correspondence, graphic images, and a program book from the 1937 National Folk Festival. [view catalog record]

AFC 1950/017: National Folk Festival, 1938
One 12-inch and 39 16-inch discs of instrumentals, radio programs, and songs. Recorded primarily at the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Recording Company, May 6-8, 1938. The collection includes 3/4 linear inch of song lists, newspaper articles, and programs. Sarah Gertrude Knott makes some introductions. [AFS 9833:B3-B7 consists of recordings of Fred Colby's Tennessee Mountain Group, including the Albert Gore band. B7 is "Soldier's Joy" performed by the Gore band, Albert Gore, Sr., on fiddle.] [view catalog record]

AFS 11,869-11,878: Sherman Lee Pompey Collection of Music from the Ozarks
Ten 10-inch tapes containing Missouri Ozark songs, lore, and hymns. Includes Anglo-American ballads, Sacred Harp and other shape-note singing, tales, and songs by May Kennedy McCord, fiddle tunes, and recordings from the Sheperd of the Hills Folk Festival in Notch, Missouri (May 22, 1960), and the National Folk Festival in St. Louis in 1953. Recorded by Sherman Lee Pompey.

AFS 14,420-14,426: National Folk Festival, 1960
Seven 7-inch tapes of folk songs and performances, including Bob Beers of New Year, Montana, Leslie Skeen of Denville, West Virginia, and the Lester Wolfe Group. Recorded by Voice of America during the National Folk Festival in Washington D.C., June 1 and 4, 1960. The collection includes two pages of song lists.

AFC 1974/022: National Folk Festival, 1972
Eight 10-inch tapes of blues, old time, bluegrass, Sacred Harp, and ballads performed by traditional and revival musicians, including John Jackson, The Seldom Scene, Libba Cotton, and Chuck and Nan Perdue, recorded at Area I of the National Folk Festival, Vienna, Virginia, in 1972 by the National Folk Festival Association.

AFC 1975/021: National Folk Festival, 1952
One 10-inch tape of excerpts from the 18th Annual National Folk Festival, May 19, 1952, recorded by Voice of America in St. Louis, Missouri. (2 hours) [view catalog record]

AFC 1975/022: National Folk Festival, 1954
Two 10-inch tapes of the 20th National Folk Festival, including dances, instrumentals, and songs from Anglo-, Cuban-, German-, Hungarian-, Jewish-, Mexican-, Native, and Philippine-American traditions. Recorded by the Voice of America in St. Louis, Missouri, April 8, 1954. The National Folk Festival sponsored by St. Louis Globe-Democrat. The collection includes notes about performers and songs. (2 hours) [view catalog record]

AFS 18,723-18,724: John Cephas Recordings Collection
One 5-inch tape and one 7-inch tape of blues singer and guitar player John Cephas. Recorded by himself in Washington, D.C., at the D.C. National Guard Armory, mid 1975; and by Mike Rivers, Richard K. Spottswood, and Joe Wilson, in Silver Spring, Maryland, June 9, 1976. (1 hour; LWO 9102)

AFS 18,804: Steve Rathe / Interview with "Peg Leg Sam" (Arthur Jackson)
Interview with "Peg Leg Sam" (Arthur Jackson) at the National Folk Festival, August 3, 1975, Steve Rathe, interviewer.

AFS 19,355: "Fifty Years of Folk Festivals" NPR Broadcast
One audiocassette of a documentary on the growth of folk festivals in the United States.  Examines festival evolution through recordings of performers, promoters, folklorists, and festival-goers.  Narrated by Robert Monteagle, with discussants Archie Green, Alan Jabbour, Ralph Rinzler, and Joe Wilson. Written and produced by Deborah J. Lamberton and Michael J. Weiss of National Public Radio (1978) as part of the "Folk Festival U.S.A." series. Recording concludes with a program of blues piano by Big Chief Ellis. (1 hour; LWO 12,755)

AFS 19,376-19,378: Joe Wilson Collection of Benny Thomasson Music and Interviews
Three 7-inch tapes of Benny Thomasson and sons performing various fiddle tunes with the accompaniment of two guitars. Includes conversation about the tunes. Recorded in Washington, D.C., at the Library of Congress, by Joe Wilson of the National Council for the Traditional Arts, November 16, 1978. (1 hour and 30 minutes; LWO 12,906)

AFS 19,383-19,384: Steve Rathe Interview at 1975 National Folk Festival
Steve Rathe of National Public Radio interviewing Leonard Emmanuel, hollerer, of Spivey's Corner, North Carolina, and Richard Semprit of Baltimore, Maryland, leader of the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Drum Orchestra at the 1975 National Folk Festival.

AFS 19,844-19,873: National Folk Festival, 1972
Thirty 10-inch tapes of the National Folk Festival, recorded in Vienna, Virginia, at Wolf Trap Farm Park, July 27-30, 1972. The collection includes 25 pages of logs and the program book from the festival. Donated by the National Council for the Traditional Arts. (60 hours; LWO 15,596)

AFC 1983/021: Ohio Valley Folk Research Project Publications
Five linear inches of manuscript materials including tales, stories, folklore, etc., from Ross County, Ohio. Self-published materials by the Ohio Valley Folk Research Project Publications of the Ross County Historical Society. Materials collected ca. 1950s. Donated by the National Council for the Traditional Arts.

AFC 1986/042: Joe Wilson Interview for Folklife Center News Collection
One audiocassette of an interview with Joe Wilson of the National Council for the Traditional Arts, conducted by Brett Topping, 1986. Information used for an article in Folklife Center News.

AFS 24,234-24,236: Byron Berline, Dan Crary, and John Hickman Concert Collection
Three 10-inch tapes of bluegrass vocal and instrumental music performed by Byron Berline (fiddle), Dan Crary (guitar), and John Hickman (banjo) in concert at the Library of Congress' Neptune Plaza, April 24, 1986.  First in a series of concerts presented by the American Folklife Center in cooperation with the National Council for the Traditional Arts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the American Folklife Center. Recorded by Pete Reiniger. (RWB 2960-2962)

AFC 1988/017: Raices Musicales
One audiocassette of Raices Musicales (Musical Roots) from a national tour of music from Mexico and the Hispanic Southwest. Recorded October-November 1988. Produced by the National Council for the Traditional Arts. (includes AFS 24,361)

AFC 1996/011: Folk Masters / American Roots Fourth of July 1994 Collection
Two audiocassettes of portions of the second annual American Roots Fourth of July concert hosted by Georges Collinet and Nick Spitzer. Performers include ReBirth Brass Band (a New Orleans Jazz band), Edwin Colon Zayas y Familia Colon (a Puerto Rican jibaro band from Orocovis, Puerto Rico), the Akwesasne Mohawk Singers (performers from the North American Indian Traveling College near Hogansburg, New York), the Johnson Mountain Boys (bluegrass performers from the Washington, D.C. area), and Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (Cajun musicians from Louisiana). Recorded in Washington, D.C., at the Sylvan Theater (near the Washington Monument), July 4, 1994. Sponsored by Folk Masters, the National Council for the Traditional Arts, National Park Service, National Public Radio, and Radio Smithsonian. The collection includes 29 pages of correspondence and notes. (2 hours)

AFC 2001/019: National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA) Collection
More than 1,800 sound recordings, manuscript materials (including logs) and digital files transferred from analog source recordings by NCTA primarily from the 1960s-1990s. The collection contains recordings of now-legendary artists, such as Tommy Jarrell, Elizabeth Cotten, Wade Mainer, John Cephas, Edith Butler and the Blind Boys of Alabama, as well as the only extant recordings of many artists.

AFC 2001/029: "Living Lore: The Legacy of Benjamin A. Botkin" Symposium Collection
Ten audiocassettes of a symposium sponsored by the American Folklife Center and other divisions of the Library of Congress titled "Living Lore: The Legacy of Benjamin A. Botkin." November 15, 2001. Performers and speakers include Roger Welsch, Jerry Hirsch, Stephen Wade, Julia Olin, Joe Wilson, Joseph C. Hickerson, Alan Jabbour, Jerome Rosenthal, United House of Prayer Band, Henry Sapoznik, Peggy Seeger, Mike Seeger, and Pete Seeger.

AFC 2003/027: Pete and Toshi Seeger Film Collection
Approximately 700 film and audio elements relating to Pete and Toshi Seeger's filmmaking from 1955-1965 at various locations in: Angola, Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Somoa, Sweden, Tanzania, Trinidad, Ukraine, and the United States. In the United States, locations include Beacon, New York; Circle Pines, Michigan; Hamilton, Ohio; Huntsville, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Madison, Wisconsin; New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Washington, DC, among others. Collection includes three bamboo flutes.

Disc 1-ref (orig. FRB 8017): One film of the 1957 National Folk Festival. Includes male ballad singer on stage; American Indian dancers on stage with plains-style singing, several shots; Irish? step dancing; female ballad singer with autoharp; introduction by [Christian Sanderson] of Sarah Gertrude Knott; Scots? step dancing. (12 minutes)

AFC 2004/035: Masters of Mexican Music Concert Collection
Video recordings and 29 black-and-white photographs of the "Masters of Mexican Music" concert in the Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, April 1, 2004. The concert featured 21 musicians and dancers performing musical traditions from four distinct regions of Mexico: the mariachi of Jalisco, the harp-led son jarocho of southern Vera Cruz, the accordion-based conjunto of the Texas-Mexican border, and the marimba music from the southern state of Chiapas. Concert was produced by the National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA) and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. Included are press releases, a media kit on CD-R with 8 color photographs of the performers and biographies; and an illustrated program book (16 p) in Spanish and English. Concert photos by James Hardin. [view catalog record]

AFC 2004/014: Washington Post Seventh Annual National Folk Festival Program and note
Washington Post newspaper program (8 p.) for the seventh annual National Folk Festival, April 25-27, 1940, held in Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C., accompanied by one page note written by Ellen Grim, who may have attended the festival, signed "E. Grim, 1991." The program includes lists of participants, titles performed, and historical and performance notes. Donated by Ellen Grim to the Craft and Folk Art Museum, ca. 1995. [view catalog record]

Note: From 1979-1989 the National Council for the Traditional Arts assisted with the Neptune Plaza Concert Series, held at the Library of Congress. The annual series (which ran until 1995) featured the presentation of folk traditions from many cultures. View the list of finding aids for all Neptune Plaza Concerts.


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