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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

National visionary leadership project

Repository: Library of Congress. American Folklife Center

Collection Description (CRHP): Includes approximately 300 interviews of African American leaders, including lawyers, politicians, ministers, professors, entertainers, writers and activists. Many interviews focus on experiences of segregation, discrimination and the civil rights movement. See the following interviews of civil rights activists: Clifford Alexander, Willie Barrow, Derrick Bell, C. C. Bryant, Earl Caldwell, James Cameron, Robert Lee Carter, Julius Chambers, William T. Coleman, John Conyers, Evelyn Cunningham, Julian Dugas, Myrlie Evers-Williams, James Forman, Frankie Muse Freeman, Dorothy Height, Oliver Hill, Benjamin Hooks, Esther Cooper Jackson, Kenneth L. Johnson, Colonel Stone Johnson, Coretta Scott King, Samuel Kyles, Joseph Lowery, James Meredith, Bob Moses, Constance Baker Motley, Alvin Poussaint, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Dovey Roundtree, Willieboyd Saddler, Fred Shuttlesworth, Percy Sutton, C. T. Vivian, Wyatt T. Walker, Roger Wilkins and Andrew Young.

Collection Description (Extant): Co-founded in 2001 by Camille O. Cosby, Ed.D. and Renee Poussaint, The National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP) unites generations to create tomorrow's leaders by recording, preserving, and distributing through various media, the wisdom of extraordinary African American elders - Visionaries - who have shaped American history. Some of these elders are nationally recognized leaders, who are interviewed on videotape by NVLP's co-founders and board members. Other Visionary elders, known primarily in their local communities, are selected and interviewed by NVLP college Fellows. This invaluable primary source material is accessible worldwide on the NVLP website, and permanently archived at the Library of Congress, allowing students, scholars and the public to gain a whole new understanding of this country's past, and the lessons to be learned from it.

Access Copy Note: Transcripts and photographs are available. Videos are currently not yet accessible except for clips on the NVLP website. Each interview has a record in the Library of Congress online catalog.

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 1997-2008

Digital Status: Partial

Extent: Approx. 1000 videocassettes; 300 transcripts; 4000 photographs.

Finding Aid URL:

Language: English

Interviewees: Clara Adams, Joe Adams, Clifford Alexander, Lucy Allen, Vivian Ayers Allen, Sarah Lee Anderson, Maya Angelou, Lee Archer, Ernie Banks, Amiri Baraka, Willie Barrow, Earl A. Barthé, Rudolph Belisle, Mary Bendolph, Lerone Bennett, Jr., William Betts, Adolpho A. Birch, Jr., Van S. Bird, David Blackwell, Arnett H. Bodenhamer, Simeon Booker, Lillie Virginia Drake Bowman, Pecolia Boyles, J. Robert Bradley, William Brantley, Leo Branton, Jr., W. Randolph Bromery, Edward Brooke, Jerome Brooks, Calvin Brown, Chuck Brown, Eleanor DeLoache Brown, Oscar Brown, Jr., Roscoe C. Brown, Wesley Brown, Willie Brown, Roscoe Lee Browne, C. C. Bryant, Yvonne Braithwaite Burke, Arthur L. Burnett, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Taylor Burroughs, Vada E. Butcher, Earl Caldwell, James Cameron, James “Winky” Camphor, Ernestine Carreathers, Dihann Carroll, Irma Carson, Julia Carson, Robert L. Carter, Elizabeth Catlett, Julius Chambers, Ray Charles, Leah Chase, Mary Alice Chineworth, Shirley Chisholm, Mary T. Christian, Robert Churchwell, Mildred I. Clarke, Margaret Washington Clifford, Alice Coachman, Moses Cobb, Vernon Coffey, Maria Cole, Calvin Coleman, William Coleman, Eugenia Collier, Cardiss Collins, Marva Collins, James Comer, John Conyers, Jr., Frances Cress-Welsing, Flora Crittenden, Evelyn Cunningham, Herbert Daughtry, Ossie Davis, Wendell Davis, Carmen de Lavallade, Gerald Deas, Ruby Dee, Ron Dellums, Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell, Maggie Dews, Thornton Dial, Georgia Dickens, David Dinkins, Joyce Dixon, Betty Jean Dobson, Joyce Dixon, Betty Jean Dobson, Shirley Douglas, David Driskell, David Du Bois, Roosevelt F. Dorn, Julian Dugas, Ovide Duncantell, Katherine Dunham, Elizabeth Arthur Edmonds, Jocelyn Elders, Vivian Ellis, Ethel Ennis, Clay Evans, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Louis Farrakhan, Clarence Faulcon, Jacqueline Faulcon, Walter Fauntroy, Bernice Fiest, James Forman, Henry Foster, Jr., Norman C. Francis, Anna Franklin, Frederick Franklin, John Hope Franklin, Matthew Frazier, Lafayette Frederick, Frankie Muse Freeman, Sam Gilliam, Jesse O. Gooding, Evelyn Granville, Samuel Gravely, Fred Gray, Charles Green, Dick Gregory, Ulysses S. Griggs, Robert Guillaume, Marcus Gunter, Grace Hampton, Robert H. Hanna, William Hargraves, Barbara Harris, Charles Harris, Raymond Haysbert, Jimmy Health, Dorothy Height, Marion Henry, Jessie Lee Highsmith, Oliver Hill, Asa Hilliard, Geoffrey Holder, Charlotte Holloman, Benjamin Hooks, Cissy Houston, Jeanne Ellis Hudgens, Ola G. Hudson, Roberta Hughes Wright, K. Leroy Irvis, Esther Cooper Jackson, William Jackson, Gertrude Jeanette, Ella Jenkins, Harry Johns, John H. Johnson, Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, Kenneth Lavon Johnson, Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, Colonel Stone Johnson, Tobe Johnson, Jr., Hazel Johnson-Brown, Clarence B. Jones, Howard Owen Jones, Quincy Jones, Julia Gibson Jordan, Del Jupiter, Leontine Kelly, Dolores Kendrick, Matthew Washington Kennedy, Charles Kimbrough, Carrolena Key, B. B. King, Coretta Scott King, Melvin King, Eartha Kitt, Samuel “Billy” Kyles, William Layton, Frankie Bradley Ledbetter, LaSalle Leffall, John Levy, Elma Lewis, J. Bruce Llewellyn, Earl Lloyd, Thomas S. Logan, Jerome Long, Thaddeus Lott, Joseph Lowery, Leo A. Lucas, Barbara Mann, John E. Mann, Ellis Marsalis, Edward Martin, Gladys Mayo, Nebraska Mays, H. Carl McCall, Susie McClure, Clinton McCord, Mary McEwen, Leatrice McKissack, Sara McKissick, Stanley McMullen, Dorothy Layne McIntyre, Adele McQueen, Bennie J. McRae, Jr., James Meredith, Norma Miller, Arthur Mitchell, Ella Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Parren J. Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell, Jr., James Moody, Dan A. Moore, Sr., LaVerne Jackson Moore, Toni Morrison, Bob Moses, Constance Baker Motley, Camay Calloway Murphy, John H. Murphy, III, Cecil L. “Chip” Murray, Samuel Lloyd Myers, Sr., Fayard Nicholas, Gil Noble, Odetta, Barbara H. Oldwine, Hazel O'Leary, John “Buck” O’Neil, Anyim Palmer, Gordon Parks, Essie Kathryn Payne, Margaret Peters, Frank E. Petersen, Sidney Poitier, Alvin Poussaint, Frances E. Pratt, Jeanine M. Price, Ernesta G. Procope, Bernard S. Proctor, Charles Rangel, Norman Rates, Della Reese, Lloyd Richards, Faith Ringgold, Robert Rivers, Jr., Amelia Boynton Robinson, Dolores Robinson, Rachel Robinson, Dovey Roundtree, Bill Russell, George L. Russell, Jr., Betye Saar, Willieboyd McNeil Saddler, Sonia Sanchez, Blanche Scott, Frederick I. Scott, Fred Shuttlesworth, Barbara Sizemore, Norma Sklarek, John B. Slaughter, Jessie Carney Smith, Charles Snyder, DeAndrea Soloman, Barbara Peek Sternick, Louis Stokes, Percy Sutton, Billy Taylor, Gardner Taylor, Edward Temple, Clark Terry, Delores Tillman, Allen Toussaint, C. DeLores Tucker, Melvin Van Peebles, C. T. Vivian, Billye Von Blasingame, William Waddell, Frances Walker, Wyatt T. Walker, James “Bud” Ward, Walter Washington, Clifton Wharton, Dolores Wharton, L. Douglas Wilder, Roger Wilkins, DeLois Wilkinson, Floyd N. Williams, Sr., Frances Williams, Grant Williams, Jamye Coleman Williams, McDonald Williams, Ruth Williams, Charles V. Willie, Nancy Wilson, John Woodruff, Samuel Yette, Andrew Young, Harvey Zeigler

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


African American actors
African American artists
African American athletes
African American authors
African American businesspeople
African American civic leaders
African American civil rights workers
African American clergy
African American doctors
African American educators
African American journalists
African American lawyers
African American politicians
African American soldiers
African Americans--Civil rights
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Washington, D.C., 1963
Montgomery Bus Boycott, Montgomery, Ala., 1955
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Race discrimination
Selma to Montgomery Rights March (1965 : Selma, Ala.)
Voter registration
X, Malcolm, 1925-1965




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   September 26, 2018
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