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American Folklife Center: Library of Congress, An Illustrated Guide

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Alaskan huskies pulling a sled.
Huskies onthe trail, Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Alaska, March 1998.
(Local Legacies Project Collection. Photo by Jeff Schultz)

Called "the last great race on earth," Alaska's Iditarod pits dog teams and their mushers against the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Each team must cover more than one thousand miles, from Anchorage in the south to Nome in the north. For two weeks they face subzero temperatures, long hours of darkness, blinding winds, and treacherous climbs. The challenges reflect Alaska's heritage of survival in the midst of wild, untamed nature.

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Music and Spoken Word from the Archive of Folk Culture. A Compact Disc of Audio Recordings Selected by the Staff of the American Folklife Center, produced by Jennifer Cutting, 2004. [Available as a CD in the printed version of this book, and as the "Music and Spoken Word Recordings" chapter of this online presentation.]

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