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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Maris Jaagosild and Leena Rintala
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1939/007: Alan Lomax Collection of Michigan and Wisconsin Recordings
Two hundred forty-nine 12-inch discs of instrumentals, songs, and stories recorded in Michigan and Wisconsin by Alan Lomax, August 10-November 1, 1938. The collection includes 1/2 linear inch of cards, correspondence, lists, and notes. [catalog record]

AFS 2334A-2337B1: Four discs containing six songs sung by Kalle Kallio and Emil Mäki, and one instrumental played on concertina by Charles Ketvertis. Recorded in Newberry, Michigan, September 1938. (18 minutes; LWO 4872 reels 150B-151A)

AFS 2340A1: One disc containing "Kun aina olen valmis lähtemään" (When I am Leaving) sung by Andrew Jackson. Recorded in Newberry, Michigan, September 1938. (2 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 151A)

AFS 2346A1: One disc containing "Kolmekymmentä vuotis sodan marssi" (March of the Thirty-Year War) sung by Andrew Jackson. Recorded in Amasa, Michigan, September 1938. (2 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 151B)

AFS 2361A: One disc containing a Finnish schottische played on concertina by Henry Mahoski. Recorded in Amasa, Michigan, September 1938. (2 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 152B)

AFS 2362-2367: Six discs containing fifteen songs sung by Frank Mäki, Vernon Rautanen, Frank Viita, and Mrs. Marttila. Recorded in Amasa and Calumet, Michigan, September 1938. (39 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 152B)

AFS 2376-2380: Five discs containing twelve songs sung by John Fredrickson, Mrs. Marttila, and Aina Pohjala. Recorded in Calumet, Michigan, September 1938. (34 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 153A-B)

AFS 2381-2384: Four discs containing "Loitsu ihottuman parantamiseksi" (Words of Healing) spoken by Aapo Juhani and sixteen tunes performed by Hjelmar Forster on harmonica and Aapo Juhani on accordion. Recorded in Calumet, Michigan, September 1938. (39 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 153B)

AFS 2386-2389: Four discs containing eleven songs and tunes performed by Aapo Juhani, singing and on accordion, Lillian Aho, Peter Aho on kantele, and Hjelmar Forster on harmonica. Recorded in Calumet, Michigan, September 27, 1938. (30 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154A)

AFS 2391-2392A1: Two discs containing a song sung by Aapo Juhani and a Finnish polka performed by Hjelmar Forster on harmonica. Recorded in Calumet, Michigan, September 28, 1938. (9 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154A)

AFS 2392A2-2394B: Three discs containing twelve songs sung by Amanda Heikkinen (Härkönen) and Kusti Similä. Recorded in Fulton, Michigan, September 1938. (24 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154A-B)

AFS 2395-2397: Three discs containing six songs and one story sung and spoken by John Hyvönen. Recorded in Hancock, Michigan, September 1938. (29 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154B)

AFS 2398-2399: Two discs containing ten songs sung by Ilona Hallinen. Recorded in Allouez, Michigan, September 1938. (13 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154B)

AFS 2401A1: One disc containing "Löysin minä lankakerän" (I found a Ball of Wool) sung by Lillian Forester and Vilma Salmi. Recorded in Laurium, Michigan, October 1, 1938. (2 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 154B)

AFS 2467-2468: Two discs containing four Finnish songs with kantele accompaniment, "Kalevala," "Elämä vieläkin paratiisi ois," "Minne käy tuulen ilmassa tie," and "Tuonne taakse metsämaan sydämmeni palaa," performed by Wäinö Hirvelä. Recorded in Ironwood, Michigan, October 1938. (24 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 157B)

AFS 2471-2473: Three discs containing nine songs and kantele and mandolin instrumentals performed by Mrs. Wallen (?) and Mr. Kuran (?). Recorded in Ironwood, Michigan, October 15, 1938. (17 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 158A)

AFC 1939/016: Resettlement Administration Recordings Collection
One hundred sixty-five 12-inch discs of instrumentals and songs recorded in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. by Sidney Robertson Cowell, Charles Seeger, Margaret Valiant, and others for the Special Skills Division, Resettlement Administration, 1936-37. The collection includes 3 1/2 inches of transcripts, correspondence, graphic images, and a program book from the 1937 National Folk Festival. [catalog record]

AFS 3247A4-5: One disc containing two Finnish songs sung by Marjorie Edgar of Marin on St. Croix, Minnesota. Recorded at the National Folk Festival, Chicago, by Sidney Robertson (Cowell), May 1937. (1 minute; LWO 4872 reel 215B)

AFS 3268-3273: Six discs containing two narratives, two kantele instrumentals, three violin instrumentals, and twenty-one Finnish songs (six played with kantele and four with violin). Performed by Mrs. Herman Heino, Cecilia Kuitunen, Anna Leino Maija Särkipato, Mary Särkipato, Otto Särkipato, Matt Simi, Olga Simi, and Sue Simi. Recorded in Cloquet, Ely, Virginia, and Winton, Minnesota, by Sidney Robertson (Cowell), August 16-17, 1937. (50 minutes; LWO 5111 reel 440A)

AFS 3274-3275; 3298B: Three discs containing two kantele instrumentals and seven Finnish songs, performed by Marie Moilanen, Elsa Perälä, Matti Perälä, and Ulrika Vainionpää. Recorded in Mountain Iron, Minnesota, by Sidney Robertson (Cowell), September 19, 1937. (24 minutes; LWO 5111 reels 440A, 441A)

AFC 1940/013: University of Wisconsin Folk Music Recording Project
Thirty-five 12-inch discs of instrumentals and songs recorded in Wisconsin by Robert F. Draves and Helene Stratman-Thomas (Blotz) for the University of Wisconsin and the Library of Congress, August 19-September 5, 1940. The collection includes 5/8s linear inches of descriptions and lists. [catalog record]

AFS 4185; 4191-4193: Four discs containing eleven Finnish songs sung by Martha Leppänen Hayes and Jalmar Nukala with piano accompaniment by Mamie Wirtanen Nukala. Recorded in Superior, September 3, 1940. (25 minutes; LWO 4872 reels 285, 286A)

AFC 1940/001: W.P.A. California Folk Music Project Collection, 1938-1940
Two hundred thirty-nine discs and numerous photographs, drawings, transcriptions, correspondence, and manuscripts documenting 17 ethnic groups recorded in northern California folk music by Sidney Robertson Cowell for the Northern California Work Projects Administration (WPA). The project was sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley, and co-sponsored by Library's Archive of American Folk Song. [catalog record] [online presentation]

AFS 4260: One disc containing five songs in Finnish and one song in English sung by C.A Koljonen, Celia Koljonen, Fina Petersen, and Mary Salonen. Recorded in Central Valley, September 4, 1939. (9 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 291B)

AFS 4274-4275: Two discs containing ten Finnish songs sung by John Soininen. Recorded in Berkeley, November 5, 1939. (21 minutes; LWO 4872 reel 292B)

AFC 1951/043: Cooperative Acquisitions Project / Finnish and Norwegian Music
Four 10-inch discs of folk music of Finland and Norway. Transferred to the Music Division of Library of Congress from the Cooperative Acquisitions Project. The collection includes 14 sheets of songs lists, transcripts, and other documentation.

AFS 10,293: One disc containing "Maamme" [National anthem of Finland] and "Pohjanmaan Jääkäripataljoonan Marssi" (March of the Battalion of Light Infantry), composed by F. Pacius, performed by the Odeon Orchestra. Recorded in Helsinki, 1929. (5 minutes; LWO 5111)

AFS 10,294: One disc containing nine Finnish songs sung by Arvi Antti (?) Ilmari Sovijärvi. Recorded in Vienna, Austria, April 16, 1935. (5 minutes; LWO 5111)

AFC 1961/006: Mrs. Aleppo Seilo Recording of Finnish Music
One 10-inch tape containing kantele instrumentals, laments, and Teppo Repo's compositions for flute and reed pipe. Collected by Aleppo Seilo. Donated through the Kalevala Duplicating Project, ca. 1961. (1 hour; LWO 3224) (AFS 11,879) [catalog record]

AFC 1976/011: Pekka Gronow Collection of Ethnic Music
Two 7-inch tapes of dance tunes, humor, and songs, mostly immigrant and non-English language material, compiled from 78 rpm commercial recordings of Armenian, Finnish, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Sicilian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Yugoslavian material. Gift of Pekka Gronow to Richard K. Spottswood, project coordinator for the Archive of Folk Song's "Folk Music in America" bicentennial series of recordings, for consideration for the series. The collection includes correspondence between Gronow and Spottswood (1975) and a list of the source recordings. [catalog record]

AFS 18,001A: One tape containing Finnish American recordings from the 1920s to early 1930s featuring Leo Kauppi, Erik Kivi, John Rosendahl, Hiski Salomaa, Antti Syrjäniemi, Kosti Tamminen, and Viola Turpeinen. (32 minutes; LWO 8858 reel 2A).

AFC 1981/023: Lauri Honko Interview, 1981
One 10-inch tape of an interview with Finnish folklorist Lauri Honko. Recorded at the Library of Congress by Alan Jabbour, January 21, 1981. The interview discusses issues of interest in the study of folklore and folklife. (58 minutes; RWA 7349) (AFS 22,473)

AFC 1985/023: Kalevala Symposium Collection
Three 10-inch tapes of "The Kalevala and Finnish Identity in Finland and America: A Symposium Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Kalevala," presented by the American Folklife Center and the Embassy of Finland, held at the Library of Congress on January 24, 1985. Speakers include Aili Waris Flint, Austin S. Flint, Lauri Honko, Kai Laitinen, Yvonne Hiipakka-Lockwood, Thomas Vennum Jr., and William A. Wilson. (6 hours; RWA 8573-8575) (AFS 24,112-24,114)

AFS 24,208-24,209: Suomalaissen Kirjallisuuden Seura [Finnish Literature Society]
Two audiocassettes of Kalevalaic songs performed by Nelipolviset (The Tetrametrics) with accompanying booklet, "Kalevalaisia Lauluja: Sävelmät, Sanat ja Selitykset" (Kalevalaic Songs: Tunes, Words, and Explanations), issued by the Finnish Literature Society in 1979, and a booklet, "Perinnelipas 1: Lauluja, Loitsuja, Loruja" (Heritage Notebook 1: Songs, Rhymes, Riddles), selections from the Finnish Literature Society Folklore Archive, 1977. (1 hour and 30 minutes; RYA 6117-6118)

AFC 1986/022: Center for Applied Linguistics Collection
Fifty-nine 10-inch tapes of public speeches and other utterances containing dialect samples, recorded at various locations in North America by various collectors, and compiled by the Center for Applied Linguistics for a project entitled "A Survey and Collection of American English Dialect Recordings." The collection includes fourteen linear inches of documentation, including an introduction and preface, a list of contents, content summaries, and transcripts. Collectors and interviewees vary, representing approximately 43 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico. [catalog record] [online presentation]

AFS 24,311A3: One tape containing reading samples by a 58-year old female of Finnish descent from Herman, Michigan. Recorded on an unknown date. Collected by Stewart A. Kingsbury. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,311A5: One tape containing reading samples by a 26-year old female of Finnish descent from Bessemer, Michigan. Recorded on an unknown date. Collected by Stewart A. Kingsbury. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,311A7: One tape containing reading samples by a 36-year old female of Finnish descent from Michigan. Recorded on an unknown date. Collected by Stewart A. Kingsbury. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,325A3: One tape containing an oral history interview with Ella Kangas Eld (age 73) and Ray Eld. Recorded September 5, 1981. Collected by Steve Siporin. [audio] [transcript]

AFS 24,343A: One tape containing interviews with three bilingual Finnish-English residents of Minnesota. Recorded by Michael Linn, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 1983.

AFS 24,343A1: An 80-year-old woman from Cedar Valley Township, Minnesota, discusses the lumbering business, her jobs as a cook after her children left home, family history, school, skiing to school, and childhood games and activities. (23 minutes; RWB 3892A) [audio]

AFS 24,343A2: A 41-year-old man from Duluth, Minnesota, discusses his personal history, life in Finland, sports, language problems in the United States, favorite television programs, auto mechanics, computerization in automobiles, and a near drowning. (18 minutes; RWB 3892A) [audio]

AFS 24,343A3: An 85-year-old man of Minnesota discusses his personal history, mining and lumbering experiences, firefighting experiences, and military service. (21 minutes; RWB 3892A) [audio]

AFC 1990/017: Archive of American Folk Song Films Collection
Video contains segments of film clips made by John A. Lomax, Alan Lomax, Elizabeth Lomax, and Bess Lomax during recording expeditions in the late 1930s and early 1940s. All the clips are silent footage in both color and black-and-white. It is believed that Alan wanted to use it to show off the Archives' collections. Includes logs. subjects: Finnish American, Michigan, Kentucky, Haiti, Southern United States, South Carolina. (AFS 27,010)

AFC 1990/017: reels 4-6, 19-22: Seven reels containing black-and-white film footage from Michigan. Includes footage of performers from Alan Lomax's Michigan and Wisconsin recording trip (AFC 1939/007), including John Frederickson (recorded on AFS 2376-78). Michigan footage includes dancers, singers, a log rolling competition, a Finnish water ritual, Serbian performers, Finnish performers, a man chopping wood, a string trio, and performances on accordion, gusla, violin, kantele (or possibly autoharp), and double flute (svirale), as well as shots of scenery, houses, and rural towns. Filmed by Alan Lomax in Calumet, Detroit, Baraga, and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (though some recording locations are unclear), between August and October 1938. (13 minutes)

AFC 1995/012: South Dakota Historical Society Collection
Ten audiocassettes of interviews with master artist/apprentice pairs participating in South Dakota's Traditional Arts Program and two artist demonstration series at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre, South Dakota. Recorded and conducted by Michael F. Miller, October 13-November 24, 1992. [catalog record]

AFS 1995/012, T009; T010: Two tapes containing an interview of Annikki Martilla and Peggy Worthy concerning Finnish rag rug weaving. Recorded in Savo, South Dakota, by Michael F. Miller, October 9, 1992. (1 hour)


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