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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Camila Bryce-Laporte and Rachel L. Mears
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2010

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFS 751-819: Helen H. Roberts American Indian and Pacific Island Recordings Collection
Sixty-nine 12-inch discs of music and spoken word recorded originally on wax cylinders in California, East Africa, Hawaii, Jamaica, Montana, New Mexico, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga by Martha Beckwith, Henry E. Crampton, Frank Hurley, Bernice M. King, Walter McClintock, Helen H. Roberts, Claude Schaeffer, and others. Donated by Helen H. Roberts, 1936. The collection includes 42 pages of lists and notes.

AFS 801-810: Ten discs containing Blackfeet songs and spoken word performed by Cream Antelope, Duck Head, Big Moon, Whitegrass, Dog Ears, Jim White Calf, Blood Jim, Dandy Jim, Stingy, Moonik, Big Top Knot, Big Moon, Bear Shoe, Mad Wolf (Siyeh), Many Tail Feathers, Running Crane, Mountain Chief, Hairy Coat, Makes Cold Weather, Rides to the Door, and Russell. Recorded in Montana by Walter McClintock, 1898. (1 hour and 30 minutes; tape copy on LWO 4872 reel 57; tape copy of a slightly different version of the cylinders donated by McClintock, 1936, on AFS 20,327-20,329 [RWA 3339-3341])

AFS 814-816: Three discs containing Blackfeet songs and spoken word performed by unidentified persons. Recorded in Montana by Clark Wissler, summer 1904. (25 minutes; tape copy on LWO 4872 reel 58A)

AFC 1947/012: Willard Rhodes / Bureau of Indian Affairs Duplication Project
Ten and 12-inch discs (AFS 12,204-12,262) copied on 16-inch discs (AFS 9543:B6 through 9562) of recordings made in the summer of 1947 at Pine Ridge, South Dakota; Chemawa, Simnasho, and Pendleton, Oregon; Toppenish, Washington; Browning and Poplar, Montana; and Elbowoods and Fort Yates, North Dakota. Sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. (includes AFS 9543:B6-9562; AFS 12,204-12,262)

AFS 9553A5-9556A5: Four discs containing 40 songs (probably Blackfeet) performed by Henry Butterfly, Joseph Old Chief, William Buffalo Hide, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morning Gun, and Henry Morning Gun. Recorded in Browning, Montana, August 17-19, 1947. (1 hour and 10 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reels 236B-237A).

AFS 9556A6-8; B3-5; 9557B1-2: Two discs containing 8 songs (possibly Assiniboine or Sioux) performed by Alvin Warrior and Matthew Eagle Bay. Recorded at the Fort Peck Reservation, Poplar, Montana, August 22, 1947. (20 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 237A)

AFC 1948/009: Wayland Hand / Irish Songs Recorded in Butte, Montana
Seven 12-inch discs of 18 Irish songs sung by Eamonn and Sean O'Sullivan. Recorded in Butte, Montana, by Wayland D. Hand, 1945. (45 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 82A). (includes AFS 8035-8041) [catalog record]

AFC 1948/045: Wayland Hand Collection of Irish Songs Recorded in Butte, Montana
One 16-inch disc of 11 mining and other songs performed by Kyle Pugh, Jack Gaffney, George Prescott, Ralph Wortman, Father Eamonn O’Sullivan, Jim Gallagher, Wilfred Davis, and Willard Peck. Recorded in Butte, Montana, by Wayland D. Hand, 1946. (25 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 157A). (includes AFS 8892)

AFC 1948/065: Truman Michelson Collection of Blackfeet Cylinder Recordings
Nine six-inch and one four-inch cylinders of Blackfeet songs and spoken word recorded by Truman Michelson near Browning, Montana, in July-July 1910. Michelson was accompanied on this field trip by David C. Duvall, who, along with Michelson, can be heard on the test cylinders in the collection. (includes AFS 20,519-20,520) (1 hour and 15 minutes; RWA 3380-3381)

AFC 1948/066: Truman Michelson Collection of Cheyenne Cylinder Recordings
Four six-inch dictaphone cylinders of Cheyenne songs and spoken word, recorded by Truman Michelson, probably at Lame Deer, Montana, in June-July 1910. (includes AFS 20,519-20,520) (RWA 3380-3381)

AFC 1950/004: Wayland Hand / Montana Silver Miners Songs
Sixteen 12-inch and 4 10-inch discs of poems, Serbian church songs, songs in Gaelic and Welsh, and songs of silver miners. Recorded in Butte, Montana, by Charles R. Cutts, Wayland D. Hand, and Robert C. Wylder, July 10-29, 1948. The collection includes 13 pages of correspondence, concordances, lists, and a receipt; and 45 pages of textual transcriptions.

AFS 9719-9720A: Two 12-inch discs containing 6 Serbian songs sung by the Young People's Choir recorded at the Serbian Orthodox Church by Charles R. Cutts and Robert C. Wylder, July 22, 1948. (15 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 254A)

AFS 9720B: One 12-inch disc containing 2 Serbian songs sung with accordion by Katherine Finch, Lonnie McKenzie, and Katherine Shea, recorded by Charles R. Cutts and Robert Wylder, July 17, 1948. (5 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 254A)

AFS 9721-9722: Two 12-inch discs containing 9 Welsh songs sung by John Jones and Evan Roberts, recorded by Charles R. Cutts and Robert C. Wylder, July 10-11, 1948. (20 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 254B)

AFS 9723-9724: Two 12-inch discs containing 10 mining songs recorded by Charles R. Cutts and Robert C. Wylder, July 15-28, 1948. (17 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 254B)

AFS 9725; 9733-9738: Three 12-inch and 4 10-inch discs containing 24 mining and other songs, recorded by Charles R. Cutts, Wayland D. Hand, and Robert C. Wylder, July 21-29, 1948. (50 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reels 254B-255)

AFS 9726-9732: Seven 12-inch discs containing 2 poems and 14 songs in English and Gaelic recorded by Wayland D. Hand, July 21-28, 1948. (45 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reels 254B-255A)

AFC 1950/017: National Folk Festival, 1938
One 12-inch and thirty-nine 16-inch discs of instrumentals, songs, dance music, and folk dancing (Morris dance, sword dance, square dance, and social dances) performed by Scottish, American Indian, Spanish American, Anglo-American, African American, and Pennsylvania Dutch performers. Includes folk songs, ballads, fiddle tunes, coal miner's songs and music from Pennsylvania; cowboy songs; sea songs; Chinese music; Turkish music; Slavonic tamburitza music; Bach chorales; orchestral music; interviews; and lectures performed during the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C. from May 6-8, 1938. [catalog record]

AFS 9864A3; 9864B5: One 16-inch disc containing a dance and "farewell song" performed by members of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana. (3 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 271)

AFS 9864B6-8: One 16-inch disc containing 3 western songs sung with guitar and harmonica by "Powder River" Jack and Kitty Lee of Deer Lodge, Montana. (8 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 271)

AFS 11,307-11,309; 11,334-11,444: Sidney Robertson Cowell Collection
Fourteen 10-inch tapes of music recorded in California, Canada, Cape Breton Island, Iran, New England, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin primarily by Sidney Robertson Cowell, 1952-56. The collection includes 43 pages of correspondence, lists, notes, and a published article.

AFS 11,309A4-5;A9: One tape containing 2 songs and discussion spoken and sung by Willard Peck of Butte, Montana. Recorded in Los Angeles by Sidney Robertson Cowell and Wayland D. Hand, August 11, 1951. (5 minutes; LWO 2496 reel 3A)

AFC 1958/017: Dewey Beard Interview
One 7-inch tape of an interview with Dewey Beard, the last Sioux survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn, who was also present at Wounded Knee. Recorded in Rapid City, South Dakota, by Bates Littlehales, June 18, 1955. Interviewer: Leland Case. Translators: John Bruguier and Alice Beard. A photograph of the event was published in National Geographic (October 1956, page 498). (includes AFS 11,403) (1 hour; LWO 4028) [catalog record]

AFS 11,917-11,918: Colonel Elwood L. Nye "Custer's Last Stand" Collection
Two 7-inch tapes of a discussion of the Battle of Little Big Horn (Custer's Last Stand) spoken by Col. Elwood L. Nye, a cavalryman who investigated the battle and interviewed the last survivors. Possibly recorded at Colorado A & M College, Fort Collins, Colorado. Accessioned June 1962. (1 hour; LWO 3532).

AFC 1965/018: Duncan Emrich Recordings of "Powder River" Jack H. Lee
Two 12-inch and 2 10-inch discs of mining songs, cowboy songs, a recording of a dice game, cowboy songs, a Texaco company song, and a "dog singing." Songs sung by "Powder River" Jack H. Lee. Recorded in Virginia City, Nevada, by Duncan Emrich, September 4, 1942. The collection includes a one-page log. Transcripts of these recordings can be found in Emrich's In the Delta Saloon, published by the University of Nevada Oral History Program, 1991. (includes AFS 12,350-351; 14,032-14,033) (33 minutes; tape copy on LWO 5111 reels 403A and 430B) [catalog record]

AFC 1965/020: Wayland D. Hand / Mining Songs from Montana
Five 8-inch discs of 12 mining songs performed by George Prescott, Ralph Wortman, Wilfred Davis, Kyle Pugh, Jack Gaffney, Jim Gallagher, Willard Peck, and Father Eamonn O’Sullivan. Recorded in Butte, Montana, by Wayland D. Hand, 1948. The collection includes a 1-page log. (includes AFS 12,353-12,357) (1 hour; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 403)

AFS 13,992-14,021: National Federation of Music Clubs Archivists / Folk Music Materials
Nine 3-inch tapes, 3 5-inch tapes, 17 7-inch tapes, and 1 10-inch disc of instrumentals, songs, and stories, including examples from African American, Mexican American, Native American, and Norwegian American traditions. Recorded at various locations in the United States by regional archivists and contributors of the National Federation of Music Clubs, 1961-63. Donated by Annabel Morris Buchanan, Folk Music Archivist of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The collection includes 6 linear inches of correspondence, lists, and musical and textual transcriptions.

AFS 14,005: One 7-inch tape containing 11 songs, including 8 cowboys songs, performed with commentary by Brad Spear and Torrey Johnson. Recorded in Kirby, Montana; Story, Wyoming; and Sheridan, Wyoming, by Steve Woodward, 1958 and 1960. Coordinated by Alice and Ross Witmire for the Wyoming Federation of Music Clubs. (40 minutes; LWO 5712 reel 14)

AFS 14,241: Gene Berger / "Custer's Last Stand" Related by Col. Willard Webb
One 7-inch tape of Col. Willard Webb relating the events of the Battle of Little Big Horn (Custer's Last Stand) and describing General Custer. Includes a Sioux song written in celebration of the American Indian victory. Interviewed by Gene Berger and recorded in Washington, D.C., by WOL-AM, ca. November 1951. (9 minutes; LWO 1833; tape copy on LWO 8011 reel 34)

AFS 17,995: Thurlow Liuerance / American Indian Recordings
One ten-inch tape of Apache, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros Ventre, Sioux, and Taos music recorded originally on cylinders in Montana and other locations, by Thurlow Lieurance, ca. 1911-12.

AFS 17,995A2-7, 19: One tape containing 9 Cheyenne songs sung by Turkey Legs and other unidentified singers. Recorded probably in Lame Deer, Montana, early 1912. (16 minutes; LWO 7852)

AFS 17,995A8-21: One tape containing 22 Crow songs sung by Mortimer Dreamer and other unidentified singers. Recorded probably at Crow Agency, Montana, ca. December 1911-early 1912. (30 minutes; LWO 7852)

AFS 17,995A22-B2: One tape containing 3 Gros Ventre songs sung by William Sylvester. Recorded in Montana, 1912. (7 minutes; LWO 7852)

AFS 17,999: Ralph McFaddon / Blackfoot Indian Songs
One 7-inch tape of 37 Blackfeet Indian songs sung by Clarence Whitegrass, Rose Walters, and others. Recorded on wire in Browning, Montana, by Ralph McFadden, ca. 1950. The collection includes 5 pages of concordances and notes. (1 hour; LWO 8857).

AFC 1970/008: Kenneth Croft Cheyenne wire recordings
Ten wires of Northern and Southern Cheyenne conversations, instructions to children, songs, and stories performed by Blue Elk, Run Away, Charles Redbird, William Guerrier, and John Standing Timber. Recorded in Montana and Oklahoma by Kenneth Croft, 1948-49. Acquired from the American Philosophical Society. The collection includes three pages of lists and notes. (8 hours; tape copy on LWO 6256 reels 16B-20) (includes AFS 14,358-14,367)

AFC 1981/005: Montana Folklife Survey Collection, 1979
One hundred and forty-four 7-inch tapes, 2 audiocassettes, 4 ½ linear inches of contact sheets, 187 rolls of black and white negatives, 181 holders of color photographs, and 1 videotape of traditional life in Montana, including conversations and interviews about agricultural techniques and practices, American Indian traditions, foodways, Hutterite life, the Milk River Wagon Train, music, rodeos, trade crafts, vernacular architecture, and other reminiscences and stories about life in Montana. Recorded in Montana as part of the Montana Folklife Survey under the direction of Barre Toelken, July 19-September 9, 1979. The project was sponsored by the American Folklife Center and the Montana Arts Council. The collection includes 4 linear feet of fieldnotes and logs. (73 hours; RXA 844-987, RYA 91-92) (includes AFS 20,358-20,503)

AFC 1997/011: Lands' End All-American Quilt Collection
Lands' End in cooperation with Good Housekeeping magazine sponsored quilt contests in 1992, 1994, and 1996. The collection,housed in 154 boxes, consists of visual images, entry blanks, and essays written by entrants, as well as Lands End administrative files and correspondence pertinent to the promotion of the contest. Approximately 13,100 entries for the three contests came from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Numerous types and styles of needlework, quilting, patchwork, applique and embroidery are represented among the visual images. [catalog record] [finding aid] [online presentation]

AFC 1997/012: Montana Heritage Project
The materials in this collection document the administration of the Montana Heritage Project and include many samples of student projects along with documentation of annual visits to the Library of Congress by selected students and teachers participating in the project. This multi-year project was begun in 1995 and funded by a grant from the Liz Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg Foundation via the Library of Congress’s Madison Council, and operated under the American Folklife Center’s “K-12 Folklife in Education Initiative.” The project developed a one-week accredited teacher-training institute during which time teachers were instructed on methods for developing student- and teacher-designed classroom projects involving documentation and research in their respective communities. It also supported the implementation of the projects during the school year, providing necessary financial and academic support.

AFC 1998/029: John "The Yank" Harrington Collection
Seventy-eight discs and 2 audiocassettes of recordings of John "The Yank" Harrington and friends. Plus an interview with Harrington conducted in Butte, Montana, by Alan Jabbour on June 23, 1998. Jabbour plays fiddle along with Harrington's accordion-playing. The collection includes a list of song titles.

AFC 2000/001: Local Legacies Collection
Four hundred and five linear feet (approximately 90,000 manuscript pages, 475 sound recordings, 13,270 graphic materials, 335 electronic media, and 75 artifacts) of documentation of local festivals, fairs, parades, and other community-based events from each U.S. state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories and trusts. The Local Legacies Collection was donated through the efforts of individuals, organizations, and institutions asked to participate by members of Congress. This project was part of the Library of Congress Bicentennial celebration in the year 2000. [catalog record] [online presentation] [Montana Local Legacies]

AFC 2001/025: John Well-Off-Man / Photography: An Image of Each Other
One book of photography designed by John Well-Off-Man with texts by Manuela Well-Off-Man titled Photography: An Image of Each Other. Photographs by students from Rocky Boy Indian Reservation and Havre, both in Montana.

AFC 2003/020: Pat Kennedy / Starr School Singers
One CD of Pat Kennedy and the Starr School Singers recorded live at the Last Chance Community Powwow, September 21 and 22, 2002 in Helena, Montana. Kennedy is part of a Chippewa-Cree family of singers. Sponsored by the Montana Folklife Program, the Montana Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

AFC 2005/025: D. W. Groethe Concert and Interview Collection
Homegrown 2005 concert featuring D.W. Groethe performing cowboy songs and poetry from Montana. Recorded in the Coolidge Auditorium on July 20, 2005. The collection includes an interview with D.W. Groethe conducted by Alexandra Swaney in the Library of Congress Recording Lab, July 20, 2005. [catalog record] [event flyer and webcast]

AFC 2005/036: Bridles, Bits and Beads: Folk and Fieldwork from…Montana, Lecture by Alexandra Swaney
Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture entitled "Bridles, Bits and Beads: Folk and Fieldwork from the High, Wide and Handsome State of Montana." Illustrated lecture by Alexandra Swaney, Director of Folklife Programs, Montana Arts Council regarding the traveling folk arts exhibition titled "Bridles, Bits, and Beads." Recorded in LM 139, James Madison Building, Library of Congress on July 21, 2005. [catalog record] [event flyer]

AFC 2009/019: Paul Zarzyski and Wylie Gustafson Concert Collection
Homegrown 2009 concert featuring cowboy poet Paul Zarzyski and cowboy singer-composer Wylie Gustafson, both from Montana. Recorded in Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., October 7, 2009. [catalog record] [event flyer and webcast]



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