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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

Henry Hampton collection

Repository: Washington University. Film and Media Archive

Collection Description (Extant): Includes all materials from 8 major PBS television series (1986-2002) as well as early Blackside films and records (1968-1985). Topics include: civil rights, the great depression, poverty in America, African-American art and artists in the 20th century, and African-American religion and spirituality.

[. . .] Henry Hampton (1940-98) was a St. Louis native and 1961 graduate of Washington University. In 1968, he established his Boston-based company Blackside, Inc., which quickly became the largest African-American-owned film production company of its time. Hampton's works chronicle the 20th century's great political and social movements, focusing on the lives of the poor and disenfranchised.

Best known of Hampton's 60-plus major film and media projects was the 14-part series Eyes on the Prize which ran in primetime on PBS stations in the 1980's and 1990's. [. . .]

Hampton's other documentaries include "The Great Depression" (1993), "Malcolm X: Make It Plain" (1994), "America's War on Poverty" (1995), "Breakthrough: The Changing Face of Science in America" (1997), "I'll Make Me a World: A Century of African-American Arts" (1998); "Hopes on the Horizon" (1999) and "This Far by Faith" (2003).

[. . .] Blackside also produced companion books for many of their films, and created educational outreach programs to help students learn about the Civil Rights Movement.

Access Copy Note: All transcripts from Eyes on the Prize interviews are available in full-text and searchable online at

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 1968-2002

Digital Status: Partial

Extent: 35,000 items: film and videotape (570 hrs original footage, 730 hrs stock footage), photographs, scripts, storyboards, producers' notes, interviews, music, narration, posters, study guides, books, other materials.

Language: English

Interviewees: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Juanita Abernathy, Ralph Abernathy, Victoria Gray Adams, Muhammad Ali, Tracy Amalfitano, William G. Anderson, James Armstrong, Tom Atkins, Georgia Ayers, Joseph Azbell, Peter Bailey, Mel Bailey, Amiri Baraka, Laverne Barkley, Marion Barry, James Bash, Ruth Batson, Melba Pattillo Beals, Colonel Becker, Harry Belafonte, Mary Francis Berry, James Bevel, Fred Black, Unita Blackwell, Jerred Blanchard, Herbert X. Blyden, Willie Bolden, Dale Bowlin, Herb Boyd, Eliza Briggs, Harry Briggs Jr., Harry Briggs Sr., John O. Brown, Elaine Brown, Herbert Brownell Jr., Clory Bryan, Linda Bryant-Hall, Charles Butts, Jane Byrne, Les Campbell, Will Campbell, Gordon Carey, Stokley Carmichael, Robert Carter, Hodding Carter III, Ben Chavis, Kenneth Clark, Charles Clark, James Clark, George Clements, Slim Coleman, William Coleman, John Conyers, Courtland Cox, Carl Daniels, Emma Darnell, Angela Davis, Ossie Davis, David Dawley, Dave Dennis, Charles Diggs, William Dinkins, John Doar, Ivanhoe Donaldson, Emory Douglas, Angelo Dundee, Steven Dunkley, Minnie Dunlap, Virginia Durr, Jane Duwors, Marian Wright Edelman, Robert Ellis, Phyllis Ellison, Joseph Ellwanger, Harold Engstrom, Charles Epps, Don Evans, Arthur Eve, Darrell Evers, Myrlie Evers, James Farmer, Orval Faubus, Willie Felder, Sandra Feldman, Maurice Ferre, James Figgs, Robert Finley, James Forman, Grant Friley, Thompson , Ed Gardner, Joseph Gardner, A.G. Gaston, Paula Giddings, Georgia Gilmore, Tony Gittens, Dorothy Graham, Dana Greeley, Ernest Green, Robin Gregory, Lawrence Guyot, Alex Haley, Michael Harrington, Luke Harris, Patricia Harris, Wendell Harris, Richard Hatcher, Casey Hayden, Tom Hayden, James L. Hicks, Mary L. Hightower, Howard Holland, William Bradford Huie, John Hulett, Walter Huntley, Jim Ingram, Ellen Jackson, Jesse Jackson, John Jackson, Mary Jane Jackson, Maynard Jackson, Rutha Mae Jackson, Willie Hill Jackson, Nancy Jefferson, Richard Jensen, Garcia Jesus, Albert Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Toni Johnson-Chavis, Erle Johnston, Curtis Jones, Donie Jones, Roxanne Jones, Karima Jordon, Eleanor Josaitis, Nicholas Katzenbach, J. W. Kellum, Helen Kelly, Robert Kiley, Clyde Killens, Coretta Scott King, Dewey Knight, Bernard Lafayette, Lonnie Lawrence, James Lawson, Marcia Webb Lecky, Rudolph Lee, Frank Legree, Frederick Leonard, Jerris Leonard, John Lewis, Rufus Lewis, Leo Lillard, Robert Links, Marian Logan, Robert Lucas, William Lucy, Alan Lupo, Colonel Floyd Mann, Adrienne Manns-Israel, Bob Mants, Ed Marciniak, Rosie Mars, Burke Marshall, Ethel Mae Matthews, Josephine Mayes, Rhody McCoy, Jessie McCrary, John McDermott, Frederica McDuffie, Louis McDuffie, Jean McGuire, Floyd McKissick, John McLaurin, Harry McPherson, Orloff W. Miller, Walter Mondale, Leola Montgomery, Amzie Moore, Evelyn Morash, Robert Moses, Constance Baker Motley, Herbert Muhammad, Dillard Munford, Diane Nash, Fred Nauman, Rachel West Nelson, Gussie Nesbitt, Huey P. Newton, John Nichols, E.D. Nixon, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Daisy Nunley, Charles O'Brien, William O'Neal, C. Herbert Oliver, Peter Orris, Russell Oswald, Lu Palmer, Rosa Parks, Floyd Patterson, John Patterson, James Peck, Bill Perry, Otis Pitts, Edwin Pope, Rosemary Porter, John Powis, Laurie Pritchett, Albert Raby, Craig Rains, Athalie Range, Joseph Rauh, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Frederick Reese, Jan Robertson, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Jo Ann Robinson, Renault Robinson, Taylor Rogers, George Romney, Bobby Rush, Bayard Rustin, William Rutherford, Howard Saffold, Ruby Sales, Sonia Sanchez, Arlie Schardt, Daniel Schorr, Bernie Schweid, Ron Scott, Bobby Seale, John Seigenthaler, Cleveland Sellers, Betty Shabazz, Albert Shanker, Charles Sherrod, Arthur Shores, Fred Shuttlesworth, William Simmons, James E. Smith, Linda Brown Smith, Michael Smith, Frank Smith (Big Black), Joseph Smitherman, Marion Stamps, Kathy Stapleton, Carl Stokes, Richard Strichartz, Seth Taft, Calvin Taylor, Flint Taylor, Maggie Thomas, Dolores Torres, Albert Turner, Tom Turnipseed, Richard Valeriani, Cyrus Vance, David J. Vann, Judy Varley, Ed Vaughn, Vanessa Venable, C. T. Vivian, Juanita Wade, Wyatt Tee Walker, George C. Wallace, Mike Wallace, Thomas R. Waring, Hollis Watkins, Philip Watkins, Debra Webb, Sheyann Webb, Kevin White, Tom Wicker, Anne Wild, Roger Wilkins, Geraldine Williams, Robert Williams, Albert Wilson, Paul Wilson, John Minor Wisdom, Harris Wofford, Sonny Wright, Ralph Yarborough, Paul N. Ylvisaker, Andrew Young, Quentin Young

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


African American artists
African American clergy
African American scientists
Black Arts movement
Black Muslims
Black nationalism
Black Panther Party
Citizens' Councils of America
Civil rights demonstrations
Civil rights workers
Civil rights--Cases
Civil rights--Religious aspects--Christianity
Congress of Racial Equality
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Welfare Rights Organization (U.S.)
Protest songs
Public meetings
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Student movements
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Volunteers in Service to America
Women civil rights workers
X, Malcolm, 1925-1965




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   September 26, 2018
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